Celebrate The Season With This Fresh Floral DIY

I never had much of an affinity for spring until I moved farther south. In Maine, we have an entirely different name for this season of rebirth… “Mud Season“. Yes, the melting snow brings so much mud with it that it warrants an extra season. It’s messy, and slow to start, and when the flowers finally bloom, actual spring feels all too short (there have been years, even, that I have gone snowboarding at the end of May). There’s a lot I miss about living in the gorgeous north country, but I love that spring graces Pennsylvania with its presence in a more timely manner. As soon as the weather hints at a warmer temperature I’m inspired to fill my home and wardrobe with flowers and celebrate the end of what always feels like a long, dark, very cold winter.

With two holidays coming up this weekend and a new season afoot, I’ve been especially inspired to incorporate the colorful life of flowers into my everyday. I’ll admit that I’ve had the same eucalyptus wreath on my door since December, which has been feeling just a little too holiday as of late, it’s officially time to change things up. Growing up, it was tradition in my home to decorate with catkins branches and fresh flowers from the backyard as soon as they pushed through the cold temperatures, so I took that as inspiration and created a seasonal centerpiece to bring color to my home. Use these instructions as a jumping off point for building your own celebratory bouquet using your favorite blooms from the backyard or the farmer’s market:

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 09

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 04


Branches & flowers, I used:

  • Catkins
  • Goldenrod
  • Daffodil
  • Fuchsia filler flowers


Glass vessels

First, choose your flowers. I chose eye-catching catkins as tradition, and accented with seasonal blooms in brighter hues.

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 02

Remove the flowers from their sleeves and trim the ends at an angle using the scissors. Place your accent flower or branches in the vessels first. You can use one or more bottles, depending on the size of the grouping. I used one large and two small glass bottles.

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 05

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 06

Next, trim the brighter flowers down and arrange them in the bottles, adding and subtracting until you’ve landed on a grouping that you like. Trim the stems to different lengths to add interest and create dimension!

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 07

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 08

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 10

Before placing your bouquet on the tabletop, find a piece of vintage fabric or a lace tablecloth to lay down first, then arrange the bottles. Accent with pieces of driftwood or river stones.

Easter Bouquet Low Rez 11


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9 years ago

These arrangements are stunning!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Such a beautiful flower arrangement!
Thanks for sharing :)

9 years ago

looks so pretty! i love catkins, the fluff is so cute. i have them at home too

9 years ago

Useful post!
Thank you for sharing! : )


6 years ago

The article was so wonderful, I learned how to plant a beautiful flower.
Thank so much!