A Day in the Life of Sage Erickson

I first met Sage back in 2013 when she stopped by the Free People home office.

She was beaming.  A natural beauty with the sweetest soul, it was fun getting to know her better that day. From the surf to the city, Sage is a powerhouse of talent and a babe with style. So it only felt right to have her back on the blog with the new Movement launch. If anyone knows how to move, she does… the water is her playground. I caught up with Sage, and she shared with us a little glimpse into her lifestyle. Check out the amazing photos of her below that help paint the picture of a day in the life of a professional surfer!

How was surfing first introduced to you?

I fell in love with surfing when I was 11 on the North Shore of Oahu. I became absolutely captivated by the beauty of the ocean and the challenge of self that it offers.

Has surfing always been something you felt destined to do?

Not always. When I first started it was just something I did for fun with all my friends on the island. Being in the ocean wasn’t just a weekend visit that I was used to, having lived here in California before. Surfing is the most amazing lifestyle, and when I discovered that later on is when I felt destined to continue it as a career!

Can you describe the feeling you get when riding a wave?

Mmm thats a hard one. I experience so many things. It depends also if I’m in a competitive state of mind or just trying to get “some really good feelings on a wave.” That’s just it for me lately, riding a wave and really feeling the motion of it, each curve and ridge of the face. As I’m getting older I have a new appreciation for the sea, being a part of it on a wave and realizing you’re riding something uncontrollable and raw and real is the craziest feeling! It’s so unpredictable, its not like a tennis court or soccer field where your playing field is the same every time. I love the surprise in each surf session!

Best meal — pre- and post-surf session?

Mornings, I’ll eat eggs and spinach. Afterwards I make a fresh juice or smoothie! I want to be able to perform my best.

Do you keep a certain mindset or have a personal mantra every time you head out into the surf?

I just want to have fun and enjoy all the beauty that’s around me when I surf.

Photos by Willie Kessel





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Photos by Willie Kessel

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7 years ago

Love her hair! Surfers always have the best version of blonde!





7 years ago

She is the absolute coolest. The perfect FP girl!


7 years ago

Stunning photos. I would love to learn how to really surf!

Rae | love from berlin

7 years ago

Probably the only reason i hate being so far from the coast is not being able to surf. I miss the ocean, sometimes.


7 years ago

The cure for everything is salt, sea and sand. Love sage, such a sick surfer!


7 years ago

I love this photo shoot, it reminds me that summer sweet summer is on it’s way!
p.s. I love her hair so pretty!


7 years ago

It must be so amazing to know how to surf! I think it feels so liberating to be out there on the waves. I am a lousy swimmer though and I am very awkward in the water…

7 years ago

Love the photos just stunning as is Sage who is amazing talented and a wonderful role model. Such an inspiration and joy to watch surfing.