Eat, Sleep, Brooklyn: A 24 Hour Guide

Brooklyn is a playground, thriving with just about anything you can imagine.

No matter who you are or what you like to do, you’re bound to find a little nook or two that’ll pique your interest. It might take a little digging, or just a little help from a friend.

I’d like to play that friend today. Last week, work brought me out to Brooklyn and I had some time to explore a bit. I found myself getting slightly overwhelmed, just because there’s so much you can do. It’s a game of picking and choosing… where will I eat? Where will I shop? Where will I catch some rest? After some research in the field, I put together a 24 hour guide to Manhattan’s next door neighbor. There’s plenty of places not included in this list, so I’d love to make this collaborative! If you’ve ever spent time in Brooklyn, or are lucky to call it home, please leave your recommendations in the comments!

9:00 a.m.



First things first… coffee. Make your way over to 69 Grand Street in Williamsburg to start your day at Devocion Cafe. The living jungle on the back wall should be enough to draw you in, but if you need more convincing, you can also look forward to a mean cup of Colombian coffee and delicious goodies, such as whole wheat banana bread. This is the perfect place to get some work done, relax, or re-charge.




11:00 am

Species by the Thousands


This is by far one of my favorite little boutiques in Brooklyn. At Driggs and South 4th street, you’ll find Species By The Thousands. Crystals, hand crafted jewels, and apothecary are just some of the many things you can find in this mysterious brick and mortar. I love the way the shop owner, Erica, has everything displayed. There’s some major decor inspiration behind her doors, and I suggest you take a step in. (Can’t make it BK? Shop her stuff online!)



12:00 pm

Explore Bushwick


Street art brings colorful life to the walls of our cities, and you can find a lot of it in up-and-coming Bushwick. Take a drive around and hunt for your favorite pieces, or head out on foot and explore the area. This is where you can find gems that you’d never expect, from delicious eats to unique shopping. On the border of Bushwick and East Williamsburg, you can find one of my favorite bars, The Anchored Inn. If you’re in the mood for a drink or Mexican-American pub food, check it out!


2:00 p.m.

Milk & Roses Bistro


For lunch, head over to Greenpoint and grab a bite at Milk & Roses Bistro. The library-inspired interior is just as gorgeous as the garden out back. Come spring, you won’t want to eat anywhere else. Brigette and I caught up over the best lunch! (Vegetarian options available, too!)







6:00 pm



I know you just had lunch, but come 6 p.m., a craving for a little snack or cocktail might creep up. Kinfolk in Williamsburg (90 Wythe Ave) is the spot you’ll want to be. It boasts light fare, an inviting atmosphere, and the friendliest of people. I found myself here twice in two days. It’s the kind of place where you end the day over good conversations and warm spirits, or start the day with a cup of joe and the best avocado toast you’ve ever had. Check out their dry goods shop next door, or head upstairs to check out their very own Kinfolk bicycles. 5 stars all around.




10:00 p.m.

McCarren Hotel and Pool


Sleep, swim, enjoy… if you’re looking to do all this, book a room at the McCarren Hotel and Pool. Situated right next to a Brooklyn favorite, McCarren Park, you’ll find this amazing hotel, which just so happens to house one of Brooklyn’s largest outdoor pools. Head to the 8th floor for one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline, and hang out at the Morrocan-inspired bar before hitting the hay in one of the quaint rooms. Just a side note… the beds are super comfortable.






+What Brooklyn gems did I leave out? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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6 years ago

I’m from williamsburg and what you just featured is the Gentrified williamsburg. That’s not what Bk is about. the heart and soul of Bk is in its diversity. Check out the Russians in sheepshead bay or coney island. The caribbeans and hasidic jews in crown heights. The old brownstones of brooklyn heights. THESE are the reasons Bk is (in)famous – not these new hipster joints.

6 years ago

All these spots look so awesome!

6 years ago

As a Brooklyn native, I was intensely disappointed by the small section you chose to highlight. While I do admit the gentrification of Williamsburg has brought in a few cute places, ignoring the entirety of REAL Brooklyn is a gross and unforgivable oversight.

6 years ago

Such a gorgeous place, captured so beautifully with each image! It would be such a fun adventure to explore the neighborhood! Thank you for sharing your wonderful post!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

6 years ago

My favorite bar in BK is Camp, off Smith Street. I’m not from BK, but seriously–tableside s’mores!!! Absolutely such a fun place to go.

6 years ago

Oh, I wish I could contribute to the list of wonderful sites. I don’t go to Brooklyn often, though I may just start. I do believe I have fallen in love with the Milk & Roses Bistro, so I must try it sometime. It was all so beautiful…so hopefully I can get myself on the road sometime soon. Thank you!

6 years ago

How I wish I lived in New York for a few weeks! :/

6 years ago

i love this… seriously gonna go to all these places!!! isabella

6 years ago

This is my new favourite post of yours! Brooklyn in my dream and seeing this post and all the amazing photos makes me realize how desperate i am to go!!

6 years ago

This has made me crave New York even more! Beautiful pictures!

6 years ago

Try Tom’s Restaurant

6 years ago

Bushwick’s best spots:
For shopping… Beacon’s Closet and L Train Vintage
For cheap, yummy brunch… 983 Bushwick’s Livingroom and Rookery Bar
Best build your own grilled cheese… The Wheelhouse
Best cocktail… Montana’s Trailhouse
Best coffee… Kave

6 years ago

The next time you are in BK, there are TONS of places worth exploring outside of Williamsburg / Bushwick that are really amazing!!! Red Hook has great restaurants or you can picnic right on the waterfront right after you pick up some Key Lime Pie at Steve’s. Afterwards there are tons of galleries in Warehouses right on the docks. You can go visit Park Slope to get a coffee and look at the Brownstones and catch a show at the Bell House. Check out more here!

6 years ago

Brooklyn is so much more than you covered in this article! Ditmas Park is an amazing neighborhood. Known formally as Victorian Flatbush we’re on the other side of Prospect Park from Park Slope and home to an amazing array of restaurants, bars and shops. My store Brooklyn ARTery is one of the attractions and we would love to introduce more people to this incredible neighborhood on Brooklyn!

6 years ago

Brooklyn IS NOT a playground, it’s my HOME. When people treat it like disneyland the cool things start to disappear AND the people who are running around treating it so play a fine line between being condescending tourists telling us that we’re assholes for telling them not to make their travel plans while they stand in the middle of the subway stairs and victims of mean new yorkers once someone raises concern. Obviously this article isn’t meant for Brooklynites… but it would be a ton less offensive to us if it gave a better snapshot of our beautiful home rather than promote the same congested area like an amusement park for adults. Don’t forget that we LIVE here.

5 years ago

Wow amazing post about my favorite place in the world! The pics are next level dope! I am definitely sharing this. Thanks!
Wait does the photog take gigs?

3 years ago

I’m from Brooklyn and I would say I love the fact that we are so diverse ! I couldn’t picture ever loving somewhere else because we are so lively and we never sleep . But awesome pictures ! Thank you for sharing these !