Chain Braid Festival Hair Tutorial

If you have long hair, this festival hairstyle from Maritza Buelvas is for you. We love it because it gives an alternative to the classic braid — even the fishtail is starting to feel “been there, done that”, but the chain braid is entirely new. Wear it alone or dress it up with one of our Free People head scarves and rock out like our beautiful model, FP Me stylist Sharonova.



Step One: Form a midrise ponytail at the back of the head. Split your pony into two main sections. Split each section into two smaller sections (i.e. mini-ponies).



Step Two: ­­­­­­­Begin this easy roping technique to create the beginning of your chain link: Rope your first mini-pony by looping both sectioned strands to the right to form tight ropes. Then intertwine both roped sections, twisting them together to create a visible rope chain.



Step Three: Once finished with the first roped chain, secure with an elastic band. Now begin roping your second section (i.e. second mini-pony) — still roping to the right. Once finished with your second roped mini-pony, secure with another elastic band.



Step Four: Create a 3D chain-braid by roping both finished sections to the right — creating a three-dimensional-looking chain. Secure final braid with an elastic band.



Step Five: Wrap Free People’s Embroidered Head Scarf around your forehead with the ends loose (as we did in our first look) or roped through your braid (like we did in our second look).


Get the look:  Embroidered Head ScarfWe the Free Night Time Muscle Tee, Lawless Leather Bolo

Model: Sharonova

Hair: Maritza Buelvas

Makeup: Brenda Arelano

Photography: Cassandra Eldridge

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8 years ago

This is gorgeous! I wish my hair was that long and thick!

8 years ago

This is so pretty and simple! I adore the scarf.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Ah, I’ve tried a similar trick to this, and I loved it!

8 years ago

Thank you for sharing this!
Lovely hair style.

8 years ago

You guys should do more hair tutorials for shorter hair! I love all these styles but can’t pull any of them off because of my length. Specifically the braids!!

8 years ago

I LOVE it! This is going to go great with my head scarves I have! Finally an easy one and I’m a pro at braids :)