Street Style: Brooklyn

Living in the city of Philadelphia, Brooklyn is just a quick bus ride north and an escape that I make often. I love this little city of mine, but every once in a while, you need to break out of the routine.

Brooklyn is a way to mix it up. Each visit leaves you brimming with inspiration. I love walking the streets and observing the people; I love checking out the shops and restaurants filled with unique ideas. Everywhere you look it’s something different – a playground for the visual thinker.

This past weekend, I made a Brooklyn trip. To bottle up that infectious, inspired feeling Brooklyn tends to leave you with, I decided to capture a few street style images to share with BLDG 25. Let these transport you to that land where you can be anything you want:


Get the Look: Long Linen Maxi Jacket, Washed Denim Overall, Fisherman Sweater Tee, Deviant Sunglass



Get the Look: Golden Moto Leather Jacket, Hollywood Graphic Tee, Drapey Pocket Pant, Sawyer Leather Low Tops, Asher Tote


Get the Look: Vegan Leather Hooded Jacket, Relaxed Washed Pant, Oval Boho Hoops



Get the Look: Whole Story Knit Jacket, Double Slit Maxi Skirt, Chunky Cowl Neck Sweater, Crushed Top Ranger Hat, Flying Ranch Ankle Boot



Get the Look: (Left) Gimos Long Leather Jacket, We The Free Slinky Rock Tank, Owen Relaxed Straight Let, Flying Ranch Ankle Boot, (Right) Rumpled Leather Blazer, We the Free Park Avenue Top, High Rise Roller Skinny, Round top Ranger Hat, Flying Ranch Ankle Boot, Rise Above Bag




Get the Look: Faux Fur Hooded Vest, High Rise Roller Skinny, Double Cloth Boyfriend Tunic, Capsule Slouchy Beenie, Sport Brogue Sneaker

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8 years ago

I am going to find that burrito man and make him my boyfriend.

8 years ago

Burrito man style game so strong.

8 years ago

Love seeing everyone’s unique style!


8 years ago

Ahhh I just really love how people can be so off trend and have their own server of style. You just inspired me to come to Philly and check out their style. | Lifestyle Blogger

8 years ago

Lovely style!

8 years ago

Looking forward to FP taking their love affair with Brooklyn to other neighborhoods of the Borough! Williamsburg is a small part of a huuuge place. Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Gowanus, Ditmas, Coney Island, Crown Heights, the Navy Yard, Atlantic Avenue, Fort Greene…

8 years ago

These jackets are gorgeous!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Just discovered this blog and fell mad in love! Love it all so much, especially the overalls!


8 years ago

Awesome photography. Best street picture i have ever seen. keep it up.