FP Me Stylist of the Week: FPRachelShapshak

California dreamin’, summer lovin’….

If one thing came to mind in reference to Rachel Shapshak, those words would pretty much sum it up. I don’t think she could make me any more envious of easy living out on the West Coast. Sunshine, ocean, mermaid braids and more… this FP Me chick has hit our radar and we can’t get enough of her photos! The chance to know more about the girls pictured some of our most loved pics is why I love doing these features, and I was so excited to get a little glimpse into the life of Rachel, especially since she just took part in our most recent FP Me shoot at Vasquez Rocks! Check out her pics and interview below!


Get the look: Victoria Buttonfront Maxi, Raw Hem Denim Cut Off, Manchester Tall Boot, Stardust Rimless Sunglass

Where are you from? How has this shaped the person that you are today?

I was raised in Valencia, CA. Growing up in Valencia has shaped who I am today because I made the best friends of my life there. The kind of friends I know I can always turn to. Having friends like this has created a very positive environment for me to be able to explore my creativity and express myself without judgement. I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today without their support!


Get the look: Clementine Slip

Where do you currently live? Any secret gems in your neighborhood that you’re willing to share with us?

I currently live in Santa Monica, CA. As for secret gems, I would have to say Santa Monica in itself is a secret gem! I’m constantly finding more and more things to love about this city!



Get the look: Victoria Mini Dress

How did you find your way to Free People?

I’ve always wanted to work for Free People because I love what the company stands for and the creativity that they encourage and incorporate into their business. So when I moved to Santa Monica I applied to be a stylist at the Santa Monica Place store and got the job! I was ecstatic!


Get the look: We the Free Del Ray Tank, Bandit Denim Cutoffs, Trinity Shrug Sweater, Strappy Back Bra, Matador Hat

What’s your favorite part about working in the store?

My favorite part about working in the store are the interactions I have with both the customers and my coworkers. I really enjoy helping customers style outfits and helping them add their own personal touch. I think it’s really cool that I get to help people express themselves! My coworkers also make work that much better, because they are all so talented and creative in their own ways and we all build off of one another in that aspect.


Get the look: Arizona Birkenstock, Goodnight Moon Sunglasses

Do you have any go-to places where you like to take FP Me pics?

Malibu, Malibu, and… Malibu! This is my favorite location to do a photoshoot because it has beautiful beaches as well as mountains and parks. There is so much to work with!


Get the look: Retro Print Swing Tunic, Manchester Tall Boot

Do you have any tips or tricks for setting up a great shot?

Be natural and be candid! When I’m at a shoot, it’s all about having a good time and having the right people to interact with, I find that this is when we get our best shots!


Get the look: Tattered Up Shred Slip, Ashlyn Fringe Kimono, Jinx Flat Top Floppy Hat, Rendering Clog

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

I honestly would be happy to live anywhere in the world. I have a wandering soul and have always loved exploring/trying new things. I guess you could say I have a lot of wanderlust! So to answer the question: I would like to live everywhere in the world at some point in my life!

Get the look: Trailing Jade Dress

Do you have any hidden talents you can share with us?

I love to rollerblade! I’ve been rollerblading since I was 3 years old; my favorite thing to do is rollerblade from the Santa Monica pier to the end of the Venice Beach Boardwalk.


Get the look: Vintage Denim Shortalls, Vintage Indian Gauze Top


What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

This one is a tie between potato chips and shopping online. Sometimes both at the same time!


Get the look: Washed Up Romper, Whitney Bra

What does being ‘free’ mean to you??

To me being free means being independent and free to live the life you love.


Get the look: Free Swing Cami, Whitney Bra

Be sure to follow Rachel on FP Me and Instagram!

Photography by Tim Vaughan @tvaughan723 

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7 years ago

I LOVE ALL HER PHOTOS! Serious inspiration! <3

7 years ago

This is a gorgeous collection – and I love her dress!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

gorgeous! i love all of her looks!


7 years ago

She has an amazing bohochic style! Love that white dress!




7 years ago

I love your fasion!
Very lovery~