Welcoming Spring: A Floral Arrangement

Spring to me is fresh cut grass, new blooms, and lots of color. The breezy season full of sunshine is only nine days away. Can you believe it? I’ve been packing up my winter wardrobe, cleaning the salt stains off the hardwood, and getting ready for spring in every way that I can. I love having fresh-cut flowers in my house, straight from the garden. It lifts my mood and brings the new season into my home. I got a head start and created an arrangement this weekend that was all things spring: bright and cheery and beautiful.


I wanted to create something that would last for a while, so my first step was hitting up the dried flower store in town. I live in Pittsburgh, and Roxanne’s Dried Flowers had everything I needed. My idea was to create a mixed arrangement of dried and preserved flowers that I could add fresh flowers to weekly.



What You Need:


Cherry Blossom Branch

Birch Branches

Natural Baxteri Banksia

Amaranthus Freesia

Hopps Gold


Willowed Eucalyptus



Fresh Greenery


The fresh cut flowers and greenery can be swapped out weekly to change things up and add some life to the arrangement. This week, I chose a bundle of tulips, and some vibrant, leafy fillers.



The vase is an old tin bullet canister found at Hot Haute Hot, in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. I was drawn to it being a re-purposed found object, and thought the tall branches would balance out the height of the vase. I’ve been inspired by the use of branches lately, and how they add a feeling of earthiness. When working with branches, feel free to add delicate flowers to compliment the rustic nature of them. I took wire, and wrapped the hopps gold and freesia around them to droop down over the sides.


I went into this arrangement without any experience in floral design, but ended up pretty happy with it. Nature is beautiful, and pretty hard hard to mess up. The options are endless, and you can be creative with every color and placement that you choose. This arrangement speaks spring to me, and I can’t wait to swap fresh blooms and play with it throughout the season.


+ How do you add spring into your house? What flowers inspire you? Let me know in the comments!

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8 years ago

I also love dried flowers, but dry(dead) flower means ‘death’ in feng shui. So you are newly married, I recommend you do not decorate in your home with it.

8 years ago

I love the idea of using fresh flowers with dried and preserved flowers! To me, its recycling, as flowers should be used beyond their one week shelf life. Beautiful arrangement, and effortless to keep the house looking springy…

Thanks for sharing this with us…<3

8 years ago

This would be perfect for our upcoming Spring Project where we’re going to cover an old bridge in London with a mix of self-made paper flowers and fresh flowers x


8 years ago

Just in time! My flowers were just starting to wilt a little! Thanks –


8 years ago

was perfect, very beautiful ..

8 years ago

Such a gorgeous arrangement. I love having flowers at my desk, they lift my mood and make me feel as if I’m in a garden or a meadow. Thank you for sharing!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

I love arranging flowers! This is magnificent!

Love this post! I just took a floral arrangement class here in San Francisco and it got me so excited and prepared for spring!


8 years ago

Wow these look so great!


8 years ago

Beautiful setup I love withered flowers at my small table in the home, they boost my humor and prepared for spring! Thank you for sharing!

Kind of wild. I love it!!

8 years ago

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Nice blog with the decoration of the flowers .

5 years ago

I love flowers, I like to make beautiful products from fresh flowers.
Thank you!

5 years ago

Really Amazing selection, I love these all flowers…