DIY Painted Kitchen Towels

I have a bunch of plain white kitchen towels that I use for everything – to dry dishes or my hands, and as rags to clean counter tops and other furniture.  They’re such a great re-usable alternative to paper towels! I’ve been wanting to do something with a few of them, to give them a little pop of color or pattern.  I thought about embroidery, but that seemed like a lot of work for something that might get dirty and eventually tossed out. I decided to paint some with fabric paint – so easy and fun, and a great way to turn simple white towels into something a bit more beautiful!

painted towel materials

Painted Kitchen Towels

All you need:

Plain white kitchen towels

Fabric paint

A paint brush.

mixing paints

I think my favorite part is mixing colors and coming up with my own color palette.

painted towels 2

For the first one I just did a simple triangle pattern around the border.

painted towels 3

For the second, I experimented with various colors and watercolor splashes of paint. I like it, but it wasn’t my favorite – I think something like this could look really amazing covering an entire pillow case. If you try it, be sure to share.

painted towels 4

For the third towel I used half of a lemon as a stamp. I’ve seen this technique done elsewhere and have always wanted to try it – I’m thrilled with the results! When doing this, make sure there isn’t too much paint on the lemon (you can apply the paint with a roller, or if you don’t have one, stamp it on some scrap paper first to lessen the paint.

painted towels 5

painted towels 6

Hang the towels and allow them to dry fully. Once the paint is completely dry, them give them a wash before using.

painted towels 7

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9 years ago

such a great idea! i will definitely have to try this.

9 years ago

Wauw, Love this!

fp madisyn
9 years ago

Awe Bob!!! I <3 this!!!

9 years ago

This would be such a cute personalized gift!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

How beautiful! These look like a great DIY gift!

9 years ago

Wait the lemon one is amazing! It would look so cute with yellow paint on a light blue towel!



9 years ago

Actually so beautiful! I also believe that mixing patterns can result in beautiful wall art!

9 years ago

Where did you find the towels?

8 years ago

This is definitely gonna be my next DIY project. It would be cute with all kind of fruits and veggies… The possibilities are endless!


8 years ago

Love this diy idea, SO simple but such a great and personal gift <3 thanks for sharing

8 years ago

where did you buy the towels?!!!!!!

Very creative! I will try this one at home if I have some time this weekend.

3 years ago

What fabrica paint do you use?