DIY Pressed Flower Wall Clock

I love analog clocks. Their simple look. That comforting, faint tick they produce. In a world where the need for them becomes less and less, I find myself wanting one more and more. I recently stumbled upon a whole wall of clocks while shopping, and immediately my eyes locked onto one of them. I knew I wanted it, and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it: Add pressed flowers. Obviously.

This is a pretty simple project – you just have to make sure that the clock you’re working with is able to be easily deconstructed and reconstructed. I’ll admit, I started deconstructing this one right there in the store, just to make sure…




Pressed flowers




Hot glue

Before I jump in, let’s rewind real quick. If you’re pressing flowers on your own, you’re going to need about a week’s time for them to be set before you can use them. Maybe you already have some on-hand like I always do – I tried to put a little hint in this post that a pressed flower DIY was coming, so hopefully some of you are already prepared!



Once your flowers are pressed and ready, deconstruct your clock. All I needed was a pair of pliers. You may need some other tools, depending on the way your clock was made.


Using your clock as a template, cut your paper into the proper shape and size to cover the entire clock face. Cut a small hole in the middle in the same spot as the one on the original clock face.

I used a thin piece of card stock in a light blue hue – I thought it would go beautifully with the flowers I’d be using.


Hot glue your pressed flowers to the paper in any way you please. My initial idea was to use flowers instead of numbers, so I would lay them out where the numbers would normally be. Then I decided to ditch that idea and just lay them out however I wanted instead.

You can also add feathers, photos, magazine cutouts, or anything else you can glue – just make sure that the objects lay flat enough that they won’t interfere with the hands of the ticking clock. You could also paint some designs or handwrite your own numbers. Let your creativity guide you. See what your hands want to create.


After you’re finished, reconstruct your clock and voila! A unique piece that fits perfectly in your home.


Mine is very simple – just as I had envisioned. :)


+ Who’s making this? Let us know what you’ll add to yours! 

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8 years ago

I love this Brigette!

8 years ago

This is gorgeous – and the possibilities are endless – so much fun!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Great idea, going to try this with some feathers I have collected!

8 years ago

Such a cute and easy idea!

8 years ago

*ahh!* this is beautiful!

8 years ago

Love this. It’s perfect for spring!

8 years ago

love this diy !!! Easy, simple, & perfect for spring :)

8 years ago

Beautiful DIY! How vintage!

8 years ago

This DIY is so perfect! ^_^
Also- those apothecary candles (like the one in the second to last photo) are seriously THE BEST! The tobacco and patchouli one is my favorite <3

8 years ago

It’s always spring in my room and this would be a perfect way to add some love to my plain clock. Loving it!

7 years ago

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6 years ago

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