Hidden Treasure: The Joshua Tree Inn

There are some places on this earth that just stick out in your mind. 

You find yourself reminiscing about it often, catch yourself looking at old photographs, and think about when you can travel back there as soon as possible. It’s like that spot has been highlighted in your mind with a big yellow marker. Well, one of these places for me is the Joshua Tree Inn in Twentynine Palms, a dusty desert city in Southern California. I first spent time at the Inn a few years ago and fell in love with the quirky details, rock and roll atmosphere, and comfy home-away-from-home feel.

The hacienda-style inn was built in 1950 and is home to only eleven rooms that open up to a desert courtyard equipped with a fire pit, lounge chairs, and chandeliers. A large teal pool sits adjacent to the courtyard, a necessity for a hotel that calls the Mojave Desert home. In the 1960s, numerous artists frequented the Joshua Tree Inn, including Gram Parsons, Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg, and more. Of the eleven rooms on site, a handful are named after music legends. Room Eight is also known as the Gram Parsons room — it is the room where he spent his last few days. There is also the Emmylou Harris Room, John Barrymore Suite (where John Wayne liked to stay), and Donavon’s Suite, where he and his muse, Linda, would camp out. Some say their spirits are still alive at the Inn and help inspire artists and musicians create new work.






A few miles off site, there are four private homes that are included as part as the Joshua Tree Inn. These spaces have all of the eccentric charm as the Inn itself. Each house (named Coyote, Fox, Turtle, and Joshua View) is private and just a short dirt road drive from the Inn. The spaces include barbecue pits, hammocks, multiple patios, a private pool, and more. It’s the perfect spot for a weekend away from the city. I’ve stayed at Coyote and the Joshua View House, where I lived in my swimsuit and caftans and walked barefoot on the desert floor. We woke up with the sun every morning and watched it retire each night, as it casted pink shadows off huge boulders. Life slows down at the Joshua Tree Inn — it’s simple and beautiful, yet perfectly eccentric.

I can’t wait to go back…





+ I would love to know where you love staying or visiting! Share your favorite spots in the comments. 

Check out more information on the Joshua Tree Inn here.

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the land of pure magic. joshua tree is unlike anywhere else! <3



This is beautiful! I love your description of the highlighter – so true! What a dream this place is.

Warm Regards,


If you’re looking for dreamy vacation spots, I absolutely recommend the Austin Motel. Like the J.T.I., it’s a wonderful place to recharge your creative energy…and it’s walking distance to oodles of South Congress brunch yumminess( this is important, you see).

Peace out!

I absolutely LOVE camping in Joshua Tree, I’ve gone almost every year since I was a kid. I’ve never been to the inn though now I really want to check it out! Thank you for the inspiration:)



We tried airbnb for the first time and stayed in a couple of different desert cabins and that was great, but will have to check out this place for next time.thanks



A magical pizza, rock climing, cabin community in the beautiful Red River Gorge in KY

Oh I love finding hidden gems, this place is super cute!

Jess X


My husband used to be the innkeeper here and it will always be a special place for us. Nicely done :)

hahaha what crazy timing! I’m staying at the Donovan suite this weekend! Didn’t even see this post till now, but it totally sold me :) Thanks for sharing!


This is a great article. I really enjoyed it.