Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 23–29

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March 21–April 19

You could overspend this week, due to a disagreement between covetous Venus in your resources sector and excessive Jupiter in your pleasure house. It’s difficult to distinguish between what you really need and what you imagine will make you happy. Try to zero in on what’s most important to you, and look further down the road past immediate desires. If it’s a person or feeling that you’re craving, it will be tricky to assess how far you should go and whether it’s worth it. But a Venus-Neptune connection can convince you to let someone or something go, especially if it doesn’t serve a higher purpose. This is a good time to purge possessions if you haven’t decluttered in awhile. The sun in Aries is gelling with Saturn, helping you channel your energy into learning, traveling, sharing knowledge, having new experiences and striving to master something that will allow you to reach your goals. Aim for systematic expansion and playing the game of life in alignment with your personal philosophy.


April 20–May 20

Venus in Taurus is clicking with Neptune in your network zone this week, enhancing your dealings with people. Socializing, professional networking and group activities should be fairly seamless. You’ll be happiest when you’re around those who share your ideals and when you’re helping others. A feeling of mutual support will be gratifying, and you’re in the mood to compromise in order to get along well with people. However, Venus’s clash with Jupiter in your foundation angle hints that family relations may be more challenging. Or perhaps part of you wants to be social and part of you craves peace and quiet at home. You have a strong desire to relate to people and enjoy life now, but the side of you that prefers to be safe and comfortable makes you less inclined to put yourself out there. Some solitude is favored, with the sun in your seclusion sector vibing with Saturn in your depth house. Focused introspection and quality time with someone close to you are apt to be fruitful.


May 21–June 20

Daydreaming about your career path or life direction won’t be an idle pursuit this week, thanks to a productive angle between Venus in your imagination sector and Neptune in your ambition angle. Seek solitude so you can ponder where you’re currently headed and what you really want. This might be a good time to let go of something on your wish list that doesn’t serve a higher purpose. Another appropriate use of this planetary energy would be a selfless demonstration of love that’s in alignment with your spirituality. With excessive Jupiter challenging Venus, you may find that there’s a lot going on around you or in your brain, and peace and quiet is hard to come by. Unconscious desires could drive you to say more than you mean to. But a sun-Saturn confab encourages you to interact with others, because they’re likely to take you seriously. Teamwork or professional networking can enable you to prove yourself in some way, so don’t spend too much time alone.


June 21–July 22

You shouldn’t have much trouble shining in a professional or public setting this week, especially if you know you’ve earned recognition. The egoistic sun is at the top of your chart, syncing with diligent Saturn in your efficiency zone, so if you’ve been working hard to improve your skills, time management, habits, problem solving, productivity, energy level or work ethic, you could see it starting to pay off. You might make significant progress with a goal or receive accolades from someone in authority. Taking on more responsibility and meeting everyday demands will keep you on track for success in the long run. If you’re called on to perform right now, you’ll be glad that you’ve had your nose to the grindstone. Friendships and other group relations will be eased by a flexible viewpoint and a sense of fundamental unity with people who are different from you. Blurring the line between yourself and others will facilitate connection, whereas adhering to your personal values with a note of self-righteousness will be divisive.


July 23–August 22

The sun in your expansion house is meshing with Saturn in your self-expression zone, which bodes well for your week. Exploring new places and beliefs, meeting different people, studying an unfamiliar subject and broadening your horizons in every way possible will enable you to learn what you’re capable of. Break away from your routine to give yourself growth opportunities. You probably won’t have difficulty finding the right balance between caution and risk. Areas that are likely to benefit from your applied effort are creativity, romance, interactions with children and your capacity for amusement, love and happiness. It may sound counterintuitive, but you’re at a point where you need to work on having more fun. With Venus in your ambition angle clashing with Jupiter in Leo, though, you might be hoping for more public or professional recognition than you’re getting at the moment. You have the ability to make a favorable impression, and keeping your ego in check may be the key. Remind yourself that you’re still learning.


August 23–September 22

You’re drawn to difference while Venus travels through your expansion zone, and this week, she’s vibing with Neptune in your relationship angle, hinting at an organic connection with someone or something outside your usual purview. An encounter or experience that makes you more conscious of all that life has to offer can produce a sensation of wordless wonder. You could be attracted to a person who needs your help or someone who is on the same spiritual path as you. Also, traveling with a companion may be good for a relationship. But try to be aware of your subconscious expectations this week, because hopeful Jupiter in your subliminal sector is challenging Venus. You need to have a clear view of anyone playing a superior role like mentor, teacher or guru, because you could be waiting for the wrong person to guide you, while overlooking a guide hiding in plain sight. Intimacy and introspection can help you get in touch with your emotions now, so push past any fears of getting too deep.


