DIY Hanging Plant Holder

I am now the proud owner of six houseplants. It started simply enough, with a couple small pet-friendly plants to help bring some life into my new home when I first moved in. But then I couldn’t stop. A tiny cactus was calling my name. Then it was a little aloe plant – so useful to have on hand – and a “polka dot plant” that has the prettiest green and white speckled leaves. But I really wanted a hanging plant. I’ve always loved ivy, and the way it makes itself at home, its vines creeping along walls and around anything that stands in its way. I found the perfect one, but I hated the plastic container it came in and set out to make a hanging plant holder that was simple, yet different from anything I’d seen.

I was stuck on a macramé holder at first, because I wanted to use materials I already had on hand. But then I spotted a wood slab that I had picked up a few weeks back, and the idea dawned on me.

plant holder materials

What you need:

Wood slab (I love the natural appearance of this, but you could also use a regular piece of wood)

Four nails (I only had these thin nails and they worked completely fine, but if possible I’d recommend some sturdy nails with large heads)



Hot glue gun and glue

Pot of choice to hold plant

hanging plant 4

I started by re-potting my plant in a metal pail.

hanging plant holder

Hammer the four nails into the wood slab in a square formation. I just eyeballed it but you could also cut a piece of paper into a square that fits over the slab, and mark the four corners, then hammer the nails into those points.

hanging plant holder 2

Cut four pieces of rope into equal lengths, depending on how tall you want your hanging planter to be. Mine are about three feet each. Tie each piece of rope around a nail and knot tightly, trimming the end. Using the hot glue gun, dab a bit of hot glue around each knot and nail to keep it secure. Knot the four pieces of rope together at the top.

hanging plant holder 4

Set the plant onto the wood slab.

hanging plant holder 5

hanging plant holder 6

Hang your planter from a hook in the ceiling, and enjoy!

hanging plant holder final

hanging plant holder 8

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9 years ago

Such a lovely idea! I love having plants in my house but I haven’t thought of this idea, I’m definitely doing this! It looks so pretty and I simply love it :)

9 years ago

looks really good

9 years ago

6!! I can barely keep one alive. Congrats – this looks gorgeous!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago
9 years ago

Love me some DIY!!!! Especially when it includes plants ;)

9 years ago

This is so cute!

9 years ago

What variety of ivy is the plant? Love it!

8 years ago

A thought – – screw an eyelet (avail at any hardware store) into wood. secure beneath with bolt.

Tie ropes through eyelet and knot.

Depending on how heavy the plant is — may or may not need this extra security.

or, drill small hole through wood and create extra large knot below to secure. Extra strength with glue.

7 years ago

I love this idea – where did you get the wood slab? I love how simple it looks

7 years ago