Monthly Mood Board: Spring Dreamer

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m a little obsessed with mood boards… and spring.

My studio walls are forever changing with me. Because the first day of spring is this Friday, I wanted to share what’s currently inspiring my silly self for the season.


As always, I’ve been collecting found images + gathering my favorite styling pics (what’s up FPMe girls?!) this time, it’s all spring-forward, to keep me sane through winter and motivated for warmth. I love creating this mess, knowing that it will soon feed me creative vibes and keep me happily daydreaming.





This one’s for all of us cool kids out there. The dreamers, the lovers, the listeners. The girls that pack up, and just go. Who pull over on the highway, just to pick that perfect bloom for the kitchen window. Who spend the day reaching for the sunshine, in washed out denim, shaking off the grass stains. Who grabs her best friends, and road trips to a festival, spending the night dancing in some leather boots under the moon. It’s for all of the salty hair believers, glistening from the ocean and breathing in all of nature’s beauty. Who are happiest in a record shop, racing home to spin that new tune. For the curious souls, who crave freedom and adventure runs through our bloodstream. This one is for the girls that want to feel it all.

So, happy spring, y’all. Let’s make this a beautiful one. I challenge you to put all of your windows down tonight, let the breeze roll in, and dance around to Stevie Nicks. You can thank me later.

+What’s on your spring mood board? What inspires you for the new season? Let me know in the comments, babes!

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8 years ago

At first I thought that the board will look messy, but it turned out to be so inspiring. I can’t wait for spring to come. :)

8 years ago

My family used to laugh at me when I created mood boards or “inspiration walls” but I find them absolutely essential to changing of the season. I absolutely love this one and how you added some spring foliage in there as well.

8 years ago

Oooh, did you print these or cut them from magazines? I am totally inspired to do this in my reading nook.

8 years ago

madisyn… all things yes! I have been doing these since high school. You just BEAUTIFULLY put into words the cool girls way of life. Great post and a great way to start the day xox

8 years ago

Happy spring! I adore your new board and applaud you for having the energy to keep it current and updated – mine is definitely feeling a bit stale xo

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I love the mood board and your words. You have one inspiring brain girl. Thanks for sharing this :)

8 years ago

Jimmy Hendrix as the center focus rocks and your taste is great Madisyn. Excited that Free People has added you to their team! Looking forward to reading more

8 years ago

Yes! I would say there is nothing quite like spring mornings. Cool air, warm sun, opening flowers, green green grass, and that oh so yummy morning dew. I just love it.



8 years ago

Trip planning, puddle jumping, lazy Sundays spent browsing the record stores and I’ve got two summer festival tickets to look forward to. Spring has sprung, officially inspired. Thank you!

8 years ago

I love really mood boards. Pinterest is fun an all, but it doesn’t beat paper clippings and a wall. Brings be back…


8 years ago

I’ve been pinning pictures to my wall since I was little. There’s just something so creative about cutting, pasting, and collecting images and words to put on your wall. This is so lovely!

8 years ago

such a lovely moodboard


8 years ago


8 years ago

Love this. Love mood boards. Love you.

8 years ago

Yes. I needed a little pick me up and here it is.

8 years ago

I love love love this post!! Mood boards are such a good idea, I am definitely going to do this for a summer project. I am constantly looking for new art, photography, magazine posts, blog, etc. that inspire me. <3