Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 16–22

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February 19–March 20

The sun enters Pisces this week, officially kicking off your birthday season. A burst of ego energy gives you the ability to make an impression. The cosmos is giving you permission to focus on yourself in the spirit of renewal. This is your time to express your identity, and a surge of confidence and independence should help you to do so. A healthy dose of self-centeredness allows you to head into your new year knowing who you are. Mars and Venus are entering your worth zone, prompting you to consider what you have, what you want to draw in and what you’re driven to acquire for yourself. Money, possessions, values, resources and self-esteem are emphasized in the next several weeks. Be mindful of impulse spending. A big upside to this transit is the positive alignment of your desires and your actions. Pursue what is truly most important to you, protect what you value and make the most of what you have. Happy birthday!



March 21–April 19

With the energetic sun sneaking into the last house in your chart this week, you may be inclined to spend some time alone, get more rest and recharge your battery. Part of your energy is geared toward the imagination, dreams, spirit and retreating from life. But your ruling planet Mars is charging into Aries, giving you the fuel to assert yourself and execute your own agenda. This is a period of proving what you can do. There’s a risk of dominating others, and you may be rather short-tempered and impatient. It’s a good idea to burn off excess energy with physically challenging workouts. Venus is also entering your sign, enabling you to pair action and desire effectively. Go after exactly what you want—nothing more, nothing less. Venus ups your charm, attractiveness, friendliness and ability to draw in what you desire. You can strike a good balance now between magnetizing things to you and actively pursuing them.



April 20–May 20

The sun cruises into your hopes-and-humanity zone this week, continuing the emphasis on socializing, professional networking, philanthropy, friendship, teamwork, progressive ideas, new objectives and organizations that support your interests or goals. Pay attention to the roles you play in the various groups you associate with—and whether or not they suit you. You know you’ve found the right people when you can be yourself and still fit in. You’re able to shine now when you’re among others who share your ideals. As Mars sneaks into your solitude-and-spirituality house, your energy is liable to drop a notch. In the coming weeks, you may find yourself working behind the scenes, bringing something to a close, letting your imagination run wild and confronting an issue you’ve repressed. With Venus following Mars into that house, creativity, selfless love, a secret relationship, private pining and introversion are all emphasized. Act out of empathy. Do something to gain the closure, peace or soul satisfaction you yearn for.



May 21–June 20

With the sun ascending to your ambition angle this week, your ability to shine in public increases, and you may find yourself in the spotlight. The better you know your capabilities, the better you can represent yourself. You’re very visible, goal-oriented and conscious of your standing when the sun is at the top of your chart. However, Mars and Venus are leaving that house and entering your hopes-and-humanity sector, turning part of your attention to future objectives and where you stand with peers rather than higher-ups. Teamwork, socializing, professional networking, friendship, humanitarian efforts, common goals and shared interests are all favored in the coming weeks. So some of your focus will be on what you can achieve now and how you can stand out, while some of it will be on what’s next and how you can integrate your desire and drive with others. It’s possible to do what you want and still be on the same page with people now.



June 21–July 22

The sun blazes into your vision sector this week, upping your inspiration, courage, wanderlust, faith and spirit of adventure. Because this house is associated with broadening one’s horizons, this is the time of year when even homebody Crabs are apt to get restless and indulge an urge to take off for parts unknown. If you can’t travel, seek out new people and unfamiliar experiences that will open your mind. Channel your energy into learning. With Mars and Venus heading into your goals angle and coming together to work as a unit, some of your energy will also be geared toward accomplishing your objectives, making a favorable impression on higher ups, promoting yourself, making progress in your career, keeping a high profile, doing creative work and schmoozing with people who have the power to give you a leg up. You should be able to achieve the right blend of being charming, earning respect and going after what you want.



July 23–August 22

The sun arrives in your depth zone this week, luring you to continue to focus on sharing, trust, psychological transformation, outside or joint financial resources, research, sexuality, power and perhaps something taboo like a secret or a dark emotion. This is a period for digging beneath the surface and shining a light on that which is hidden. Often this means dealing with some rather thorny issues and becoming stronger in the process. On the other hand, Mars and Venus are leaving that house in your chart and moving into a much more gregarious, optimistic house that suits Leos better. Your desires and actions will begin to revolve around travel, education, beliefs and adventures. In the coming weeks, you’ll be inclined to break out of your routine and have new experiences that help you to grow. You’ll have the urge to go far away—into the future, another culture or an exciting subject of study in your head. Or literally and geographically.



August 23–September 22

When the sun crosses your others angle this week, it energizes your interactions and draws your attention to who you are in a relationship. Notice the way people bring out different sides of you and how the support of certain individuals helps you to be your best self. You’re in the mood to seek out companionship and shouldn’t find it hard to compromise. One-on-one encounters are more appealing than group gatherings now. Integrating your identity into a working partnership or a committed personal relationship should be relatively seamless and satisfying. As Mars and Venus segue into your merging sector, the inner workings of relationships are also emphasized. Sex, shared money and possessions, jealousy, trust, mystery, closeness and control are some of the issues that could move to the forefront. Whether you have a significant other or not, it’s best not to keep to yourself in the coming weeks, because you can gain as much from your relationships as you put in.



