A Weekend in NYC With Claire Geist

When it comes to tackling NYC and its neighboring boroughs, there’s no one better to turn to than a local.

Where do you go? Who do you see? What do you wear? This is what I asked Claire Geist, a Brooklyn-based babe and the founder of De Lune blog. I first met Claire at our end of summer rooftop party; her striking red mane stands out in a crowd, in the best way possible. No surprise that her personality is just as fun. This gal is a talented one… I think the thing that struck me most is the self portraiture that makes up her inspiring blog. All photos (unless otherwise noted) are taken by Claire herself. Yup… her tripod is set up wherever she pleases. Her images are beautiful, and good luck trying to find the capture remote she’s secretly hidden from view. I find it so impressive that she goes about blogging this way, and it made total sense when I asked her why…”I created the blog for me, I’m the author. I love being able to produce content exactly the way I envision it.

Get know to more about Claire below, and see what she’s choosing as her weekend must-haves!


Where are you from? What brought you to Brooklyn?

I’m from Woodside, Queens, right across the bridge! I also lived upstate in Buffalo, New York for high school before I came back for uni in 2010. I moved to Brooklyn at the end of my last year in college, when I needed to find a sweet spot between the city, where I bounce around freelancing during the week, and my job at Dusty Rose Vintage in Greenpoint on the weekends. Definitely stoked to have expanded my life into other boroughs!



What’s your favorite thing about living there?

Absolutely hands-down the easy access to experimental ventures, whether it’s great food or great art, there is never a dull moment out here!



Get the look: Star Chasing Slip, We The Free Free Fallin Tee, Monochrome Low Tops, Taureg Collar

Claire’s Weekend Must-Haves


1. All You Need Shirt Dress2. Simple Cool Column Maxi, 3. Wyatt Leather tote, 4. Chunky Cowl Neck Sweater5. Snake Wrap Rounders6. New Frontier Boot7. Crushed Top Ringer Hat, 8.Double Bar Lariat9. Valentine Romper, 10. Sport Brogue Sneaker

What would the ideal “weekend in Brooklyn” look like for you?

I’m lucky to have great food and cafés near me, so a weekend, like any other day, would start out with an excellent cup of coffee and a sweet thing from Otha’s. Then some shoppin’! I’ve gotten into the habit of collecting old photographs, and Junk on Driggs is my favorite destination for anything from antique housewares to the occasional oddity.

Then I’d grab a friend or three and head to either the Museum of Morbid Anatomy or Moiety Gallery to kick-off some cerebral exploration and a good dose of what’s new around us. When it’s close to dinnertime, I’d head to a movie at Nite Hawk, where you can order from a menu of delicious food and snacks tailor-made for any movie on view. Gotta love Brooklyn!


What would you be wearing?

My go-to weekend ensemble is a fun crop top for the figure, my favorite vintage denim jacket from Dusty Rose, a midi skirt, a backpack to hold my camera and all the essentials, and some comfortable brogues with cutouts for a gamine, city-girl vibe.


Get the look: Bandit Denim CutoffsChunky Cowl Neck Sweater, Elevated Woven Chucks

When you hit the town, what music is playing through your headphones?

Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, The Ramones and Bush Tetras — lately I’ve been getting into Stromae too!



What’s one thing you can’t wait for spring to bring to the city?

Man, when the ornamental pear trees blossom all over the city! The tiny, white flowers are so delicate and dreamy against the bright, colorful traffic in the street. If that’s not spring magic, I dunno what is.


Get the look: Destroyed Skinny

Be sure to follow Claire on Instagram and check out her blog here!

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8 years ago

Oh my gosh – she is beautiful! i love her hair, outlook, and this fantastic guide to the city. Beautiful job!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Amazing style and I love love LOVE her hair! So cute.




8 years ago

Her hair color is absolutely gorgeous! Also, these looks were styled perfectly:) Great post!


8 years ago

Beautiful shots!


8 years ago

Well, she’s cool. Obsessed with everything. The photos are beautiful.
the drifter

8 years ago

This literally came at the most perfect time for me! I’m going to NYC in a few days to run (and sneak in a day or two of adventures and shopping).
And these pictures are all so beautiful!

theresa | fashiontoa-t.blogspot.com

8 years ago

Love this! And love her! Her blog is absolutely fantastic too



8 years ago

Nice to hear from a native New Yorker! Worth noting that New York City is comprised of 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. So the other boroughs aside from Manhattan aren’t neighboring, they are NYC!