A (Funny) Q + A With Family & Friends

Family & Friends… where do I even begin?

It’s hard to come across really genuine people. The kind whose hearts you know are only filled with pure goodness. I sensed it the moment I met these guys in Atlanta last year. Maybe it’s their southern charm, or maybe they have me fooled (highly doubtful)… whatever it is, the guys who make up the band known as Family & Friends are some of the best people I’ve met in my life. They’ve popped up on the blog a few times here and there, staying close to the FP Family since one of the very first backyard sessions we did with them at Shaky Knees a year ago. It was so fun to reunite with them down in Austin for SXSW for our showcase. They played an awesome set, and if you caught our snapchat story during the event, you would have seen these fellas make a guest takeover appearance. I wanted you all to get to know these guys a little better, but with no trace of an interview. Instead, I asked them each to share a defining memory of when they knew music was meant to be in their life, and I had them each take pen to paper and fill out a fun questionnaire. What I received back is nothing short of amazing, and hilarious. If you guys need a good laugh, just take a read below:

Family & Friends, I love you guys.



“I don’t know if there was one defining moment, necessarily, that I decided I wanted to pursue music. When I started writing, it was pretty surface-level material. The more I wrote, the more I explored, the deeper I started digging until I began tapping into a part of myself that I didn’t know existed. I was unraveling at the seams and discovering secrets within myself… hidden fears and doubts, desires, dreams. It didn’t take long to find that there was a certain level of connection there, that I wasn’t alone in these feelings.”



IMG_2145 copy

“My brother played guitar, and I wanted to be cool like him.”




“My first memory of music was my mom singing my brother and I to sleep. I knew this was the road I wanted to take with my life when I went to see Dashboard Confessional in 6th Grade.”




“7 years ago, on a warm night after a gripping show, I stood alongside one of my favorite venues, the Caledonia lounge, and talked to one of my favorite friends and musician, Johnny Dang, guitarist for one of my favorite bands, O’brother. I soaked in our conversation as we talked about reaching dreams, the weight of the moment was thick and presently nostalgic as he spoke to my soul, “I know that dreams come true if you pursue them long enough.” I’ve carried that moment with me ever since, and it will always fuel me.”




“My friend’s older brother paid me $20 to play drums for an electronic set he was doing in a movie theater. It was a total disaster. That’s when I knew I wanted to play music.”



I can’t thank you guys enough, ya’ll are the best <3

Take a listen to Family & Friends here (or look them up on Spotify!), and be sure to follow them on Instagram!

Catch them on their tour!

Fri, April 10 – Nashville, TN – Exit / In

Thu, April 23  – Chapel Hill, NC –Local 506

Fri, April 24 –Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle

Sat, April 25 –Charleston, SC – The Pour House

Thu, April 30 –Charlotte, NC – The Neighborhood Theatre

Fri, May 1 –Greensboro, NC – The Blind Tiger

Sat May 2 –Augusta, GA – Sky City

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9 years ago

I love all of these! so hilarious. so good!

9 years ago

This is so sweet! I want to be BFFs with Tuna – awesome dudes!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Hahah I love this! That last picture is super cute :)
Lots of love,

9 years ago

Best ever.

9 years ago

JP is so dreamy! What a fun idea. Love all of them!

9 years ago

Had never heard of this band before!! Love their sound.
But seriously JP, jeggings under skinnies? Free People, please help him.



9 years ago

What a lovely and quirky band! I love their character!