Get To Know The Brami

I’m looking forward to two things in the very near future…

1) Warmer days.

…February has been brutal here in Philly. Not as much snow as least year, but oh do these temps chill your bones — eek!

2) The Brami!

…have you heard of it? Are you ready for the newest FP innovation?!

Intimates are special. They’re delicate… pretty… soft. The shapes are unique, they lightly lay on the body, staying forever comfortable. One of my favorite things about FP intimates is that they’re versatile… I can wear slips over tights, then layer up with a jacket and be ready for a night out. Or I can pair a soft pair of lounge pants with my favorite sneakers and a tee for a more casual look. Yes, some are strictly made for behind closed doors or to be hidden from view, but I love that there’s options.

And now there are even more options with the new kid in town… the Brami!

Not sure what that is, or even how to say it? Jemma, one of our former blog babes who has since moved up to the world of intimates design, is here to give us a formal introduction. Allow her to walk us through the piece that’s a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe for this coming season, and get to know The Brami below!


What inspired the creation of a new type of intimate?

In the intimates world we are always looking for new cute ways to do camis. We were seeing a lot of editorials from spring/summer that showed girls wearing little tops revealing their midriff. We got inspired by these looks and started to think about the many ways we could create little tops that girls would love.


Can you break down exactly what a “Brami” is?

The word “Brami” came from our talented lounge designer, she’s really great at coming up with original catchy names for her styles. She was naming one of her little camis that sat just below the bust. It was too short to be a cami so she named it a “Brami” …bra-cami… Brami :)



Get the look: Railroad Brami, Solid Train of Love Skirt, Chain Ladder Necklace

What type of girl came to mind when you were first developing the Brami?

A girl who is carefree, fun… loves the sun and isn’t afraid to show a little skin. We made sure we designed a number of different styles for different personalities. There’s some that are more casual and clean for the Lou girl, ones that are sensual and pretty for the Candy girl, and then sexier versions for our Ginger customer.


What’s your favorite way to wear it?

My favorite way to wear a Brami would be with high-waisted vintage chinos or high-waisted boyfriend jeans, showing just a little bit of skin on your tummy.


 Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to incorporating the Brami into an existing wardrobe?

Tips or tricks? Mmm…. I think you’re free to explore how you’d like to style it and what best suits your personality!


Get the look: Eclipse Brami, Slouchy Folder Short, Up and Down Stripe Duster, Lost Valley Ankle Boot, Kali Coin Pendant

Do you think the Brami is going to be an essential piece when transitioning into spring and summer?

Yes of course ;) why wouldn’t it be, it’s fun and cute and brings a smile to your face :)


Are you working on any other fun things in the world of intimates that we can look forward to?

Right now we are working on fall collections, so we are looking into cool new ways to do layered looks with intimates and exploring the simpler ways to do intimates for our new kind of girl: Simply FP.


Get the look: Quintana Brami, Extreme Slouchy Trouser,

Thank you, Jemma!

+ Who’s excited for this new little addition? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Such an Adorable Top! It reminds me of the strolling in the waves on a hot Summer day on the warm sand , listening to jazz on a long lazy afternoon, or one of the few favorite items taken on a quick weekend getaway…. so gorgeous!

    The Weaver Of Words….give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale…

  2. so nice to see jemma on thew blog! always loved her posts! she’s doing a great job in intimates though, for sure!

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