Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of March 30–April 5

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March 21–April 19

With Mars moving into your worth house, the next several weeks call for you to tackle your finances, deal with possessions, fight for what’s important to you and make use of your natural talents. Mercury in Aries is cooperating with Saturn in your outlook zone, helping you to conceive a plan, express your vision for the future and focus intently on writing, learning or teaching. A sun-Jupiter meetup further facilitates self-expression, but of a more creative, romantic, playful nature. So you should be able to concentrate on mental work and also take time out to enjoy life. A conflict with authority or bureaucracy could rattle you, though, and fighting a shift in your career path or life direction can also add tension to your week. Don’t pit your ego against the inevitability of change. The lunar eclipse draws your attention to other people’s needs and might spell a turning point in a relationship. You could encounter emotional drama, take things to the next level or break up. A willingness to grow and to find a balance between independence and interdependence will serve you well. If someone goes overboard now, try to accommodate their feelings. Spend quiet time at home if you get overwhelmed.


April 20–May 20

Venus in Taurus is harmonizing with Pluto in your expansion house this week, hinting that you may be attracted to someone powerful and different from you. Or you could be drawn to unfamiliar experiences, cultures and places that can shift your belief system. Your passion for a subject, religion, philosophy or movement can lead you to make a strong connection. The likelihood of having a profound experience that changes you is higher than usual now. With Mars entering Taurus, you’ll have several weeks to pursue your personal agenda—April will be a time for asserting yourself and proving what you can do. Take advantage of the adrenaline surge, and accomplish as much as possible. This week’s lunar eclipse falls in your productivity zone, so a project could come to fruition, there might be a development with your job or your health that requires your attention or you may get fed up with your daily routine and feel a strong need for change. Consider dropping something from your plate in order to improve your schedule, efficiency, wellness or work life. Admit it if you’ve hit a wall with a habit and need to end it once and for all.


May 21–June 20

Your social life should be good this week, with Mercury and the sun in your network sector vibing with Saturn in your relationship angle and Jupiter in your communication zone. It won’t be hard to get people to take you seriously, so you may want to do some professional networking or public speaking. An important partnership could arise out of mutual interests, or you might have a much-needed dialogue where you express your expectations. It’s also an appropriate time for talking over a problem with friends, meeting people who can teach you or mentor you and conveying your ideas to a group. However, a sun-Pluto clash implies that intimacy, trust and control could be problematic. You may find interacting with a particular person to be too intense, and you prefer to keep things light. The lunar eclipse wants you to find a happy medium between doing what you feel like and thinking about other people. A love affair or creative project could reach a climax and either come to an end or change. You’ll be in the mood to enjoy life and express yourself. Have fun, and keep an open mind. Spontaneous pleasure will be better than calling all the shots.


June 21–July 22

This week’s lunar eclipse rocks your foundation angle, potentially rousing memories, family problems, domestic issues, insecurity and old patterns. You’re likely to be extra emotional, and the eclipse’s fight with powerful Pluto in your relationship angle could spell intense—perhaps destructive—interactions with others. You may feel boxed in by tension from all sides, because the planets that are a part of the eclipse (the sun and the moon) and those that are sparring with it (Pluto, Mercury and Uranus) are all either opposing Cancer or forming hard right angles to you. And when you’re cornered, you can get defensive. Ask yourself what you need now to feel comfortable, safe or at peace. Take a break from people and do something that you find soothing. The eclipse is trying to call your attention to the private you and your inner needs. It’s telling you to balance your outer life with introspection. This is a great time to break free from something that has been keeping part of you stuck in the past and holding your self-esteem in check. Be aware of what sets you off this week; strong feelings will point you toward the area where you should be saying, “Enough’s enough.”


July 23–August 22

The sun is moving through your expansion house, the house that’s naturally associated with Jupiterian matters, and this week, he’s gelling with Jupiter in Leo, doubling the emphasis that’s been placed on your personal growth in the past several months. You’re eager to keep broadening your horizons and exploring your new views on life, and this planetary configuration should boost your confidence that you’re headed in the right direction and give you courage to keep taking risks. A sun-Pluto clash implies that you’re still struggling with reconciling this grand adventure with the duties and responsibilities you’re compelled to juggle on a daily basis. You’re reminded that not all change is exciting; some of it is painful, requiring a slow death-and-rebirth process. The lunar eclipse will probably find a way to force you into the present moment, perhaps throwing a lot of information, communication and other mental stimulation at you. Don’t be surprised if your emotions and thoughts get jumbled together, leading to a verbal outburst. You’re being reminded that despite your quest for personal truth, you still don’t have all the answers and you need to keep observing, questioning and learning. If life gets a little chaotic this week, opt for more surrendering, less controlling.


August 23–September 22

Talking to family members or people you live with will be productive this week, thanks to a cooperative angle between Mercury in your depth house and Saturn in your home angle. It would be particularly useful to deal with a problem involving trust, jealousy or money or work on a research project from home. The lunar eclipse spans your worth and sharing sectors, further highlighting issues related to mine versus ours. You’re in danger of overspending, as your emotions and your needs are intertwined at the moment. The eclipse is drawing your attention to your personal values and how you feel about yourself, your talents, your finances, your earning potential and your possessions. It calls for you to balance what you have and what you share; what you can get for yourself and what you rely on others for; what you try to stabilize and what you try to transform. You might get upset if you feel you don’t have the resources to enjoy life the way you want to. With controlling Pluto in your love zone arguing with the eclipse, difficulty with a romantic partner is a possibility. Turn up the volume on the optimist in your head, and hush your inner critic.


