Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 2–8

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February 19–March 20

Embracing responsibility and work with enthusiasm will improve your self-confidence and your financial outlook, thanks to positive Jupiter in your duties sector meshing with game-changer Uranus and valuable Venus in your worth zone this week. You’ll feel much better about yourself and about the prospect of self-sufficiency if you’re being useful and productive. Your wants and finances could be rather erratic, with Venus and Uranus coming together, so be mindful of whims and impulse spending. If you clash with others over money, values, power or possessions, don’t be too stubborn. Do express yourself in a straightforward, honest manner. It could be that what’s important to you right now isn’t in keeping with the will of a group or with longer-range goals. The full moon in your one-on-one angle might spell drama in a relationship or some sort of test or turning point. But ultimately, it’s meant to remind you to balance other people’s feelings and needs with your own agenda and compromise when it’s the fair thing to do.


March 21–April 19

With Uranus in your sign the past few years, you’ve been dissatisfied with the status quo and on the brink of a personal revolution (or in the middle of one, depending on how early or late your birthday falls in Aries). You’re itching for excitement, change and experimentation. And in response to this urge, you may feel anxious and unstable or full of anticipation and wide awake—possibly all of the above. You’re in the process of discovering a truer version of yourself, and this can be a somewhat disembodying experience. This week, expansive Jupiter in your joy sector clicks with Uranus, highlighting the array of potential paths to happiness and fulfillment and injecting you with the courage to venture down them. And Venus gets in on the act too, stimulating your desires and perhaps amplifying them to an uncomfortable degree. You could find yourself wanting what you want right this minute, but the powers that be aren’t so accommodating. Nurture this week’s revelations without expecting instant gratification.


April 20–May 20

Seek peace and quiet this week in pursuit of deep contentment, as your ruler Venus in your solitude sector is gelling with encouraging Jupiter in your comfort angle. Time alone can bring personal insights, and your dreams can shed light on something you’ve pushed to the back of your mind. Unconscious desires are likely to rise to the surface now, given Venus’s meeting with revelatory Uranus. This planetary combo also suggests that private or selfless love will be liberating or unusual, and there’s a distinct possibility you’ll suddenly feel able to let go of a relationship that wasn’t allowing you to be true to yourself. Let your spirit run wild, and you’re bound to have a freeing, eye-opening moment or two. You may not fully understand what you want at the moment, especially if it doesn’t seem to jibe with your overriding vision of the future and you don’t know if you have the power to attain it. But don’t rein yourself in. Follow your crazier instincts and see what happens.


May 21–June 20

Socializing and communication are at the top of your priority list this week, with planets in your group zone clicking with rewarding Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking house. Generous exchange of information and ideas, brainstorming, frequent interaction, curiosity, learning and open-mindedness are all encouraged. Your hopes can be revolutionized by other people, so make a point of seeking out those who challenge your old ways of seeing the world. Someone else’s singular take on things is apt to inspire you now. A friendship may spring to life or be broken off when Venus and Uranus conjoin, or people in your circle could surprise you in some way. Tolerance, flexibility and an upbeat attitude will help to ensure that this is a positive period. Trust, power, intimacy and sharing could pose problems, thanks to a Venus-Pluto showdown, and a full moon in your feelings angle might make you pretty moody. Take responsibility for your own emotional reactions, and do what you can to reset your internal equilibrium.


June 21–July 22

When Jupiter in your worth zone meshes with Uranus in your ambition angle this week, confidence could affect your public image, a twist in your career path could boost your finances and understanding your values and priorities could help you to shift your goals wisely. The things you currently aspire to have in this world and an altered concept of success are dovetailing now, so pay close attention to your desires and what you seem to be attracting naturally. A change in your life course may present itself quite suddenly, perhaps provoking resistance from someone close to you. Or your objectives may fluctuate to the degree where they impact a relationship or get you into a struggle for control. Be the custodian of your own highest hopes without putting that power in someone else’s hands. Feed your ambition with a healthy dose of self-esteem. A full moon in your mindset house coaxes you to pay attention to how you think and try to balance your perspective.


July 23–August 22

Jupiter in Leo meets with Uranus in your vision sector this week, potentially accelerating your personal growth and opening your mind to new ways of being you in the world. Unfamiliar experiences, places, cultures, concepts and people—in fact, anything and anyone that gets you to look at life from a fresh angle—is likely to be good for you. With magnetic Venus in your expansion house, difference holds a natural appeal now. You love the idea of being free to learn and change, as you strive to become a more conscious, complete individual. Although you probably have the travel bug, with Pluto in your duties zone keeping Venus in check, it’s possible that responsibilities, your job or your health will overrule your yen to go where the wind takes you. Still, you should be feeling fairly confident, motivated, inspired and hopeful, so hold onto that. The full moon reminds you to balance your needs with those of others and to make changes in your daily life that foster that balance.


