A Change of Perspective

Every few weeks, there comes a time — especially in winter — when the city streets begin to close in around me. Suddenly, the beautiful brick row homes that line the streets feel more like barriers than my neighbor’s lovely houses, like walls closing in. The icy, un-shoveled sidewalks a hindrance; the defensive attitudes of city-dwellers (city drivers) a splash of ice water on even the most positive mood. I found myself slipping into this funk last weekend, the drive to the grocery store and then home to my apartment after work had been a battle, and even though it was Friday night, the thought of going back out again felt like more than I could handle. When this feeling arises in my soul, the kind of feeling that’s tough to describe but when attempted falls somewhere between trapped and cabin-feverish, I know it’s time to get out.

Growing up in the woods was an experience that I never expected to affect me so strongly. But now, on days when city living just gets to be too much, I long for the hushed sway of pine trees and infinite silence that only comes with deep, dark woods. To stand beneath the forest canopy, basking in the joy of pure stillness, of nature just doing its thing. Strapped to my feet, my snowshoes allow me the unique ability to walk on (frozen) water, occasionally straying from the path to discover sunlit pasture and paths that only the deer are privy to. Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

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In recent years, snowshoeing has become my favorite way to decompress and enjoy winter. Since moving away from the Northeast — and away from my home mountain, where snowboarding was cheap and a near-daily occurrence — I’ve had to change my perspective when it comes to what to do when the cold hits. There are only so many weekends that I can deal with hanging out at home. Winter, at least the snowy part, isn’t always right outside my front door these days, but it is usually just a short road trip away. Up, up, up through the mountains, to higher elevations and less populated areas, where there is almost always snow. My companion and I remarking from time to time about how that road reminds me of home, and how that town is just so reminiscent of Vermont. It’s a mini vacation, one that only lasts a few hours, just long enough to hit that ‘reset’ button and make returning to the hustle of the city that much less of a jolt. Long enough to once again be inspired.

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So, where will you wander this weekend? How will you change your perspective? I have yet another state park on my list, just dying to be crossed off. My snowshoes lean casually against the wall next to my front door, inviting me out, beckoning me back to the trees. They’re a reminder. An invitation to move, to trudge through snow and make my legs burn, following the tracks of so many animals that came before me. Get the heart rate up, get those lungs going, breathe deeper than I have all week and just let it all go. At the end of the day I will have returned to myself, at peace and ready to take on another week.

Driving-Gif-1 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

+ How do you reset? Please share in the comments! 

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9 years ago

cool gif :)

9 years ago

This is a beautiful article. I happen to live in a place like this, and trust me. It gets old after a while though. I’ve been dreaming of Spring since November! ;)


9 years ago

That is such a cool gif! Not a huge fan of snow, but I loved the article and the pictures!

9 years ago

I adore this! I’m taking a road trip this afternoon with my sister to go see some art – I could definitely use the change of scenery and inspiration xo

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Such an inspiring post, I love this. The snow looks so amazing


9 years ago

Wow, these are beautiful. That last sunset image…ugh breath taking!




9 years ago

so so SO wonderfully written, you have a way with words that i can’t even begin to explain! this is a post to be proud of! i am not the biggest fan of snow because well..i reside in oklahoma and it is not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye but this makes me long for snow and freezing cold hands.

9 years ago

I’m right there with you!!!! A hike in the forest is so incredibly rejuvenating and restorative! I need do a road trip sooner rather than later!!!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

9 years ago

Gorgeous pictures and post! I’m such a fan of getting out the house when winter really sets in (which just seems backwards sometimes) — I find myself just driving as long and as far as I can. Usually a trip to the coast helps me reset and refresh before another week starts again.


9 years ago

What beautiful photos! I’ve been snowshoeing a few times this winter, however the past month has had daily lows of -30 and unfortunately it’s kept me inside a bit. I can’t wait until it gets warm enough to snowshoe again!

Julie // Northern Rustication

9 years ago

There is nothing like escaping to the Mountains for a reset.
The air, the views, the peace. Love this post.


9 years ago

These pictures are so beautiful! . I’d say I’m definitely an outdoorsy kind of girl, yet I love the city as well. Being brought up to appreciate nature and make the most of the surrounding world has shaped me as a person as I know how accept things for their simple sheer beauty.

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

9 years ago

Loove this!! These pictures are beautiful <3


9 years ago

For my ‘reset,’ I tend to find a quiet time of day and simply create what my heart desires. I’ve fallen in love with wood-burning. But, this weekend, it’s time to write a story, tea stain some paper and paint. I will find my change of perspective in art. Lovely pictures, just by the way.


9 years ago

I’m living in a rather big city, but was growing up in a small village. So for me, hiking and wandering through the woods and to the top of monuntains is one of my favoutite ways to recharge.

xo, laura

9 years ago

Beautifully written and gorgeous photography. I’ve always wanted to try snowshoeing, thanks for the inspiration!

xo Katie


Annie Bourdeau
8 years ago

First of all, beautiful pictures. I would like to get in touch with FP Julie via email. We are interested in buying one of the picture of her work for one of our website. Please send me an email to annie@sebbd.ca
Annie Bourdeau

8 years ago

This is Amazing! I ADORE the photography and the article is beautiful! Xxx Thank you for sharing this to us! By the way, what type of camera did you use for the photographs? Thanks xx