A Festival-Ready Faux Hawk French Twist Hair Tutorial

For our second installment of festival hairstyles with Maritza Buelvas, we worked on FP Me Stylist MeganMoon. Megan has the most amazing head of hair, and we love how this style gives it a rocker girl edge. The look is perfect to keep the hair off your neck while you get down and dance to the music, especially if you’ll be under the hot desert sun this weekend! To give it that little something extra, Maritza added the Feather Bobby Pin Set from our Hair Shop. The detail adds just the right amount of intrigue and style to spice it up.


Step One: Grab the back of your hair and form a French twist.  Secure in place with hairpins and accent with Free People’s Feather Bobby Pin.


Step Two: Let the front hang free giving your look a faux hawk appeal!


Get the look: Hollywood Graphic Tee, Moon Beam Choker

Model: MeganMoon

Hair: Maritza Buelvas

Makeup: Brenda Arelano

Photography: Cassandra Eldridge

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8 years ago

Sweet! wish I could pull off such a carefree look!

Linda http://www.lovelnj.com

8 years ago

So cool.I really like this …..wish I could manage this with my super fine hair.

8 years ago

Looks amazing! Such a cool hairstyle :)

8 years ago

She is beautiful! I love this look.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

We wish we had the hair to pull this off…*sad face*..we don’t.


8 years ago

You make it look so easy… I think I’m going to fro my hair and try it! :)

8 years ago

Good idea!
Beautiful hair style!


8 years ago

I’ve seen this before and it looks great! Never knew how they did it!

8 years ago

What a beautiful girl!! Cool hair do tooooo

8 years ago

thank you sooo much for this awesome look! this’ll make transitioning to natural hair so much more fun. please post more stuff like this! much appreciated :)

8 years ago

Thank you for the lovely comments about my work with Free People. Much appreciated!

8 years ago

So glad to finally see a style that can be done successfully with my hair type!