September 23–October 22

A Venus-Pluto meeting this week suggests that you might receive financial help from family, heal a relationship with a relative or grow closer to a significant person in your life by working through an issue in your psyche. Mature, honest communication should also benefit a relationship, as verbal Mercury in your one-on-one angle is clicking with serious Saturn in your talk sector. And a sun-Jupiter confab implies that being open to lots of different people and having faith in humanity will infuse your interactions with vitality. But the lunar eclipse in your sign signals a personal turning point, so that’s what’s likeliest to get your attention this week. You’re bound to feel quite emotional and could reach a boiling point, given that potent Pluto is provoking the eclipse. You need to focus on your own feelings and needs more than usual now and consider what changes you can make in order to achieve a better balance between you as an individual and you in relation to others. To this end, it might be time for you to drop something from your life. But try not to react too rashly during the eclipse. Stay connected with people, and talk about what you’re going through.


October 23–November 21

Venus in your one-on-one angle is vibing with Pluto in your talk zone, so communication is the key to positive interactions this week, and your empowered mindset won’t be too much for people close to you. Your thoughts and words may not go over so well with colleagues, though, since Pluto is fighting with the sun in your work sector. Try not to sound controlling or come on too strong. With Mars crossing your relationship angle, you’ll accomplish more in the next several weeks if you partner with someone. It will also be a good period for confronting a relationship issue. This week’s lunar eclipse lands in your subliminal sector, calling your attention to your dreams, intuition, imagination, repressed emotions and other content in your subconscious mind. Since Pluto is arguing with the eclipse, you could end up in a verbal conflict related to things swimming around in your psyche that you’d rather not deal with. This eclipse lends itself to helping others and making yourself useful. You’re called to find a balance between your inner and outer worlds, to give your spirit its due and also take care of business in your daily life. Have faith that you’re headed in the right direction.


November 22–December 21

Creative thinking and self-expression are pluses this week, thanks to a positive encounter between Mercury and Saturn. You’ll have success conveying your humor, individuality and goals, while setting boundaries that keep you true to yourself. You’ll be able to play around with ideas that prove to be useful, and you’ll have an easy time explaining your thinking. A sun-Jupiter meetup also bodes well for you, as it connotes pleasure and freedom. You’re particularly likely to enjoy yourself if you have a new experience, take a trip, study something unfamiliar and intellectually stimulating, explore fresh viewpoints and meet people different from you. A lunar eclipse in your hopes-and-humanity zone is clicking with Jupiter as well, but it’s clashing with several other planets. Drama with friends is one possibility, or maybe you need to redirect some of your attention away from personal fulfillment and be there for someone who needs you. Your role in a group could shift, or you might feel it’s time to sever ties with a group, as your interests or goals have changed. Money, possessions or values could be an issue between you and others; your best bet is to rise above and balance your own interests with those of others.


December 22–January 19

You have the power to enjoy yourself early in the week, when Pluto in Capricorn syncs up with Venus in your pleasure house. Creativity, romance, humor, play and various forms of self-expression are favored. A Mercury-Saturn meeting encourages you to reflect on the past, seeking closure. However, the lunar eclipse at the top of your chart is bound to grab most of the attention this week. You won’t be able to keep a low profile, and your social or professional status could change. Pluto is battling the eclipse, making it very difficult for you to escape untouched. Emotional drama or a power struggle with an authority figure is likely, and fighting change or trying to control the situation will make matters worse. Allow something in your career or life direction to shift in the coming months. Maybe it’s time to give up on an old goal that isn’t panning out, particularly if you don’t feel strongly about it anymore. A better balance between your home life and work life or your private self and public self is called for now. Trouble with family, housemates or someone close to you could arise if you don’t make an effort to own your feelings. Self-awareness is essential.


January 20–February 18

This week’s lunar eclipse occurs in your exploration house, luring your focus to what you believe to be true. Whether you call it your belief system, habitual mindset, philosophy on life, truisms, worldview, personal perspective, outlook on the future, attitude, way of thinking or something else, subject it all to some scrutiny. Recognize how much your thinking influences your reality, and be open to changing it. Changing your mind will change your life. Try looking at everyone and everything from a different angle this week. If you don’t, the eclipse is even more likely to find some way of forcing you to change your beliefs, and you could experience a crisis of faith. Uranus has been traveling through your cognition sector for the past few years, waking up your brain—and not always gently. Pluto’s battle with the eclipse suggests subconscious feelings and fears will be at odds with embracing fresh views. The more aware you are of what’s going on inside you, the less likely you’ll be to engage in an external conflict, so be brave and make an effort to deal with whatever is troubling your psyche. And be extra willing to learn from others, even about yourself.


February 19–March 20

A lunar eclipse lands in your depth house this week, shifting something in your psyche. Issues connected to sharing, trust, jealousy, intimacy, finances, mortality, sex or control are apt to arise, and you might get into a conflict with someone close to you, especially if you feel overwhelmed. The tension between self-sufficiency and dependence may affect you more than usual now, and the power that other people seem to have to shape your future could be a particular bone of contention, since controlling Pluto in your hopes-and-wishes zone is quarreling with the eclipse. Focus on your faith in your capabilities, your readiness to work hard and the incremental progress that you’re making in your daily life. Consider how you can find a healthier balance between relying solely on yourself and leaning on others. This is a good time to settle a debt or to let go of something you don’t really need. Pleasant communication will facilitate networking and socializing this week, but you might clash with people over values, possessions or money. Concentrate on what’s important to you and how ambition, responsibility and diligence can help you to attain it. If you come up with solid ideas regarding your finances or career, write them down.

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8 years ago

This week’s forecast has this Aries kindaaaa nervous!

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