Introducing Milly Pye

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We met Milly a few months ago, when she came in to the London Showroom to do a private performance of some of her new songs at our secret SS’15 preview dinner. I’d seen some of her videos online, but it wasn’t until I heard her warm up with her band whilst I was setting up the showroom that I became a major fan. There I was, finishing off the outfit displays, when the first note came out of her mouth and I completely froze in awe! I had goosebumps, and the stress of the day suddenly disappeared whilst I was swept away with her vocals. There was no question in my mind that this girl was going to be a star.

She went on to give an amazing acoustic performance with her band, wowing our guests and setting the tone for a really special evening. We can’t wait to see more from this 18 year old Liverpool lass, but for now we are excited to share the photos from the evening and introduce you to Milly herself!

Milly Pye

Hey Milly! Tell us about the place you call home…

I live in a small town near Liverpool where I’ve lived pretty much my whole life! It doesn’t look like anything special, but its home all the same and that’s always a warm feeling. Plus my friends live nearby. It’s close to Chester which is really pretty and where I grew up singing and busking.

When did you first realize your voice was special?

I don’t think there was ever a time where I thought ‘I have a good voice so I have to sing’ I just don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to sing. Ever since I was really young, it’s always been my motivation.

Describe your music in three words:

I’m going to use a Marilyn quote here if I may….

“Always classy

Sometimes sassy

Never trashy”

Milly Pye

Milly Pye

Milly Pye

Get the look: FP New Romantics Gnarly Vines Dress

Do you prefer performing intimate gigs with a handful of listeners, or to a big crowd?

There’s so much I like about both. Intimate gigs are special because I can really connect with the audience and they help me grow towards the bigger shows. I’ve haven’t done many big shows yet, but I think with a bigger audience it’s amazing because it’s just like ‘YO, YEAH YOU ALL CAME TO SEE ME!’ And I love that they are loving the vibe.

Do you still get nervous before you perform? And do you have any pre performance rituals?

Not as much anymore because for me it’s all about the enjoyment. I have butterflies sometimes but try not to get to the stage where it will negatively affect my performance.  I do a few crazy vocal warm ups that make me look possessed but they work a treat!

Milly Pye

Who are some of your personal favorite artists, music or otherwise?

I’m really loving SOAK at the moment, she’s really unique and her song “B a Nobody” is great. I also love the Sufjan Stevens’ remix version of Jaymes Young’s song “Habits of My Heart”. I love looking at festival line-ups to find new artists.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

There are more stars than grains of sand. Be one.

What’s your biggest inspiration when writing songs?

I think it’s like a release of pain. I’m a Sagittarius and I read they don’t always show a lot of emotion, which is correct for me. So writing is a way of getting my emotions out. Not just pain but any emotion. I’m quite a happy person but I think darker emotions drive me to write more, which is funny because a lot of my songs aren’t even sad. They actually make me really happy when singing them.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Every day I try to write poems, as I find them easier to write than songs, and I can use bits of them to put in a verse or chorus. I wake up and I’ll call my friends, we will hang out and grab a drink or go for walks (I see my best friends a lot!) Then I might go and rehearse with my band, which is always something I love.

Milly Pye

Get the look: Rib and Lace Turtleneck, Washed Denim Overall

Milly Pye

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a bit of a hippy and I love anything with a spiritual feel. I’m always giving myself henna tattoos and buying kooky clothes. I recently bought red pants with little elephants on them. I also like to stack up loads of pretty rings and necklaces!

What do you like to wear when performing?

I like wearing things that sparkle on stage. I love heavily embellished or beaded dresses and cool jackets. Then I’ll pair them with my converse or chunky boots.

Milly Pye

What’s your favorite way to unwind?

Drinking chai is my favorite because it tastes like happiness and Christmas all at once, and I’m a fan of reading. I’m just finishing a book called ‘When God was a Rabbit‘ which was really interesting. I like to meditate but it’s sometimes hard as I’m a thinker! Once it works though, it really works, and clears my head so that I can relax.

What does being ‘Free’ mean to you?

Keeping an open mind. I think it has a lot to do with positivity, as that really helps with your outlook on the world. It’s also about independence, not letting anybody own you, being yourself and following your own path.

Milly Pye

Get the look: Embroidered Austin Dress, Rachel Beaded Collar

Photography by Frances Davidson

Hair and makeup by Kate Mahon

Follow Milly on Instagram

And check out her website here 

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7 years ago

OMG I adore her hair!!
Definitely going to check out her music :)
Lots of love!

7 years ago

She looks gorgeous in that black dress. Classy and sassy indeed

7 years ago

Such a beautiful woman! I adore her views on what being free means.

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

Absolutely in love with the styling in this shoot.

7 years ago

The henna on her back of the hand is so beautiful.