Weekend Snapshot: 4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The day of love is finally here… do you have plans? Whether you’re spending the day with your sweetheart, or showering yourself with flowers and chocolate (or both!), it’s a day worth celebrating, a cozy spot at the center of a chilly month. Valentine’s Day is when we honor love in all its intricacies, the perfect opportunity to do something special with friends, family, yourself or the one you love.

So many people write off this holiday as one made up by a card company, where expensive dinners, candy, and a movie screening are to be expected, and while there’s nothing wrong with that (if that’s what you truly enjoy), there are so many other ways to celebrate. To me, Valentine’s Day is simply a day reserved for love, a day to do something special and break the routine. Do what feels right, do something different, do something you’ve always wanted to do, and don’t worry about it being perfect. Be as serious or as cheesy as you want to be… it’s entirely up to you!

If you’re still struggling to come up with a plan for this special day, today we’re sharing four unique ways to celebrate. From cozy breakfasts to long journeys up the coast, there’s a little something for everyone:

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I think a lot of people get stuck in the thought that a perfect Valentine’s day date must include a fancy dinner. I love nice dinners, don’t get me wrong, but the beauty of holiday’s — especially one like Valentine’s — is that you have the entire day to celebrate. This year, rather than trying to squeeze in a reservation at one of your favorite night time restaurants, why not ring in Valentine’s day the moment you wake? I think breakfast in bed with the one you love is by far one of the most romantic things. Or, wake up with the sun, and share an early morning meal at one of your favorite diners or brunch spots. Breakfast is the fastest way to a girl’s heart in my opinion ;)


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To be clear: it’s freezing cold in Philadelphia, there also happens to be zero snow on the ground… and I’m feeling stir crazy. Today I’m looking forward to bundling up and taking a hike through a nearby park. I love having someone with me to explore with, and hiking has always been my favorite way to de-stress and leave the flurry of the previous week behind me. We’ll grab our morning coffees and drive to a nearby trail for an afternoon of solace. Later, once our cheeks and noses are as pink as they can get, we’ll head back home and cook an amazing meal together using a recipe we’ve always wanted to try. Going out to eat is nice and all, but nothing beats something homemade after a day outdoors, plus, there’s no menu to be confined by!

For a Valentine’s Day when I have a few different activities planned, I like to keep my outfit simple, something to easily transition from the chilly weather to being warm and cozy indoors. Jeans and sneakers for day, comfy-but-cool patterned bells for evening… Valentines doesn’t have to be all pink frills and red dresses, the dress code is whatever feels best!


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I’m not usually one that celebrates Valentine’s Day in any fancy way. Roses, jewelry, and chocolates aren’t really my thing. I’d rather be surprised by a cup of delicious hot coffee in bed, a handful of wildflowers, and a big ol’ smile. But I can’t stay in bed all day! So what am I doing this Valentine’s Day? Well, if anyone knows me, they know I love to laugh and I love to be outside surrounded by nature. So this weekend I’ll be doing a lot of both! My boyfriend and I are taking a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping in Big Sur to hike through the redwoods and picnic by the crashing waves. Big Sur is one of my favorite places in the world and I can’t wait to be fully enveloped in its majestic beauty. We’ll continue on the highway to stop further up in Northern California to meet up with friends for a comedy show. There’s nothing like spending a night, body aching from laughing, in the company of the people you love.



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This year for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I have decided to spend it where we both feel most at home… outside! Because the two of us love to remain active in the winter time, ice skating seemed like a great choice to get out and about in the city, while keeping ourselves moving. I’m really excited because the ice skating rink is located right on the river waterfront and comes complete with a whole winter festival scene. We’ll roast marshmallows by a fire, sip hot beverages, and sample some of the city’s tastiest cuisine in the comfort of a cozy lodge setting. Temperatures are projected to be below zero this weekend in Philly, so I’m definitely going to need to bundle up to the max and stay cuddled close to my sweetheart.

Need a few more ideas? Why not…

… Host an impromptu potluck with a few friends?

… Plan a day of flea market and vintage hunting?

… Have a Valentine’s lunch with your family?

… Explore a new town?

However you plan to celebrate… happy Valentine’s Day!

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7 years ago

My friends and fellow curators host Be Mine Too, a conceptual Valentines exhibition at Greenelaf Art Center in Rogers Park Chicago…https://www.facebook.com/BeMineExhibition

7 years ago

I think a day’s worth of cooking yummy treats and meals for yourself is the best way to celebrate! Um, who wouldn’t want to have chocolate at every meal?

7 years ago

As we always take time to rest and cook a great dinner during the year, tonight with my love we’re going to Paris to eat in an exotic restaurant, maybe dancing a little and walk by the Seine. I know it’s very cliché, but we are living so close of all this magic so… we will enjoy it ! :)
Love xx

7 years ago

Very cozy style, I totally agree with that. Valentine’s day do not have to fancy.


While I like all these ideas and tend avoid the Hallmark type of Valentine’s Day, I have to agree – the best way to a girl’s heart is through breakfast. If I woke up to a great breakfast, my day would be set!


7 years ago

i love the idea of breakfast in bed and a chilled out day…so romantic :)


7 years ago

OH I just love that sweater! Wish I could pull it off!

Ripped Jeans