Join Our Team: We’re Looking for an Editorial Manager!

We’re on the hunt for an experienced, creative and highly organized Editorial Manager to lead our team to editorial greatness! Check out a day in the life below, and click here for more information about the position!

Sound like you… or someone you know?

8:15 AM: Waving to the guards at the gate, you pull into the Navy Yard and park your car (or bike). It’s a gorgeous day and the seagulls are calling their ‘hellos’ from above.

Editorial Manager 8

8:30 AM: After dropping your stuff at your desk, you head over to Jharoka for a coffee and some breakfast. First big decision of the day: should you get fruit… or a delicious pastry?

8:45 AM: You walk back to BLDG 25 with a few of your coworkers and sit down at your desk… time to get organized and get the day started! To-do list, calendar, email…

9:05 AM: You cross check the blog with this week’s editorial calendar and make sure everything you scheduled the previous day launched as planned. There’s an amazing interview up that you know the PR team would love, so you send over the link with some expertly written copy.

Editorial Manager 6

9:30 AM: Time to check out Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Yesterday’s Tumblr takeover went so well! You email the team to let them know it was a success — let’s keep it up!

9:45 AM: Everyone’s plans for next week’s content came through, after plugging it into the calendar, you schedule an editorial meeting to review pitches and ideas. The new Magalog just dropped, so much inspiration for new posts!

10:00 AM: You say goodbye to Julie and Jana as they head out to shoot for the day — an artist’s studio and makeup tutorial, respectively — can’t wait to see their posts come to life! You check in with Joanna, our West Coast Editorial Specialist and see she is off shooting with the LA creative team for the day… next week’s posts are going to look amazing.

10:30 AM: Time to meet with the Marketing and Merchandising & Community teams to plan upcoming partnerships! There are some amazing pieces coming out for spring that would be perfect to promote on the blog.

Editorial Manager 4

12:00 PM: Lunch! You didn’t bring your own today so you head over to 543 for a green smoothie and a salad. You have a few free minutes, so you decide to take some quiet time and peruse the magazines in the library for inspiration.

12:45 PM: Time to pull last month’s numbers! You’re an analytics whiz and always on the lookout for ways to keep inspiring our readers, so it only takes you a few minutes to see what performed well last month. You schedule some time with the team to brainstorm ideas for next month’s content.

1:30 PM: Some posts just came in from Miann and Bianca in Australia. You make sure to connect with them — and Lisa in the UK while you’re at it — to ensure everyone has what they need.

3:00 PM: Time for a snack! You head over to Jharoka with a couple of coworkers to grab a coffee… and maybe a cake pop too, they’re only .75 cents today! On your way back to your desk you can’t help but give a few pats to the dogs outside… ohh… is that a new puppy?

Editorial Manager 7

3:15 PM: Now that all edits have been made on tomorrow’s posts, you schedule them and begin working on the day after’s content. You read through and make copy edits here and there — so great to see the team utilizing what they learned in last week’s photography workshop.

5:15 PM: You cross check tomorrow’s calendar with what’s been scheduled — you know the response to Jana’s latest hair post is going to be amazing!

Editorial Manager 1

6:00 PM: Time to make tomorrow’s to-do list, it’s a long one, but you know it can be done. You give your email a quick once over to make sure all questions have been attended to before closing your computer for the night. Bidding your coworkers ‘goodbye’ (both pups and humans), you hit the road just in time to make it to spin class.

Editorial Manager 3

Another fun day at the office will be awaiting you tomorrow!

If this sounds like you (or perhaps someone you know?) — click here to read the full job description and to apply!

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8 years ago

oh this dogie is sooo cute :)
very lovely pictures <3

8 years ago

This is my absolute dream job! Working toward this type of roll here in Canada – Good luck to all candidates applying!

8 years ago

LOL! “It’s a gorgeous day and the seagulls are calling their ‘hellos’ from above.”

8 years ago

Sounds so dreamy….unfortunately I’m in Kansas and business admin. Is my chosen career choice. I need to get closer to Pennsylvania lol.

8 years ago

What a dream job! Good luck to all applicants – so excited to see what your newest manager does :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Literally my dream job! I’ll be back for ya in about three years ;)

8 years ago

Sound`s amazing! Wish I could come to America and work for you :) If you ever need a blogger for the UK free people give me a shout ;) Good luck xx

8 years ago

This sounds so perfect! I love this kind of posts because they give me a glimpse of what I may want to do as a job.

8 years ago

Sounds like my dream job – If you ever need a blogger back in the Uk… :)

Cant wait to see what the new team member does.

8 years ago

Sounds amazing! Wish I could. Are there any freelance writing positions open?


7 years ago

Does Free people sponsor their applicants to get US work visa if they are chosen for the job? Simply put does free people hire international employers? It is my dream to work in Free people but i’m a Sri Lankan and haven’t got work visa to US yet.