Stop To Look

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever met?

When you shook its hand, did you notice the grip? How strong it was?

I met a place in Utah, deep in red rock country, that still hasn’t let go of its firm hold, nor do I think it ever will.

Not far past the Utah/Colorado state line lives the city of Moab, but you might as well just call it Mars. Home to land that I can’t even begin to explain, you’ll need to take a visit at least once in your lifetime to see for yourself. Whether it be Arches, Dead Horse Point, or Canyonlands… any of them will give new life to the phrase, “a whole other world…”

A suggestion from a friend made Canyonlands National Park our next stop after Colorado. Always hard to leave, we didn’t hit the road until noon, and it’s about a six hour drive from Boulder. Timing on road trips can be tricky, and you need at least a little light to see the end of the tunnel. I was a little nervous… if anything slowed us down, night would have beat us.

We got to the entrance of the park just at six. The sun was already dipping behind the large peaks, and we had at least another 30 minutes to go to get to the heart of it.




But the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Magic hour is one thing, but Canyonlands at magic hour? Hands down, by far, the most beautiful sight I’ve yet to witness.

Distant snow caps turned pink, red cliffs caught fire, the sky a pool of pigment… I’m trying to re-live it as I do my best to paint the picture for you all, but it’s hard to compare memories to the real thing.

There’s a sign at the Grand Canyon in Arizona that suggests to it’s visitors to just stop and see. It tells them to put down the cameras, cut off the conversation, and to simply just look.

…Just before it turned to dark, I hopped out of the car and ran over to some rocks beyond the road, climbing over a couple to get to the nearest edge. We saw all of two other cars in the park, both on their way out as we made our way in, so not a soul was in sight. I looked over the ledge, and down into canyons that went on for miles. I saw colors I never thought could exist as part of the Earth, and the silence… the silence was the best part. So quiet and still, it was like time had frozen. No picture or video will ever be able to translate the feeling of what it was like to see nature in it’s purest form. I had to put my camera down for a little, because some things are solely meant to be looked at naturally, and not from behind a lens…

That sign at the Grand Canyon is right, but not just for wonders of the world. In life, in love… sometimes you need to set aside the distractions to be able to see things as they truly are. Look, listen, and appreciate. There’s magic that exists in everything.


















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+Ever been to Canyonlands/Moab? Let me know about your experience in the comments!

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8 years ago

these photos are like inception.

8 years ago

Amazing imagery. Moab is such an awesome place. It really is like a whole different planet.

8 years ago

This is so so pretty – I can only imagine how vibrant the colors must! Pretty photo edits too xo

Warm Regards,

Love how otherworldly your images make grand canyon look!

8 years ago

I love when I come across a photo of my home on Pinterest or a blog I follow. Moab is an incredible place to live. It takes my breath away every day I wake up. The best part is the real magical places lay out of the national parks and off the beaten path but close enough to get to and enjoy without too much of a scramble.

8 years ago

Definitely one of the places I want to visit this year. I’ve always wanted to go to CO, so magical!

8 years ago

dude. <3

8 years ago

Such an incredibly beautiful post. Yes. Sometimes you just need to.


Thank you for the reminder.

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago


8 years ago

Wow this places looks absolutely amazing!
I see how it could get you.
One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever met would be South Africa, specially the Southwest. There’s so much pure untouched nature once you get away from Cape Town, it’s magical.

xx Cheyenne

8 years ago

I was on a cross country road trip moving to LA last summer and we broke down in Grand Junction, CO, about 20 miles from the Utah border. While the car was being looked at, we took a day trip to Moab and arches national park….it was absolutely amazing! Looking back, I’m so thankful we broke down and had the time to spend there. your photos capture it beautifully

8 years ago

Have been there quite a few times because I love it and your right,there`s nothing like it.

8 years ago

very calming post, the perfect way to start my monday morning. thank you for the reminder, everything we come in contact with is truly precious to that moment.

8 years ago

I’ve wanted to see Moab since hearing the Conor Oberst song called… Moab. But seriously, I want to drive through a desert sunset before I die. My husband and I should really rent a camper sometime…

8 years ago

Lovely post, but please proofread! The incorrect “its” is used multiple times throughout the post & made it a little more difficult to read. In spite of that, beautiful photos and lovely imagery <3

8 years ago

Those mountains look amazing! I cannot wait to visit. I always get caught up in beautiful scenery. I love to curl up on the beach with a blanket and take in the smell of the sea and views!


8 years ago

I love so much these pictures!!! This blog is so inspiring <3<3

8 years ago

I have the honor of living in Utah and I get to hang out in wanderlust every spring break with all of my favorite people. Im so glad you got to experience the beauty it offers to anyone willing to stop and see it!

8 years ago

Absolutely stunning. This area reminds me of some of the places around Taxco, Mexico where we source all of our boho silver jewelry made by local artisans.

8 years ago

Moab has been on my bucket list for years now! It looks like such an amazing place to visit, but somehow, I always find somewhere else to travel. After this post though, I may be moving it up a few spaces on that list!


8 years ago

I live about an hour and a half from here. If anyone needs a guide, let me know.
It’s truly amazing.

8 years ago

I’ve spent my entire life living in Utah. As much as I love the tropics, and lush greenery, nothing beats our variance in scenery. I live in the North in the valley of the Wasatch Mountains, and grew up in the South with redsand covered by snow in the winter. Everyday I’m hit with a view on my commute or somewhere else that just makes me say thank you to my creator. This place is so gorgeous. If I ever leave here, I’ll always miss the sunsets, the dry air, and the mountains. I always love to see someone else appreciating this beautiful state!