On The Road: What To Pack, Coast To Coast

My initial thoughts: change in climate, long periods of sitting, comfort. I’ve had my fair share of hours on the road, but they’re typically spent driving north from Florida, 16+ hours or so. Always traversing the Eastern side of the U.S., I’m a virgin to the cross country road trip. Going coast to coast is something I’ve always wanted to do, and when the right opportunity presented itself, I hopped on that bandwagon real quick.

Planning to tackle a 10 day journey with only one small duffle in hand was a challenge to say the least. This time of year, California climates don’t quite fall in line with those of the Northeast. I think that’s one of the beautiful parts of moving about America — accepting that you might be cold one day, then warm the next, but realizing it’s just another ingredient in the adventure. We’ll be blowing with the winds and following the sunshine, so I packed in a manor that allowed me to be me, all while being sure I could remain comfortable for the entirety of the trip.

We’re setting Boulder, CO as our half-way point. A little chilly on the approach, winding our way through the middle states, but once the mountains are in sight, that Cali sun becomes just a little more real. Here’s what I’m packing:


PA —> CO

outfit one

Soft and cozy cottons are what I typically suit up in on road trips. The New Hope Set is great because it’s comfortable, and you can wear the pants and top separately with other pieces to make multiple outfits. Worn with a good pair of leather boots, a wide brimmed hat, and a pocket-covered coat, a casual look becomes adventure-ready with the right final touches.


Get the look: New Hope Set, Textured Duster, Noel Wide Brim Leather Hat, Tempest Croc Boot, Yala Necklace

CO —> CA


From Colorado and on into California, we’ll be making our way down those endless desert roads, so a color palette to match only made sense. Khaki like the sand, burnt sienna accents of the sun… if I could wear these colors everyday, I would. The Shapeless Chambray One Piece is a great piece for the road. It’s practical for exploring, and easy to wear in the car. Backpack in tow, holding film and multiple cameras… I think I’m ready.


Get the look: Shapeless Chambray One Piece, We The Free Denver Sweatshirt, Carolina Sandal, Jericho Backpack


+What would you pack on a cross country journey? Be sure to share in the comments!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the road! 

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Essentials for wanderlust. Great looks! :)


My favorite price of clothing to bring with me on my travels in Europe and Africa was a big scraf, the kind that opens up into a shawl or blanket when you need it to.


This is lovely – you look fantastic and so comfy cozy! Layers, layers, layers – and tiny/warm clothes are easy to pack, they’re so little! :) stick to basics in neutral colors and pack bright scarves and other accessories. Have so much fun!

Warm Regards,

Really loving this post so much. The fashion in this post is impeccable and layers work so well when it comes to travelling because they are so easy to mix and match.

Rae | love from berlin


I love traveling! Thanks for sharing


I always seem to have the problem of over packing so I think it would be really fun to just take the minimum. I’d be sure and pack my pair of lightweight pants that have zip off legs, so they can convert to shorts and a short sleeve and long sleeve shirt and something really warm. I hate being cold so I always pack a down jacket, even if I ‘m going somewhere where I think it will be hot…. and you wonder why I over pack! ; )


Comfy is key! I want to go cross country so badly!




beautiful! such a nice post. I am a fashion freak myself and share my thoughts and experiences in my blog – https://ferociousstyle.wordpress.com, please visit me and let me know what you all think. Thanks for the wonderful post again :)

Road trips are my favorite way to travel. There’s nothing quite like you and your friends on the open road. It’s such a freeing feeling – especially once you get to the mid-west and further west. Makes me miss summer just thinking about it. :)


Roadtrips are the best!! Love the color palette and all the clothes, they suit my style perfectly.
I hope to do the coast-to-coast roadtrip in the future, that’s been my dream since I was little. But right now, I am stuck in Italy. (not a bad place to be stuck in ;)

I love your style! I cannot wait to go on my next road trip!


Do a ‘whats in your travel bag, or “on the road bag” post! ;) cameras kimonos snacks scarves?