Trend Love: Embroidered Denim

There is one thing that I would bet pretty much everyone reading this post has in their closet: Denim. 

I love how universal it is; anyone can pull it off, it’s effortless, easy, and season-less. Despite how widespread it is, denim is something you can easily make all your own, depending on how you style it. I love personalizing my denim in various ways, and my latest obsession is embroidery. Freehand embroidery is one of those things that anyone can do, and the more you practice, the better at it you get. I’ve been collecting inspiration and attempting some of my own, and thought I’d share some inspiration here today.

free people vintage denim

Free People Vintage Loves

embroidered denim shorts 3

My attempt at a little rainbow and cactus.

embroidered denim shorts 4

leah hoffman denim

Both images by @leahhofff

embroidered denim shirt

I love the western touch this little bit of pattern adds to the back of a denim shirt!

embroidered denim shirt 3

+ Next I’m going to add something to my denim jacket – any recommendations? And tell me, are you into this trend?

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8 years ago

For some SERIOUS denim embroidery envy check out Bliss & Mischief!

8 years ago

so cuteee julia!

8 years ago

this is so wonderfully retro! It reminds me of road trips and the long lazy days of my childhood summers…

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

I am all over this trend, I love it! :)

Hayley-Eszti |

Natalie Miranda
8 years ago

Love this trend. I’ve been wanting to do this to my jean shorts. Thanks for the inspiration!

8 years ago

This looks beautiful! Totally my style :)

8 years ago

I love this trend!! I just embroidered a verse from John Lennons song Imagine onto a tea towel for my moms birthday gift. Embroidery is such a calm and soothing activity.

8 years ago

I love it !


Jerry Adler
8 years ago

Beautiful style .

8 years ago

This look so cool! The embroidered jean shorts look so retro. Thanks for posting this!