Using Pure Water To Detox Heavy Metals

I always kind of just assumed that clean water was clean water. I know I’m very lucky to have access to drinking water every day of my life, and whether that water was bottled, filtered or from the tap, it all seemed to be fair game to me – especially in the New York City area, which I’ve always been told is home to some of the cleanest drinking water available. But that all changed about a month ago.

I began seeing an incredible (arguably magical) natural doctor in Brooklyn. Upon scanning my entire body, she made a couple of really incredible discoveries – and one of these was that an overload of aluminum and lead were taking a toll on some of my systems.

So, how was I to clear these heavy metals from my body? First: Stop using conventional deodorant, which almost always contains aluminum. Well, I’ve already been making my own natural deodorant for almost a year (see the recipe here!), so that was taken care of. Second: Take a supplement that aids in detoxing metals, like chlorella. Again, something I was already doing. Third: Trade in my aluminum pots and pans for glass and ceramic cookware. Okay, easy enough. Fourth: Switch your water filter. My WHAT?


As it turns out, the seemingly trusty water filtration system I’d been using for years wasn’t actually filtering heavy metals out of my water. Couple that with the lead pipes bringing it into my home, and we’ve got a recipe for a heavy metal overload – especially for someone who drinks as much water as I do.

According to my doc (and a handful of other natural doctors I’ve seen), reverse osmosis water is the prime choice. During the process of reverse osmosis, tap water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane, removing 90-99% of dissolved inorganic solids, like salt and heavy metals. The only issue here is that these systems can be pretty pricey. And although I do believe good health shouldn’t really have a price tag, some things are just simply not feasible for those on a tight budget.

My doc recommended this brand, which she believes is the cost-effective next best thing to a reverse osmosis filter. I ordered my filter right away, and was psyched to see that it actually came with a TDS meter, which allows me to test the level of dissolved solids in my water. Tap water levels generally range from 0 to upwards of 300 ppm (parts per million), and seem to vary from region to region. As you might guess, the closer to 0, the better.

I decided to do a little comparison of levels: tap water vs. filtered water (using my previous filter) vs. bottled water vs. filtered water (using my new filter).

Here were my results:


Holy cow. Now, I have to admit that on this particular day, my previous filter was a few weeks old, so it wasn’t at its prime. But still. The level of that water was alarmingly close to plain tap water. And the water using the new filter had a reading of 0. Zero! That’s even better than the bottled water. I did this test a bunch of times on different days using different batches of water, and each time yielded similar results.

For any of you skeptics – don’t worry, I feel you. This meter came with the water filter. It could totally somehow be rigged. (Also keep in mind that these levels just measure dissolved inorganic solids, so we’re not looking at bacteria or viruses here.) But I’ve always preferred to be a believer.

When I saw my doctor a few days later, she reported that my body had already made noticeable improvements in the way of heavy-metal detoxing. And one week later, I was totally detoxed. Done. No more excess lead, no more excess aluminum. All because I changed my water filter and took a break from aluminum pots and pans.

Since I’m also detoxing some other things at the moment, I can’t report on my own observations of how this detox has changed by body just yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted.

For now, I’ll just be happily sipping on this here purified water.

+ Have any of you ever done a heavy metal detox? How’d it go?

**I just want to add that this is a recount of my own experience. This post isn’t intended to help diagnose or treat any illnesses. If you think you may need to detox from metals or anything else, I’d recommend finding an awesome natural doctor to help create a treatment plan that’s right for you!**

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7 years ago

Did you order the ZeroWater pitcher? If so, how long does it last? thanks!!

7 years ago
FP Brigette
7 years ago

Sabrina – Yes, I did! The company recommends to change the filter once your filtered water reaches a reading of 006 TDS. How quickly that happens will depend on the TDS level of the tap water to begin with, but they say many customers report filtering 30 gallons before getting to this point. I’ve been using my filter for about a month (and I drink a good amount of water), and I’m currently still getting a reading of 000 each time! Xo

7 years ago

This seems like an awesome filter if you’re on a budget. Too bad they don’t make any glass products; the site says the stainless steel pitcher is BPA free but there are still so many chemicals in plastic :(

7 years ago

This is so interesting! I’d definitely like to learn more, but it’s so nerve wracking to really find out what’s going on in our bodies – I’m impressed that you’ve taken care of this!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

FYI if your water supply is fluorinated::: Reverse osmosis will not take fluoride out of the water, only steam distillation will.

Fluoride is commonly touted as preventing tooth decay but comes with a bunch of other problems, including removing iodine from the body due to its atomic weight. Its not commonly known that fluoride is also a waste by product of aluminum…. something you really shouldn’t be consuming.

I have a chronic illness and cannot even shower with tap water anymore with breaking out into terrible rashes from all the chemical additives.

