Remembering Italia: Attraversiamo

I blushed my way through Italy; my cheeks rosy from the blood rising to the surface of my skin, filling them with a colorful thrill unlike any other. Europe was new to me. I expected nothing, but appreciated everything.

I want to fill my passport with stamps. Italia, is one that will stay near and dear to my heart. I remember every step, taste, smell, and smile. The land is beautiful, and as I traveled from one end of the country to the other, I fell in love with every bit of it. I had nine days to see it all; my bags packed, comfy shoes on, and lenses ready to capture everything.

Roma, Italia:







Roma was dense; full of history, character, and structure. The people were beautifully bold, with roots of Romans. I remember walking the streets, feeling each step of concrete under my feet, touching ancient stone and dirt, with an overwhelming feeling. The city is built with art. It is a museum within itself, and I wanted to see it all.

Firenze, Italia:






I’m certain that one day Florence will be my home for a few years. It’s light, airy, romantic. The cobblestone streets are narrow, intimate, and contagious. I wanted to get lost here; turn every wrong corner, with espresso gelato in hand. I wandered for hours on hours; twirling in the streets to musical tunes, touching every hand-pressed leather piece, and absorbing as much as I could. I wanted to call this place home. I didn’t want to leave, but I will one day return.

Tuscany, Italia:



A day trip into the land of rolling hills could cure just about anything. Florence is just a little bit away from the wine country of Tuscany. I passed through quaint villages, with vineyards far and in between, settling at a winery for the day. Here, I tasted 20 year aged balsamic vinaigrette that to this moment makes my mouth water. It was a day full of farm-to-table cheeses, vino, and good company. This resting time was much needed before I began my next journey.

Positano, Italia:




The sea, at last. I ended the trip with a couple days on the Mediterranean. Creamsicle colored stucco houses built into mountains that skim the clouds, salty water that makes you believe in miracles, and a stillness that could calm any storm. I sailed to Capri, explored caves, and saw the most beautiful shades of turquoise I think I ever will see. It was the cherry on top to my travels, filling my eyes with beauty.


I took my journal with me, and wrote every detail down. Those nine days taught me a lot about how to live life, and I never will forget it. Next time you travel, write it all down and capture it all. Hold on to that wanderlust forever, babes.

+ Where do you hope to travel next? Let me know in the comments below!

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Venice ;-)

I love these pictures! And I love Italy. I’ve been there once in Naples and Sorrento. The next time I’d really like to visit Northern Italy :)

Italy is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your amazing photos and amazing experience!

The Weaver Of Words….give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale…

Ugh your descriptions make me long for Italia–that and your outfits which are completely awesome.


Such a gorgeous perspective and peek into this beautiful place! I completely adore the photos and vibrant colors – wonderful post!

Warm Regards,

Her jumpsuit reminds me of Novella Royale’s print. Do you guys know if that’s what it is?


Somebody send me to Italy, please!!!


This post is absolutely stunning — I love the photos! It’s also got me itching to go to Italy. One day I’ll be able to add that stamp to my passport! :)

I studied Italian poetry on the streets and piazzas of Firenze for three months. This was three years ago, and my heart has felt lost ever since I returned to the states. The feeling it lends to you is indescribable and forever lures your mind and soul back to those streets of timeless living. It is a place that all should visit.

Thank you for this visual diary of what sounds like a dreamland. I’ve been to northern europe, amsterdam, paris and all but wow–it doesn’t even come close to the way italy sounds. Thanks for giving me some serious wanderlust <3

Your photos make me miss Italy so much. I hope to journal my next trip.

I absolutely LOVE Italy. I visited London and Paris (loved those cities!) but for some reason, Italy was the one place that made me feel familiar and at home. Walking on the cobblestone streets, I felt like I had been living there for a while (and also felt the impending bruises about to form). I love the atmosphere and the people there have the BEST personalities. Your pictures are beautiful and they make me miss Italy so much. I hope to be able to live there for a couple of years in the future (and also learn a little Italian,… Read more »

Where are her dark leather sandals from?

Also– this post made me miss Italy so I’m kinda hoping to head back there!

Samantha Jack

These photos are beautiful! They bring tears to my eyes, reminding me of my great summer adventure through this stunning land! So much love per Italia!

Thank you for sharing your awsome photo in Italia!

Sarah Lauren

Villefranche! There’s no place like it in the world and its too close to the magical Monaco <33


Were did you get that louis vuitton purse?! Absolutely amazing and your photos are stunning.


Great post!!The pictures are beautiful and I also love traveling-where did you get your jumpsuit?!It’s perfect!!

Your pictures are amazing!! Just got back from a trip to Italy and your pictures bring back so many awesome memories!