Weekend Snapshot: Music For Your Soul

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

A melody will take a hold of you. It can inspire the deepest parts of your soul. Let the beat step your feet from side to side, then faster and faster. Allow the lyrics to raise your hands to the sky, then higher and higher. Feel the emotions spread a grin across your face, then wider and wider. Just like that, you are gracefully twirling about, feeling carefree and letting music dance within you.

There are so many different ways to listen to music nowadays. Whether it be the radio, Spotify, CDs or classic vinyl, there is one form that has the others clearly beat. There is nothing like live music. From my very first concert at age 11, I discovered the connection that always returns. Songs reach out into the crowd and grab your heart. The vocalist is singing directly to you, the bassist is playing your pulse, and the guitarist is strumming the theme song of your day. It’s amazing how you can walk into a venue and then feel so completely changed when it’s time to walk out those same doors at the end of the night. An overwhelming amount of respect for musicians consumes me after I’ve seen them perform. It takes a great amount of skill to be able to stand in front of hundreds — sometimes thousands — of people.  To be able to open up your soul in the hopes of a connection with another is a remarkable talent that true artists freely conquer.

Tonight I will  gather my closest friends, put on my dancing shoes, let the good vibes flow, and enter the world of live music once again.


1. All in Place Smocked Pant

2. We the Free Nocturnal Tank

3. Rolling Stone Kimono

4. Front Strap Triangle Bra

5. Royal Rush Ankle Boot

6. Castle Crossbody

7. Chain Ladder Necklace





+ What are you up to this weekend?

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9 years ago

Hearing it live is definitely my favourite way to enjoy music. For 3 years I lived 10 hours away from the closest city that hosted American or International bands so I definitely missed live music for a long time, but now the closest big city is only 90 minutes away :)

Julie // Northern Rustication

9 years ago

dr.dog! some of the best dudes on the planet.



9 years ago

Beautiful collection of clothing and so true about music!

9 years ago

I completely agree that live music is the best. Especially when you’re with friends and you can experience the good vibes together.

xo Katie


9 years ago

Those boots and pants are everything! So so pretty.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

A few weekends ago my boyfriend and I went to an old theatre and listened to a big band concert. It was the coolest thing! An hour before two dancers taught everyone how to waltz. During the performance anyone and everyone could go up on stage and dance, and we spun the night away. Music brings people together, and creates a positive and memorable experience. :)