DIY Macramé Yoga Mat Strap

For years I’ve had a bag for my yoga mat, but it somehow didn’t make the trip with me down to Austin.  Rather than buying or making a new one, I decided to make a quick and easy strap for carrying my mat.  You can make a yoga mat strap out of a variety of different materials – I’ve seen some really cool leather, denim, and fabric straps. One thing I’ve never seen, though, is a macramé strap. You don’t need to be a macramé expert to make this! It’s super easy, just follow the steps below:

diy yoga mat strap

All you need is some rope – I got mine from Home Depot.

diy yoga mat strap 2

Cut two long pieces of rope (make sure you have plenty of extra to work with), fold them in half and loop them around a rod of some sort (I used the rod of my clothing rack).

diy yoga mat strap 3

I did a basic square knot for my strap.  To do a square knot, start by taking the left-hand rope and threading it under the middle two, and over the rope on the far right.

diy yoga mat strap 4

Next, take the rope on the far right and thread it over the middle two and behind the far left rope, as pictured above.

diy yoga mat strap 5

Pull the ropes on each side to tighten the knot.

diy yoga mat strap 6

To complete the square knot, repeat the steps above, this time starting from the right-hand side. So, take the rope on the far right, and thread it under the middle two and over the far left rope.

diy yoga mat strap 7

Thread the rope on the far left over the middle two and behind the far right rope and tighten, creating a square as pictured above.

diy yoga mat strap 8

Before you continue, slide the first square knot down a bit so that you have some extra rope to work with at the top – you’ll need to be able to tie this around the yoga mat.

Continue making square knots until the macramé portion of the rope is the length of the yoga mat.

diy yoga mat strap 9

When you’re finished, cut the loops from around the rod.

diy yoga mat strap 10

I simply tied the ends around the yoga mat. You can leave them knotted and slide them off the mat when you’re ready to use!

diy yoga mat strap 11

diy yoga mat strap 15

diy yoga mat strap 13

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8 years ago

Such a good idea! Thank you <3

8 years ago

I absolutely love this idea. It would save needed source on the floor in my room. Thanks | Lifestyle Blogger

8 years ago

The chains are so clever! How cute!

8 years ago

Nice! So simple yet effective :)

8 years ago

Great idea. Now all I need is the extra push to go to the yoga studio… ;) I’m a runner with a soft spot for yoga.


8 years ago

This is so pretty – would love to make it with friends!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Useful posting!
Thank you for sharing this.

8 years ago

How much rope does this take to make?