September 23–October 22

The sun is moving into your productivity house this week, encouraging you to keep working hard, getting healthy, improving yourself and being of service. You’ll have energy for tackling your to-do list, doing your job, exercising, solving problems and sharpening your skills. Your attention is drawn to the details of taking care of everyday business and taking care of yourself. So anything from a complex work project to juicing can be worth your time. The emphasis is on feeling useful, healthy and efficient. At the same time, Mars and Venus are crossing your relationship angle, suggesting that you’ll start to seek out one-on-one interactions and will thrive on them. With those two planets joining forces, you can assert yourself in a partnership and confront problems and you can also compromise and smooth things over. You’re likely to enjoy your encounters in the coming weeks and could very well find yourself attracted to someone new or inclined to commit to someone you’re already involved with.



October 23–November 21

Starting this week, the sun illuminates your fulfillment zone, fuelling fun, romance, joy, humor, creativity, risks, hobbies, pleasure, amusement, self-expression and time with children. You’re inclined to enjoy life and seek love and happiness instead of hibernating. You’re in the mood to revel in your individuality, taking pride in who you are and what you can contribute to the world. Positive feedback from others is especially welcome now, and you’re willing to show off a bit for it and wear your heart on your sleeve. But with Mars and Venus moving on to your efficiency sector, you’re also called to buckle down and get to work. You’ll have desire and drive on your side when it comes to improving your diet, health, fitness, time management, job performance, work ethic, productivity, schedule, habits, skills, modus operandi, problem-solving and efficiency. This is a time of year when you can really get your act together, accomplish more on a daily basis and like what you’re doing.



November 22–December 21

The sun dips to the bottom of your chart this week, pulling your focus to home, family, feelings, safety, belonging and comfort. You’ll want to be in touch with your relatives, roots and emotions and have the sense of a secure home base—literally and figuratively speaking. You might feel like entertaining more or just nesting solo and indulging in activities that you find soothing. You’ll probably be more introspective, sentimental or moody than usual, since the sun’s placement here stirs emotions and memories. However, Mars and Venus are leaving this house and entering your joy sector, so at times you’ll want to be out enjoying life instead of cocooning at home. Fun, hobbies, games, humor, romance, creativity, pleasure, children, risk-taking, personal fulfillment and self-expression will become increasingly appealing, perhaps trumping home life. The fact that Venus and Mars are pairing up suggests you’ll have success going after what you desire to make yourself happy. So let your heart be your guide.



December 22–January 19

With the sun arriving in your cognition-and-communication house this week, your mind and your mouth get busy, and your daily contacts increase accordingly. Your interactions will be lively, information will flow and you may take a short trip. Keep your brain engaged by asking plenty of questions and observing the goings-on in your immediate environment. Bring your full attention to even casual conversations, and work on being a better listener. Think about your take on a particular subject and express yourself clearly. As Mars and Venus move to the bottom of your chart, some of your energy will be directed toward home in the coming weeks. You might take on a domestic project like decluttering or repairs or go on a decorating spree. Family activities—and possibly family conflicts—are apt to come up. Sentiment, safety, memories and moods grow in importance. Above all, you want to do something that has a positive impact on your living situation or comfort level.



January 20–February 18

Although you already had a new moon in the first degree of your sign a month ago, this week brings another Aquarius new moon—at the tail end of the sign. So if you didn’t set any intentions for the coming year at that time, here’s your second chance. Immediately after, the sun enters your worth zone and turns your attention to what you have and what you need. Earned income, confidence, possessions, values, spending and resources such as talents are emphasized now. You may be driven to attain more stuff or more security, as you’re motivated by what makes you feel good. With Mars and Venus landing in your cognition-and-communication sector though, ideas, thoughts, interactions, intellectual work, trips, information and your local community also become priorities. The pace of your daily life is likely to speed up, and you’re able to find a good balance between enjoying your encounters with people and asserting yourself effectively in conversations.


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7 years ago

I always love these posts, they’re so spot on (even if a bit difficult to decipher from time to time). Also just a little heads up, you guys put the Aquarius sign next to Sagittarius as well as Aquarius and it sort of threw me off! Just wanted to let you guys know :) Happy Sunday!!

7 years ago

Thank you for this refreshing chart! I’m a Sagittarius and this year has been nothing but insanity! Luckily my heart will be on my side :)

7 years ago

wish myself luck this week :)

7 years ago

Where’s Sag on here guys?

7 years ago

Each time, I really enjoy this post ! even if I’m not a fervent believer in the stars !
Love xx

7 years ago

This aries finds this to be so spot on – thank you for affirming my need to sit back alone recently and keep me grounded in my dreams!

Warm Regards,