Nicole Atkins Shares a Playlist

We all have our favorite musicians, and even they look up to someone. It’s always intriguing to hear who an artist is listening to – what bands have influenced their music, and what notes speak to their soul. It can be entirely unexpected, something completely different from their own music; if you listen hard enough, you may find ties back, or perhaps you won’t.

Nicole Atkins is a favorite of ours here at Free People. We love her raspy, mysterious voice and powerhouse set of lungs. Her music can vary a lot in style, and so I was curious to find out: who does Nicole have on heavy rotation?

Check out the playlist below for some of Nicole Atkins’ favorite music and songs she’s been influenced by throughout her career:

Above: Free People Holy Mountain Dress

Image 2

Free People Dazed Dream Maxi Dress

Photos By: Lucia Holm

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9 years ago

I love her songs!

9 years ago

Thanks for sharing some of Nicole Atkins favorite music! Great playlist of songs.

9 years ago

loveeeee her