Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 23–March 1

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February 19–March 20

The sun in Pisces is firing you up, but its run-in with sobering Saturn in your goals angle this week suggests you could have a reality check coming. You might feel challenged by an authority figure, boxed in by a system or discouraged by a lack of progress. It won’t be a pleasant experience for your ego, but being tested can keep you on track. Perseverance is called for, and a course correction may be in order as well. Concentrate on prioritizing your wish list and aligning your actions accordingly. Recognize that a long-range plan with action steps and a healthy dose of discipline will bring significant success, if not instant gratification. A desire for security, a determination to make your mark in the world and a willingness to work hard can all coalesce now. The sun’s rendezvous with Neptune will make you more sensitive, empathic and intuitive, but it may also produce weariness, vulnerability and escapism. Aim for its higher manifestations, and take advantage of your heightened imagination and spirituality.


March 21–April 19

Subconscious energy could battle conscious intentions this week when the supercharged sun in your subliminal zone spars with structured Saturn in your vision sector. It may help to spend time alone looking back over the past year and letting go of something—particularly an outdated piece of your identity that your ego is attached to. Such a release could facilitate plans for the future that suit a broader definition of your capabilities. Venus and Mars in your sign are clicking with Saturn, helping you to align desire, action and ambition. With Venus in Aries, you’re able to attract favorable circumstances, and Mars in Aries gives you the drive to go after what you want. Their cooperation with Saturn encourages you to go about things the right way, both playing by the rules and playing to win. It’s possible to achieve a good balance between self-gratification and working within a system now. The impulsivity of these personal planets in your sign, blended with the practicality and restraint of Saturn, is a solid combo.


April 20–May 20

With the sun in your network house skirmishing with Saturn in your merging sector this week, you’re inclined to spend time around people, but could run into difficulty concerning trust, jealousy or sharing. Keeping things light will seem much simpler than one-on-one closeness. Friendship and socializing might conflict with your love life now. But Venus and Mars, who are tucked away in your solitude-and-spirituality zone, are harmonizing with Saturn. This suggests a few positive scenarios. Working intensively behind the scenes on a research project or something else that requires depth and concentration will be productive. Confronting an issue in your subconscious can foster psychological growth. Selfless or private love can strengthen an intimate bond. Through sacrificing your own interests, you can learn about cooperation and others’ values. A sun-Neptune meetup also encourages attunement to others’ needs and ideals and a feeling of unity with other living beings. It’s easier now to put aside ego and find common ground with people, although you might need to be careful if you’re harboring illusions.


May 21–June 20

The sun at the top of your chart seems to be giving you full permission to shine, but its quarrel with Saturn in your one-on-one angle this week implies that you’ll experience some resistance to your ambition. Your commitment to a friend, significant other or work partner could interfere with you gaining personal recognition, or you may not get the support you’re seeking from another person. You might feel like someone is blocking your progress or keeping you from focusing on goals. But Venus and Mars in your network zone are syncing with Saturn, implying that teamwork, shared interests, group activities, professional networking, camaraderie and philanthropy will be productive and build a bridge between you and others. It’s also possible that you’ll meet someone significant through the circle of people already in your life or form a serious attachment to someone you know casually. Impromptu travel, adventure and intellectual exchanges are other distinct possibilities. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn from others if you get into a debate.


June 21–July 22

Thanks to the fired-up sun in your expansion zone clashing with restrictive Saturn in your duty sector this week, it’s likely that daily responsibilities will curtail your freedom. You’re probably finding your routine a bit stifling lately and are inclined to expand your horizons by traveling, learning, having new experiences and meeting people outside your usual circle. Saturn, however, is compelling you to work hard and attend to your to-do list—and possibly your health. The good news is Venus and Mars in your ambition angle are cooperating with Saturn, implying that putting your nose to the grindstone can pay off in the form of professional or public recognition and useful progress. Focus your efforts on high-priority work and do what needs to be done with humility. A sun-Neptune encounter promises inspiration and faith, but perhaps also some confusion. The line between you and the rest of the world is blurred now, hopefully resulting in a spiritual sense of unity with even that which is most foreign to you.


July 23–August 22

When the sun in your merging sector fights with Saturn in your self-expression house this week, you could feel inhibited in a one-on-one situation or at an impasse in the work you’re doing on yourself. Trust and closeness seem to be blocked, and your confidence and joie de vivre may be unusually low. But Saturn’s current position in your chart is urging you to work on loving yourself and finding your own path to happiness. With Venus and Mars in your expansion sector in sync with Saturn, getting outside your comfort zone will allow you to push the limits of who you can be and what will bring you joy. You’re likely to be drawn to new people and experiences now, and venturing into the unknown will get you to grow and open up fresh avenues to personal fulfillment. Mercury is opposing Jupiter in Leo, suggesting a debate could get out of hand, so avoid exaggerating and being pedantic. A sun-Neptune meeting hints at organic moments of sharing and intimacy.


