A Sit Down with Marlana Sheetz of Milo Greene

Milo Greene is a band I’ve been listening to for some time now. I was first introduced right here on this very blog. It was (way back) when I first started working at Free People.

I instantly fell in love with their sound, and would work the day away with their music in my headphones. The vibe was chill, the music low key, and all together, the perfect balance for a busy day.

Recently, the band released their second album, Control, that clearly shows an evolution, with more poppy energetic beats and a stronger dance feel from before. New direction and all, it’s great. The record provides fresh reasons to give the band a listen, and a group that will keep you guessing is always a good thing.

So, when Milo Greene came to town I had to sit down with their one-and-only girl, Marlana Sheetz. I wanted to get the DL on being in a band with all dudes, and how she feels about this new music. Read on for an interview, and go give their new album a listen!


First off, I’m so curious, what’s it like being the only girl in an all-male band? Any great stories you can share?

Being the only girl in the band is so many things. My answer will vary depending on how crazy the guys are driving me that day. It’s definitely interesting to say the least. I call my mom and my girlfriends a lot to vent. There are pros and cons, but there would also be pros and cons if I were in a band full of girls. You have to pick your battles. For the most part, it’s fun. They all make me laugh. But don’t think that because I’m the girl I get special treatment… I drive, I haul gear, doors are rarely opened for me, and often times they don’t bother telling me when they leave for dinner. I’m just another one of the guys as far as everyone else is concerned. I think I’m long overdue for some serious chivalry in my life.

You guys are on tour for your new album, Control, right now. What are you most excited about presenting this new music to the world?

I’m excited for people to see the live show. It’s very up-tempo and groovy. I’m having the most fun performing live than I ever have. If someone is skeptical of the new album, I think the live show could be the thing that wins them over. We kill it!


I love the unconventional setup of Milo Greene. You all play various instruments and take turns on the vocals. Do you have a favorite role?

My favorite role is vocals. Sometimes I wish I could just sing and not have to play an instrument, so I could completely focus on tone and pitch without the distraction of something else. Bass is really fun for me to play though. It’s like a puzzle/game trying to play rhythms that are completely different than the vocal melody I’m singing. It keeps me on my toes.

When you’re not on tour, you’re living in LA. What do you love about the City of Angels? Any favorite spots you can share?

I’m kind of a homebody. I definitely don’t use LA to its fullest potential. There are always so many things to do, and it’s awesome to have so many possibilities surrounding me. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, most days I’d rather stay home and catch up on episodes of Jimmy Fallon or watch Friends on Netflix. My apartment is so cozy, it’s very hard for me to leave it. When I do, it’s usually to go for a hike up to the Griffith observatory or to the movies.


Music and fashion have always been great friends. What is your personal style, and how would you say it reflects your music?

My personal style is simple and clean. Almost everything I own is black. It makes touring a lot easier. Black jeans, black tee, black boots, black leather watch and a banging leather jacket is my go-to on a daily basis. The heel on the boots gives me a height that immediately makes me feel more confident. I think everyone should own a leather jacket — they never go out of style — I have a black vegan one from Free People that I love.

Black has always been a typical musicians uniform. I think there is just something very professional about it. My style reflects my music in that it’s classic. I’d like to think that my band makes music that my future kids or grandkids would listen to.

Lastly, what does free mean to you?

Free, to me, means being happy with who you are and having confidence in yourself… no irrational fears and concerns about how anyone else perceives you. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Do YOU love it? Are YOU happy? If you love yourself and what you are contributing to the world, then I’d say you’re free!


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8 years ago

Love the photography, and she has such a fascinating story! :)

8 years ago

I love that she keeps her momma and gal pals close – best of luck to her!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

love milo greene! so glad you interviewed marlana.

8 years ago

Marlana’s voice is a heavenly instrument that is Heart-warming.
Looking soooo forward to seeing You Guys in Ohio.
Take Good Care
Of Yourselves and that
Magical Instrument !
– bob