Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 9–15

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January 20–February 18

The big news this week is that Mercury is coming out of its three-week retrograde phase and resuming forward motion in your sign. This period of mental downtime gave you a chance to reflect on personal matters and hopefully gain insight into yourself. You may find yourself able to express a different side of you now that you tapped into during the retrograde. If you’ve had some thoughts about your physical appearance and the way you come across to others, your judgment in acting on them will improve with Mercury’s direct turn. You may feel some anxiety as pent-up mental energy is released. Your brain will be transitioning from a focus on self-awareness to engagement with your environment, and you’ll feel better able to make decisions and express yourself.


February 19–March 20

Your current desires and your expectations regarding work and daily life are out of sync this week when Venus in Pisces disagrees with Jupiter in your productivity house. Perhaps you’re in the mood to socialize, date and enjoy life, but you have way too much to do. Make whatever adjustments you can, so a few things on your to-do list get done and there’s still time for fun. With Mercury retrograde, you’ve probably felt a little out of it lately. Whether you’ve been lost in your imagination, having vivid dreams, getting in touch with your spiritual side or tuning into your intuition, you’ve retreated into your own head. If regrets, unfinished business or guilt have come up, let it all go—Mercury is moving forward now, and so should you.


March 21–April 19

Misunderstandings with friends, reconnecting with people, reviewing your wish list and rethinking your role in a group may all have characterized the past few weeks while Mercury was retrograde in your network sector. Now that Mercury is turning direct, communication with others and planning group activities will start to get easier. This will be a good time to get in touch with professional contacts, correct crossed wires and clear up any problems that came up as a result of typical retrograde confusion. If you held off on buying technology, it should be a safer bet in the coming weeks, as Mercury gets back up to speed. You should also feel more sure of your thought process and better able to make a decision about a goal.


April 20–May 20

While Mercury traveled retrograde at the top of your chart the past few weeks, you may have felt tongue-tied around authority figures, misunderstood publicly or professionally and confused about goals or your career path. With Mercury going direct, you’ll be able to paint yourself in a better light in the coming weeks. You’ll also feel more capable of charting a course to success. If you started a new job recently, you should go back over the details and make sure everything is as you understood it to be. Merc retro is notorious for mistakes like employees getting put on payroll at the wrong salary. If you’ve been rethinking a goal, you can start to decide what you want to do, based on the conclusions you’ve come to.


May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet Mercury has been backtracking in your expansion house since January 21, and this week it comes to a standstill and begins to move forward again. You’ve probably been questioning your future, struggling to learn or relearn something, rethinking your beliefs and experiencing bewildering differences of opinion. But this phase gave you an opportunity to review the big picture and clarify your vision. Your outlook will start to come back into focus in the coming weeks as Mercury picks up speed. If you rediscovered a truth during the retrograde, you can incorporate that, heading into the future with a fresh philosophy and renewed faith. Another major bonus: It’s so much easier to travel and plan trips when Mercury is traveling direct.


June 21–July 22

If you’ve had a misunderstanding with someone while Mercury was retrograde in your sharing sector recently, you’ll be glad to know Mercury is going direct this week, helping you to clear the air. If you’ve been doing any kind of research or investigation, you’ll be able to analyze your findings more effectively. Maybe you were reflecting on what you get from others, in which case you can make sound decisions now regarding what to seek from outside sources and what to provide for yourself. If you were digging around in your own psyche or thinking about jealousy, sexuality, closeness or trust, those thoughts will begin to crystallize in a useful way. Money matters that came up in the past three weeks—like applying for a loan—need to be reviewed.


July 23–August 22

Your bonds with others continue to lure your attention this week, as Venus in your sharing zone clashes with Jupiter in Leo. The closeness you desire appears to be at odds with your personal growth. But it is possible to have it both ways, especially if you adjust your expectations. With Mercury turning direct, your one-on-one communication will improve, and you should take advantage of that by mending fences if any misunderstandings occurred. You’ve probably been reflecting on a significant relationship and/or pondering love and partnership during the last few weeks. As Mercury gets back up to speed, you’ll find it easier to put your thoughts together and make a decision if one is called for. You may need to renegotiate the terms of a relationship going forward.


August 23–September 22

While your ruler Mercury traveled retrograde in your efficiency house the last few weeks, your routine probably got messed up, but hopefully you figured out what’s not working in your day-to-day life. You had a chance to look at problems on a more intuitive level and hit on solutions. Whether you were analyzing your health, work, schedule, skills or habits, after Mercury goes direct this week, you’ll be able to put things into a new order that benefits your productivity and your wellbeing. This is a good time to make medical appointments, create a new workout regimen or diet, organize your calendar and search for a job. If you just started a new job, review the details of it carefully in case any wires got crossed.


September 23–October 22

Getting along with colleagues or enjoying your work may be challenging this week when Venus in your job sector spars with Jupiter in your hopes house. Try to adjust your expectations of others and appreciate whatever goodwill and good fortune come your way. With Mercury turning direct in your fulfillment zone now, creativity, romantic communication, humor and various forms of self-expression begin to flow more smoothly. When Mercury gets back up to speed, you’ll become much more clear on what risks are worth taking. Artistic ideas and heartfelt feelings that were bouncing around inside you will start to come together. As you find your bearings again, you’ll have a more definite take on a project, hobby, love affair or other pleasurable pursuit.


October 23–November 21

After Mercury went retrograde on January 21, you began questioning beliefs you’d had since childhood, reflecting on your past, experiencing difficulties with your family or home life, rethinking your living situation or your space and feeling out of sorts emotionally. With Mercury turning direct now and picking up speed in the coming weeks, your foundation will start to seem more secure. Your brain will return to present time, and muddled feelings will become clearer hopefully. If you bought property or signed a lease recently, double-check the details now, as Merc retro is prone to complicating paperwork. A Venus-Jupiter disagreement suggests that your creative self-expression, your love life or your desire to enjoy youself might not meet your high expectations. A little flexibility can buy you a lot of satisfaction.


November 22–December 21

Communication snafus, travel difficulties, misinformation, writer’s block and brain fog will improve after Mercury turns direct this week. If you’ve signed any paperwork since January 21, it’s a good idea to go back over it carefully now and make sure all the details are correct. Ideas that occurred to you during the retrograde phase will come into sharper focus so that you can put them to good use if you choose. Your daily comings-and-goings and interactions should become smoother. With Venus in your domestic angle battling Jupiter in your expansion sector, you may be torn between a desire to stay home and an urge to travel—or between the appeal of being comfortable and the excitement of broadening your horizons. Find ways to appease both sides of yourself.


December 22–January 19

Money matters will gradually become less problematic after Mercury finishes its retrograde phase in your worth house this week. If you regret any purchases you made recently, you might want to return or exchange things as your judgment regarding spending improves. If you were reviewing your budget, assets, cash flow, investments, resources, earning potential and other such issues during the retrograde period, now you can finally start to create a plan for improving your financial outlook. If you made any imprudent money moves in the last few weeks, try to repair the damage now. You should begin to feel more confident in your decision making soon. And if you experienced a delay in payment for work that you did, you shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

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This sounds good to this aries! So spot on! I’ve been waiting to buy an iPad – this is a sign! :)

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Always money…. I would love to meet up for a consultation!! Love your readings xx

Finally Mercury’s retrograde end! It was really tough these days..


Love my month! Great horoscope, thank you!