Desert Roaming: The Joshua Tree Spotify Mix

It’s a parched, dusty, and beautiful land. It’s where cacti rule and jack rabbits roam. Black crows a sharp contrast against the blue sky. The sun rises early here and beats down on the earth below, casting harsh shadows off of the tall boulders. An army of Joshua trees stand tall everywhere you look. It is a place of solitude — the land so bare and isolated that you can’t help but be reflective and meditative. This is the California desert.

I recently spent the weekend in Twentynine Palms, a city in the Mojave Desert region of Southern California that sits right outside of Joshua Tree National Park. The town possesses a certain “rock and roll” energy. A laid back attitude lingers in the air. Musical greats such as Keith Richards and Gram Parsons would escape to Joshua Tree in the 1960’s and you can almost still feel their presence. The desert calls for music, whether it’s playing the guitar as the hot sun goes down or listening to Dire Straights in a pickup truck as it barrels down the two-lane highway. Below is a playlist that reminds me of times spent in Joshua Tree: a little bit rock and roll with a touch of twang.





What songs do you recommend for The Desert Woman playlist?

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8 years ago

LOVE this playlist! I think Jamestown Revival’s “Home” would fit in well!

8 years ago

Pretty place, pretty photos, and awesome playlist! Nice Stones, CCR, and Buffalo Springfield :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Such a nice angle of California!

8 years ago

There`s something about this area that I love…it just keeps calling to me.

8 years ago

Joshua Tree mix without u2? ;)

8 years ago

YES Joanna – love this girl!!! Joshua Tree is one of my favourite places on this earth!!


8 years ago

Amazing :)
I love the playlist so much and I can imagine listening to it driving through such an amazing landscape…
I´m loving the scenery <3

8 years ago

Great vibes. Don’t forget Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks ;) Happy daydreaming everyone :)

fp joanna
8 years ago

Hey Jessie and Marcie! Thanks for your recommendations, I just added them. Check out the playlist to see your songs! xx

8 years ago

Will definitely use this playlist on my next trip! I actually have a Joshua Tree travel guide on my blog!!

8 years ago

Love this list! If I had to recommend anything I’m a huge fan of Heroes by David Bowie. Fits well with this list. Also, maybe throw in a little Tom Petty?

7 years ago

Joshua tree playlist with no Queens of the Stone Age or Kyuss?! It’s not called “desert rock” for nothing ;)