Lauren & Richie’s Woodstock-Inspired Orchard Wedding

My heart is filled with love this week. It’s hard not to feel it, with Valentine’s Day creeping ever closer with its pink hearts and red roses, to fall prey to a box of chocolates and a sweet little love note or two. So when BLDG 25 blog reader Lauren sent in these pics from her recent wedding, well I just had to spread the love and share them with you. Read for Lauren’s inspiration:

“Richie and I play in a band together, so it was only natural that our wedding have a ‘Wedstock’ theme. We were married in a pecan orchard, surrounded by the most loving and wonderful people we know. Richie’s brother played guitar and a family friend played violin for the ceremony and my walk down the aisle — With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles for the flower children and bridesmaids, and Here, There, and Everywhere by The Beatles for me — it was beautiful and had me happy-crying almost immediately! Later, friends and family sang and played songs throughout the night, mixed in with our personal favorites: Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and The Beatles, played mostly on vinyl. We wanted the day to be bright and fun, it was the perfect celebration of our love. Lots of smiles, messy hair, and happy happy hearts.”

Free People Wedding 1

Free People Wedding 9

Free People Wedding 15

Free People Wedding 10

Free People Wedding 6

Free People Wedding 19

Free People Wedding 12

Free People Wedding 14

Free People Wedding 32

Free People Wedding 33

Free People Wedding 13

Photography by Elizabeth Thacker

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9 years ago

The flowers in her hair, the moon and stars…sigh. Beautiful just beautiful. Congrats!!!

9 years ago

What a marvellous dress, I love that style!!! Congratulations

9 years ago

I love her dress, as well as the setting and the pictures! Simply beautiful!

9 years ago

Everything looks gorgeous, love her dress, and the bride and groom look so in love it’s breathtaking.

Mazel tov!


9 years ago

This is brilliant – in a pecan orchard! Everything is so so sweet, the florals, messy hair, amazing photography and those passionate kisses! Wishing them a lifetime of love and laughter.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

That wedding dress is so lovely. Everything looks stunning

9 years ago

love the style, beautiful pictures!
congrats! :)

9 years ago

That suit… that dress….. amazing.

8 years ago

Absolutely magnificent——-I am a flower child of the sixties. So nice to remember the beauty of my generation. The wedding is a beautiful memory of my youth. Thank you for the beautiful return to a time that was utterly magical.