7 years ago

Kelly – I too try to avoid Fluoride at all costs. I’ve been reading so many articles lately that find new harmful affects of drinking too my Fluoride, it’s getting to be too much. A couple months ago, I found this article from The People’s Chemist ( talking about how to remove Fluoride from your drinking water. It’s some great info!

7 years ago

It should be noted that if you were to drink A LOT of pure water it would be bad for you. It has to be a lot of water, unlikely to happen. Your cells will blot and explode due to osmotic regulation and can result in death. Not likely to happen due to the large amount of water needed but good to keep in mind.

7 years ago

Dear Brigette – may I ask who the doctor in Brooklyn was since I’ve been searching a good natural doctor for a while now and I’ll be up spending some time in Brooklyn soon!

7 years ago

Agree about the fluoride! Fluoride is a neurotoxin and an industrial waste by-product. yuck.

Kelly, I also have a chronic illness and am highly sensitive to fluoride. I haven’t drank it in years, but only recently have I been avoiding it in my shower. I don’t yet have a fluoride removal system (doing the research still, so thanks Mike), but I have some friends who have well water which is filtered thru the ground (they live on a mountain with no one above them). So I have been showering at their house.

7 years ago

can you tell me how spring water tracks? that is what I drink
also I put parchment paper on aluminum pans, does that help keep the toxins away?

7 years ago

The heavy metals are coming from the chemtrails. Aluminum in your deodorant and cookware are the least of your problems. Please educate yourselves.

7 years ago

Susan, you could switch out your aluminum pans for stoneware

Johnny Shi
7 years ago

I didn’t think that my water had that much to do with heavy metal detoxing. This makes me feel that having clean water can effect a lot more things then I expected. I will definitely have to look into some water filters.

7 years ago

You may also want to consider getting an Aquasana water filter, they have RO systems as well but their main filter which is a carbon filter takes out all of the heavy metals and leaves in healthy minerals. I only suggest this because if you’re only drinking RO water and no vitamins to balance the loss of minerals the system takes out of your water you can develop mineral deficiencies which is also very unhealthy. Price wise these filters are great and the quality is amazing! (I really love my shower filter and have seen amazing differences in the health of my skin and hair as well now that I’m not showering in chlorinated water)
But if you’re in the market for an awesome water filter you should definitely consider them!

7 years ago

I use a ro filter to purify water. Such a ro system can effectively remove heavy metals.

7 years ago

I installed a under sink water filter over a week ago. I stalled for so long b/c I didn’t want to spend the money. However, I’m glad I did. I did lots of research and decided on this company. Filters everything including fluoride, heavy metals, medications. I have hypothyroidism so that is important. Even my dogs love it, I have to fill the water bowl twice a day now.

6 years ago

Good post!

6 years ago

I have experienced with most of the systems mentioned on this article. Unfortunately, ZeroWater, although highly marketed, is based on bad water science. Water which shows a 0 TDS is actually devoid of natural minerals, and acidic. Water should never has 0 TDS as a major part of TDS is minerals and electrolytes, which are necessary for proper hydration, taste characteristics, and to prevent want from depleting minerals from the body. Reverse Osmosis systems are similar, they remove minerals and acidify the water.

Fluoride would not be removed by Zero Water, as fluoride is not a dissolved solid and even though the TDS shows 0, fluoride can still be in there. An independent test specific to fluoride should be done to verify.

5 years ago

Great post.

4 years ago

I use this filter and buy 2years ago from it is great and effective for daily life style

3 years ago

I am currently detoxing heavy metals with a cilantro tincture and spiralina \ chlorella combination. First thing I have noticed coming back is my sense of smell. It is more vibrant than before and I can smell in greater detail. Also, my brain felt like it had deadspots in it and I can feel more thoughts coming from the outer lobes than before. Before It felt like most of the thinking was being done in the very center of my head.

Eudora (An advocate of alternative medicine)
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Hi Steve,
Among other remedies, I have been detoxing with cilantro and chlorella as well. I can relate to the positive effects from using them. My gutt and breath feel so fresh. Your experiences are noteworthy regarding how your thinking has changed. You sound as if your entire realm has expanded exponentially, particularly because our cognitive abilities are surely imperative. Keep your momentum. It is great to read about other people who are on a similar journey as I am regarding chelating heavy metals which is so constructively life-altering!
Blessings, Eudora

An advocate of alternative medicine
3 years ago

I am trying to detox from heavy metal toxicity too. Aluminum has been particularly daunting to respond to typical forms of chelation and excrete from my body. I am considering a reverse osmosis water filter next. I would be interested to know how reverse osmosis water has helped you chelate aluminum since I am trying to do the same? I will gladly share my results as well. I have been drinking bottled artesian water on a daily basis with the hope that in 3 months of regular pursuit, my aluminum (and any other possible stubborn metals) will chelate and excrete from my body. Have you measured your heavy metal toxicity such as from a hair sample?