Meet Karmen, Our February Cover Model!

This month’s catalog has us dreaming of days spent roaming sun-drenched streets, sipping coffee at corner cafes, and snapping pics of ancient monuments silhouetted by a cerulean sky. For our cover model, Karmen, these sights are routine, as she’s lucky enough to call Rome, that Eternal City, home. Our catalog team was lucky enough to leave dreary, grey Philadelphia behind in favor of Rome’s ethereally-lit streets, shooting on-location with Karmen to gain a local’s perspective of this magical city. We recently caught up with her to learn about her Rome, the places she loves to visit, the sights she sees on a daily basis, why she chose this ancient city as her home base.

Check out the interview, below, and then be sure to add your own travel tips in the comments!

Karmen Interview Get the look: Breezy Maxi Dress

Where are you from originally?

I’m from Estonia.

Did you always dream of modeling? Tell us about your journey…

I never thought about modeling. I played sports and that was my life. My agent found me in the theatre in Estonia and she asked me if I wanted to become a model and I said yes! And that’s how it all started!

How did you come to call Rome ‘home’? What drew you to the city?

I’m based in both Estonia and Rome, but I travel around the world all the time. I love Rome because of the people, the atmosphere… and the food! I’m in love of the energy and beauty. Rome is full of the most wonderful, life-loving people. I am married to a Roman and he lives there, so I try to be there as much as I can.

Rome is so gorgeous; it must have been incredible to shoot in your own back yard! What was your favorite part of the shoot?

At first, I wasn’t so thrilled to work there because for me Rome is a place to relax and vacation. But, the team was great fun and the whole thing was relaxed and easy, so all good :) It was nice to talk with the team about restaurants and suggest places for them to go.

Karmen Interview Get the look: Goddess in Rome Dress

What are your must-haves for when you’re travelling for a shoot? Anything essential you always stash in your bag?

My must have is my cashmere blanket. It was supposed to be a present for my husband, but I took it for myself and I’m so in love with it! I also always bring my laptop with all my movies and TV series when I am traveling, and my beauty kit with my moisturizers and oils. Oh, and a big comfy sweater — I can’t travel in tight clothes or high heels.

What does a typical day in the life of Karmen look like?

A typical free day for me in Rome would be waking up, making a green juice with my juice machine and then shower and get ready. Then I would sit on my terrace or walk around… or do some things at home… mostly unpacking, organizing. Then I’d have a great lunch with friends or my husband, in Rome they are usually very, very long lunches. Afterwards I would catch a movie, do some shopping or go to a museum. Also, driving around the city on a Vespa is one of my favorite things to do! My day would end with a late dinner, which are also usually very long, but very, very fun. Just enjoying the beauty of the city!

Karmen Interview Get the look: Double Dutch Gauze Top

For our readers who may be planning their own voyage to Rome, what are your must-see stops within the city? Any hidden gems?

For places to stay, I would recommend Domde Russie and Villa Laetitia.

To have a drink before dinner, my favorite places are Apperitivo, Bar de Fico or Salotto 42.

For dining, I would say the best pasta is at Roscioli, the best fish at La Rosetta, best pizza at Baffetto, best ice cream is Gelateria del Teatro.

And for shopping, I love Deli Effetti, Gente Jewelry, Iosselliani, and Delfina Delletrez. For furniture, my favorite store is Flair. There are lots of amazing shops on via dei coronary and via dei banchi vecchi.

Karmen Interview Get the look: Balloon Stripe One Piece

Do you have any favorite pieces from the February catalog?

I loved the long dresses, like the Goddess in Rome Dress. I am not really a dress girl, but they were very beautiful.

Karmen Interview Get the look: Eyelet Carrot Pant, Tri Color Pullover

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Do your thing, but always be cautious.. I don’t know if I always listen, but I always do my own thing :)

Finally, what does being ‘free’ mean to you?

When I think about being free, what comes to mind is my loved ones and I on a boat in Ibiza, just having the best time. Laughing. And just living without any worries, or emails, or phones. Just enjoying our lives!

Karmen Interview 7Get the look: The Market Maxi 

Thank you Karmen!

+ Be sure to check out the full February catalog here!

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9 years ago

I wish I could be partly based in Rome as well. And I absolutely agree: Rome is filled with life loving people. :)

Viva Roma!

9 years ago

Amazing pics, love this model :)


9 years ago

Wow. So Incredibly Gorgeous – the location, the model, the clothes. I’d love to travel to the sun soaked areas of Italy sometime soon!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

9 years ago

Gorgeous interview! I love her outlook and the sense of fun she has about her. Gorgeous styling too, that blue dress is divine!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

My gosh! Everything is beyond gorgeous!

9 years ago

Seriously stunning, also can someone send me to Rome?!



9 years ago

Just loved to read how she spent her day, what she ate and where she went……belissima!

9 years ago

I love her style!
Everything is perfect!

9 years ago

I love Rome so much ! It was love at first sight when I was a teenager ! And Carmen seems great, and she looks amazing.
I so want to sleep on a big chair under the sun too… dream about it!
Love xx

8 years ago

i want to model your clothes .