August 23–September 22

Private time is important this week, with Jupiter in your solitude house clicking with Uranus in your depth sector. Dreams, imagination, faith, introspection, intimacy, healing, transformation and spirituality are all emphasized by this planetary meeting. Whether you’re alone or with someone special, seek deep, meaningful moments that will rouse your spirit and free something inside you. You must uncage your soul if you are to flourish now. Venus is hinting that you want to experience closeness, trust and profundity, but her clash with Pluto in your self-expression zone alludes to a block of some sort. Perhaps there’s something so powerful inside you trying to be born, heard, seen, understood. And sharing your whole self with another person could feel overwhelming and scary. The full moon in Virgo reminds you that your feelings are as significant as anything and anyone that your focus naturally inclines toward, and you need to weigh what you need with what others expect of you if you’re to evolve into a more fulfilled individual.


September 23–October 22

Relationships are front and center for you Libras, and that’s especially true this week, when inspirational Jupiter in your humanity house and amiable Venus and liberating Uranus in your one-on-one angle all connect with each other at various points. Socializing in groups and spending quality time with someone close to you are both likely to be gratifying. You could very well meet someone new and significant, particularly if you genuinely want to expand the circle of people in your life. Being very open to those who are different from you in some way will help to facilitate connections that foster your growth and change the way you relate to others. You could break up with someone this week, due to the suddenness and detachment associated with Uranus. And not only is Venus meeting up with Uranus in your relationship angle, but she’s also sparring with powerful Pluto in your emotions sector, increasing the odds of turmoil—internal or external. If you’re overwhelmed, a timeout for solitude and introspection will help.


October 23–November 21

A Jupiter-Uranus confab this week spells progress involving your goals and daily work. Venus is in the mix too, so enjoying what you’re doing will boost your success rate. A sudden desire to finally end a bad habit or start a good one could lead you to make professional headway, and an alteration in your schedule, your modus operandi, your responsibilities or your work ethic is likely to generate positive results. Taking on a new challenge will ultimately further your career or improve your public image. Focus on what you must change in order to get ahead, and adopt a highly flexible approach to your work. Considering the planets involved, a feeling of freedom and possibility is apt to inspire you to fix what needs fixing and set your sights on higher ambitions. A Venus-Pluto squabble hints at trouble with colleagues though, and you could also run into drama with friends, courtesy of the full moon in your group zone. Be willing to talk things out, listen and change your mind.


November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet Jupiter has fortuitous rendezvous with Uranus and Venus in your fulfillment house this week, hinting at fun, romance, humor, creativity, joy and self-expression. Spontaneous playfulness will offer a feeling of freedom, and the pursuit of pure pleasure will lift your spirits. You’re in the mood to enjoy life on your own terms and to revel in your independence and individuality. Simply having a good time can do wonders for your outlook now. If you take a risk for the sake of love, art, growth or happiness, it’s more likely than not to pay off. Your optimism and luck are gelling, and liberally expressing a different side of yourself will reinforce your sense that anything is possible. You’ll probably be inclined to follow your whims and see where they lead you, thanks to the devil-may-care nature of Uranus. But a Venus-Pluto battle suggests finances or values may impact your pleasure. Balancing your personal and professional lives or your comfort and your ambition is particularly important now.


December 22–January 19

This week’s big Jupiter-Uranus collaboration occurs in your depth and roots houses, suggesting positive developments involving significant relationships, personal transformation, support from others, domestic life, family and old patterns. You may receive financial help from relatives or heal a psychological issue and free yourself from the past. Spending time at home with someone close to you will be especially gratifying, as pleasure-seeking Venus is also in your roots angle, syncing with Jupiter in your sharing sector. You may find that your desires and emotions are in quite a state of flux, though, since erratic Uranus is in the picture. A sudden shift in a familial relationship is the likeliest scenario. With Venus battling Pluto in Capricorn, a power struggle may ensue, and it could be hard for you not to come on too strong and disturb the very peace that you crave. Communication is key. The full moon in your perspective zone and the sun in your talk sector are both clicking with Pluto, so use your words.


January 20–February 18

Personal interactions are everything this week, when expansive Jupiter in your one-on-one angle and alert Uranus and affable Venus in your thinking-and-talking house all click with each other. An open-minded attitude, happy thoughts and faith in others can coalesce to inspire meaningful connections and valuable insights. You’re likely to learn from people and to view things from a different angle. To this end, a flexible mentality is essential. You’re also apt to encounter new people during this time, in part because you’re feeling especially social. You stand to make beneficial contacts, so do be sure to circulate plenty. A Venus-Pluto skirmish suggests a struggle between the darkness in your unconscious and the lightness and positivity of your conscious mindset. Private emotional turmoil could disrupt pleasant communication and an upbeat approach. Confiding in someone you trust or spending quality time alone may help, since the full moon in your depth-and-sharing sector is in sync with Pluto. But don’t be too reclusive. The highlights of your week will involve other people.

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Wonder what my “whims” are?

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I love these, just wish you would do some for people on the cusps (between signs) I’m on the cusp of Beauty

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Love your horoscopes! Thanks for the inspiration xo

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