August 23–September 22

A sun-Saturn battle in your relationship and feelings angles this week suggests that your interactions will be affected by your underlying mood. Family, home life, emotional baggage, insecurity, old patterns or defensiveness can prevent you from maintaining a good rapport with others. Are you holding back from people to protect yourself? Notice how your fears impact your relationships. Venus and Mars in your sharing zone are clicking with Saturn, so chances are if you want to trust another person and you pursue intimacy, depth and transformation, you can build a stronger internal foundation that grounds you and fosters emotional maturity. This might also be a good time to secure money for real estate or a domestic project. A sun-Neptune meeting indicates empathy, forgiveness and going with the flow will improve your interactions. Sometimes you just need to let people be themselves so you can connect with them on their wavelength. Also, Mercury’s confab with Uranus implies that talking over a problem and focusing on solutions can bring you closer to someone.


September 23–October 22

Thinking and doing may not mesh very easily this week when the sun in your efficiency zone spars with Saturn in your mindset house. Try shifting the way you’re looking at a problem, and don’t discount any methods of accomplishing tasks. A negative attitude or blue mood can affect your sense of physical wellbeing, your ability to take care of business and your energy level. However, Saturn is gelling with Venus and Mars in your relationship angle, so you’re able to see others in a realistic light and work through any interpersonal issues with the help of honest, mature communication. This is a good time for talking about commitment, plans or boundaries with someone close to you. Taking cooperation, compromise, equality and partnership seriously will enable you to enjoy a healthy rapport with people now. With the sun and Neptune joining forces, you may be drawn to get more rest; do spiritual, selfless work; rid your body of toxins; eat a more natural diet; and engage in a soothing form of exercise like yoga.


October 23–November 21

The sun in your fulfillment zone is fighting with Saturn in your worth sector this week, hinting that low self-esteem or funds could curtail pleasure, romance and creativity. You may not feel confident enough to express yourself freely and enjoy life with abandon. And you might not have the resources to do whatever you please. But both Venus and Mars in your productivity house are clicking with Saturn, pushing you to work hard; take pleasure in the things you are able to do; value your health; exercise; tackle practical matters; solve relationship problems; be of service to others and take pride in how much you can accomplish. All of this will help you to build up your self-worth and give you a better sense of what you have going for you and what’s most important to you. Hard work can gradually stabilize your finances. A sun-Neptune meetup indicates natural moments of love, creativity and pleasure, especially escapist pleasure. You’re apt to find yourself by losing yourself now.


November 22–December 21

Saturn in your sign is feuding with the sun in your home sector this week, so family, domestic developments, your mood, your comfort level or childhood patterning may interfere with your growth or your goals. You could be caught up in taking care of your own business and block warmth from others inadvertently. Fortunately, Venus and Mars in your joy house are gelling with Saturn, linking your agenda with creativity, pleasure, love, self-expression and play. This is a good time to take your happiness seriously and put a plan for personal fulfillment in place. Work on fully expressing your different sides. Invest in yourself, and pursue what completes you. With Jupiter fighting off Pluto in your worth zone and Mercury in your mindset house, your aspirations could be out of sync with your resources and your logic. You might also have a difference of opinion with someone, leap to conclusions, overstate your case or have trouble envisioning the future. Focus on listening and learning, and be willing to tweak your expectations and assumptions.


December 22–January 19

Saturn in your subliminal sector is at odds with the sun in your mindset zone this week, suggesting a disconnect between your conscious attitude and your unconscious fears. Your communication may be affected by doubt or internal pressure. A tendency to brood is likely to color your interactions now. But Venus and Mars in your foundation angle are jibing with Saturn, so chances are spending time alone or at home with relatives or housemates will prove rewarding. Finish a domestic project; unpack emotional baggage; work through a family problem; work from home; deal with something from your past; reorganize your space; get rid of things or treat yourself to some TLC. A sun-Neptune conjunction strongly encourages you to purify your mind by releasing toxic thoughts. This might also be the time to heal a rift with a sibling or be of service in your community. If you have any issues with control this week, focus on maintaining power over yourself, and be flexible with your expectations of others.


January 20–February 18

This week’s sun-Saturn quarrel affects your worth zone and your network house, making it likely that personal money, values, material resources, self-esteem or possessiveness will contend with the priorities of a group. You’ll probably end up feeling like what you need or hope to get is running up against the agenda of others. New objectives that you’re starting to set for yourself may not dovetail with your finances or other resources you’re working with. Luckily, Venus and Mars in your cognition-and-communication sector are meshing with Saturn, hinting that a positive, proactive mindset and pleasant but assertive speech will help you to get on the same page with people and achieve a desired result. Share your ideas and be ready to back them up. Mercury in Aquarius happens to be clicking with Uranus in your thinking-and-talking house, so communicating insights should be fairly easy. A Mercury-Jupiter opposition reminds you that you also have plenty to learn from others. Aim for mutually beneficial dialogue, and seek interactions with people outside your usual circle.

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6 years ago

I’m a pisces and my horoscope was right on target. My reality has been checked. I have to keep on keeping on. Got it. :)


6 years ago

It is y highlight every Sunday reading this!

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

6 years ago

Sounds accurate with Sagitarrius for me!

6 years ago

“Sharing intimacy”… who knows! Thanks for the horoscope, i love to read it every sunday evening :)

xx Cecil //

6 years ago

cancer was bang on! been feeling torn yet perfectly intact lately!

6 years ago

brooding… always brooding! capricorn life. i am so beyond down to do my homework in bed with a mug of tea with honey :)

love the positivity!!

6 years ago

Ohhhh this Aries is really loving this week’s forecast xo

Warm Regards,