LA Woman: The Los Angeles Spotify Mix

Someone recently asked me why I love Los Angeles and I was immediately flooded with a thousand reasons as to why.

I recited them like a laundry list — a beaming smile spread across my face the entire time. I love the carefree spirit that resides in LA residents and how the city is full of dreamers. I love how the sun shines through the windows to wake me up in the morning. I love how the tall palm trees line the streets. I love the soft orange and pink sunsets and the warm Santa Ana winds in the evening. I love riding my bike, barefoot, up and down the Venice boardwalk as the wind tangles my hair. I love when the beach gets too hot and you have no choice but to swim in the ocean to cool down. I love how my saltwater hair dries in the warm sun. I love the pool parties, the music shows, and late night tacos. Nothing beats cruising through the canyon with your windows rolled down, listening to music that matches the lifestyle of Los Angeles. From The Doors to The Beach Boys to Joni Mitchell, LA music is as dreamy, relaxed, and eclectic as the people who live there.





+ What other songs should we add to this mix?

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9 years ago

Beautiful message of LA! I love the playlist, Rolling Stone’s “She’s A Rainbow” in particular.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Thanks for this amazing playlist!

Rae | love from berlin

9 years ago

I’d add to the playlist Randy Newman’s rockin’ tune “I Love LA”!!!!!!!!!!!! So Very LA!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

9 years ago

Solid playlist! Loved the Zombies appearance!



9 years ago

I would add some classics like:

Phantom Planet- California
Best Coast- The Only Place
The Eagles- Hotel California
The Kooks- Seaside
Anything by Sublime
Rooney- Blue side
Coconut Records- West Coast

And a bunch of others..
Thanks for sharing those Amazing pics and that awesome playlist! ;)


9 years ago

loved the Zombies!
I would add some psychedelic rock like Kaleidoscope- Dive into yesterday

9 years ago

california soul! diplo/mad decent remix :)

fp joanna
9 years ago

Thanks Kate, Mariadora, Susan, and Stephanie! Check out LA Woman on Spotify to see your recommendations on the playlist now! xx

Lindsay Hillegas
9 years ago

AMAZING. Im born and raised an LA gal and this playlist seriously embodies my life and brings back such good memories, ugh yes thaaaaankyouuuuu

9 years ago

You should add: Lilly Wood and The Prick – Where I Want Be (California)

L.A stole my heart, I felt so empty when I left

9 years ago

You missed Freedom Fry’s “Home” – all about that LA-Cali living!

9 years ago

I would add also Escape Route by Paramore! It’s a fresh song that remind me the beautiful LA! :)