September 23–October 22

The mind-body-spirit connection is emphasized this week when your ruling planet Venus in your psyche zone gels with mystical Neptune in your health sector. Eating a clean diet, accepting your body, valuing your mental and physical wellness and blending love and sexuality are all positive manifestations of this planetary pairing. This is a good time for demonstrating your feelings for someone by being of service to them. And you may be able to heal a relationship wound at this time. However, Venus is squabbling with Jupiter in your network house, implying that you could be idealizing a sexual relationship or harboring immense expectations of getting closer to someone in particular. It’s also possible that an intimate relationship will interfere with socializing or friendship. Perhaps you’re involved with someone who doesn’t meet with your group’s approval. But given that the sun in your one-on-one angle is syncing with Saturn in your talk house, mature, straightforward communication should enable you to come to an understanding with someone.


October 23–November 21

Romance seems to be favored this week, with amorous Venus in your relationship angle clicking with dreamy Neptune in your love sector. But if you don’t have a significant other and you’re not attracted to anyone at the moment, don’t feel like you can’t still make the most of this. A creative partnership is equally promising. You have an opportunity to share a transcendent experience that allows you to express yourself. You’re sensitive to other people’s feelings and able to bond on a spiritual level. However, Venus is clashing with Jupiter in your success angle, so your ambition could interfere with a relationship, you may feel that someone isn’t supporting your goals or your expectations of finding favor with an authority figure might be frustrated. Continue to channel energy into working hard, with an eye toward slowly building up your resources. Be stricter with your time, prioritizing that which you’ve determined is most important to you and cutting out activities that don’t add value to your life.


November 22–December 21

Venus in your routine house is clashing with Jupiter in your expansion sector this week, suggesting that you may not be doing exactly what you want to be doing. Your job or other responsibilities are hampering your freedom, possibly preventing you from traveling or having another sort of adventure. It’s difficult to enjoy your day when the agenda in front of you doesn’t come close to meeting your high expectations. But Venus’s meeting with Neptune in your comfort angle encourages you to get in the flow of whatever you’re doing and find something to appreciate about it. Put a creative spin on a task, or remind yourself of the higher purpose behind it. The sun in your joy zone is jibing with Saturn in Sagittarius, so it’s entirely possible that you’ll end up having a great week. This may be the time to say no to something that’s not right for you and doesn’t promise pleasure or fulfillment. Taking yourself seriously will facilitate creativity, romance and other forms of self-expression.


December 22–January 19

The proper mindset will help you to enjoy life this week, thanks to a meeting between let-it-go Neptune in your cognition house and amiable Venus in your pleasure sector. Fluid, imaginative thinking will enhance creativity, romance, humor, hobbies and fun. You feel naturally attuned to sources of happiness and may perceive a spiritual love connection with someone. But Venus’s fight with Jupiter hints at interpersonal trouble if your expectations are too high. You’re apt to want more from an individual than s/he is willing or able to give. So again, a relaxed attitude will help you appreciate what life is offering you, instead of focusing on frustrated desires. A sun-Saturn hookup in your roots and seclusion sectors encourages solitude and reflection. Contemplating the past with the objective of closure rather than guilt can put you in touch with the emotions surrounding what got you to this point in your life—ultimately enabling you to move forward. This is an appropriate time to weed out old, dysfunctional patterns and leave them behind you.


January 20–February 18

You’re happiest at home while pleasure-seeking Venus is transiting your domestic angle. Her opportune encounter with fluid Neptune in your resources house this week coaxes you to combine an evolving attitude toward your possessions and an inclination to view your surroundings from an aesthetic perspective. Imagination and a willingness to get rid of things will help you beautify your space to your satisfaction. However, a Venus-Jupiter skirmish hints that you shouldn’t expect too much from others. If you want to entertain, don’t invite more people than you can handle and don’t assume everyone you want to show up will come through. Or maybe you’re hoping for someone’s input or assistance, and they’re falling short. Don’t let another person mess with your good mood. Redecorating on your own could easily be the most gratifying activity for you this week. Still, a sun-Saturn meeting is prompting you to channel some of your energy into teamwork, professional networking, organized group activities and conceiving a game plan for meeting new goals.


February 19–March 20

With Venus dancing through your cognition-and-communication house, your thoughts and interactions with others should be fairly pleasant. And her rendezvous with Neptune in Pisces this week is likely to make things even better for you. A feeling of easy, natural connection with people and an enhanced ability to notice the love and beauty in your everyday life and immediate environment are big pluses. Creative writing and expressions of heartfelt emotion are also likely to go well now. But with Jupiter in your duties sector giving Venus a hard time, having too much on your plate could dampen your mood. You might have set expectations for how something is going to play out, and reality could come up short. Try not to harbor such specific hopes; Neptune will help you to embrace the positive things flowing in your direction. A sun-Saturn meeting encourages you to focus some energy on your goals and resources. Be clear on what you need and what’s most important to you, and be willing to take on more responsibility.

Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a reading over phone or Skype. Available in-person in NYC! $125 for 60 minutes, $150 for 90 minutes.

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7 years ago

oooh I wait for these every week, its always the first part of my sunday morning routine <3 Thank you!

7 years ago

This was spot on, thank you!

7 years ago

I always love this weekly post – this Aries definitely has been feeling the need to purge material things, now that the weather is turning around I’m looking forward to a yard sale :)

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

happy news for caps! finally :) thank you for your readings!