Mornings in Bondi with Mimi Elashiry

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @free peopleaustralia

The noise of her alarm echoes and dances its way around her ears.

It rings just a few more times before it slowly pulls her out of a dream and brings her presence back to her body, back to the mattress that softly holds her.

Up before dawn, the sacred hour’s first fleeting moments are spent peering up into the nights sky through the window above her bed as she spies the faintest glimmer of fading stars. It’s going to be a clear day today.

Running down to North Bondi, she is met by mornings first light that bounces across the wet sand and rumble of crashing waves. Edging closer to the shore she slips off her shoes to bury her toes in the damp morning sand. She breathes in the salt air, connecting to the land and the ocean before her, knowing she is a part of something else, something bigger.

She runs.



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Beads of sweat gather and dampen the skin. The sun glistens and reflects back rays of light which sheen and dance across her body as she moves. Makes a splash. Breaks a sweat. Dances to the beat of her own drum.

She moves.

The sun is higher now, the day is slowing coming into place as the trivialities of the routine ahead begin to play over in her mind. But she pushes these thoughts away to relish in the moment; to stroll along the promenade, to soak up the sunshine.

She walks.

Each footstep a testament to her journey. Proudly glancing back at just how far she’s come, looking lovingly ahead toward the future to see how far she’s got to go. It’s now that she notices the little things. How beautifully the sun peers through wafts of sea mist as it passes from the tops of the waves and across the beach. How the muted cliffs of Clovelly and Bronte in the distance are accented by the crisp white ocean pools of Icebergs.

She smiles.

This is home.

Photos by Tess Leopold





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Photography: Tess Leopold 

Model / Muse: Mimi Elashiry at Platform Me 

Hair and Makeup Byron Turnbull for Edwards and Co 

Styling: Miann Scanlan  and Bianca Boulden for Phoenix Wilde

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7 years ago

The Summer Rain Dress is EVERYTHING! Gorgeous pics and don’t you just love your New Balance? I have the same ones and have had them on repeat since December. TGIF!

7 years ago

Talk about a rockin’ bod! Infinitely jealous!



7 years ago

Beautiful girl! I wish I loved running/moving – haha!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

That last photo is so beautiful. Love everything about it. She looks amazing in that dress and looks effortlessly sleek.

7 years ago

Loving the Australian content as an Aussie myself.
She is beautiful, but she does look awfully young, or is that just me?

7 years ago

Love this pictures <3 she is so beautiful

7 years ago

how GORGEOUS! the writing is so so beautiful <3

7 years ago

YES! I love the writing too. The beach shower pic is the best, fun.

7 years ago

I love the description…and Mimi is so beautiful and really free.

7 years ago

ethereal beauty

6 years ago

where did you buy the swimming suit? it’s super cute!