Festival Fashion in the Heart of the Desert

Dressing for a desert festival is a particular thing. Anyone who has been to the festival knows this. 

Numerous elements come into play when planning your duds. Because of the location in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, you have to take the heat into account, first and foremost. With temps lingering in the 90s, layers and vegan leather are thrown out the window. Then there’s the fact that it’s in the desert. I love escaping to the desert whenever I can and each time the energy never disappoints. The rock-and-roll history here is palpable. Alas, the cool factor also comes into play with festival dressing.

There are bohemians, rockers, and punks. Celebrities, musicians, and artists. Meadow, Ginger, Lou, and Candy. They’re all here, inspiring each other with their festival wear. Check out some of our favorite looks below:



Get the look: Ease Into It Romper, Draped In Plaid Shirt, Galloon Lace Halter Bra Mile High SunglassesMidsummer Dream Dress, Abbey Road Sunglasses



Get the look: Agung Romper, Hidden Treasures Belt, Fever Aviator


Get the look: Boyfriend Brami, Lax Print Skirt, Cascading Fringe Crossbody



Get the look: Bungalow Tank, Runaway Slouch Cutoff, Siren Metal Belt, Kensington Sunglasses


Get the look: Empire Extreme Shirt Dress, Jillian Flash Sunglasses


Get the look: Queenwood Western Boot



Get the look: Button Front Cutoffs, Love Always FP Denim Jacket, Peony TopAmelie Fringed Bucket

A big thanks to all who graciously let us take your photo! And always a good time seeing our pals, Dylana and Natalie Suarez!

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Coachella is literally my dream festival. The fashion looks amazing and i love the temporary tattoo style!!x

I cannot contain my envy of everyone who got to go! Looks so much fun!

It’s cool to see how music and fashion come together at Coachella, some get really creative with their outfits.

xx Cheyenne

The pinnacle of music and fashion intertwining and becoming one. So much wardrobe inspiration, awesome music – hating that I’m not there!



First pic, blue dress look = perfection.

Love the two in the first photo!

Love black romper! all these looks are wearable, great post!


They all look amazing! Looks like a blast, I’m so jealous!


Love it – everyone is gorgeous! i love the dress from the first two with the high neckline best! was turned down and unexpected.

Warm Regards,

Love seeing original styles!


mimi in white

i like that the trends at coachella are more than just fashion and accessory–there’s always some kind of body art aspect…probably because it’s hot out and these people all have awesome bodies so they make a great canvas. but where else would something like flash tats become so big? the other big one seems to be those lace tattoos (lacetattoo.com) which were really cool but I didn’t see as many of them as I did the flash tattoos. so what kind of body art/tattoos will be trending at the next Coachella?

The girl in the 4th outfit down, is wearing a belt from The Lair. Google it, they ship worldwide.

So fun to see all the hippie and gypsy looks out there. No place better than coachella to rock such fantastical looks!





All the looks are great! I love clicking through Coachella styles to find some new inspirations for my summer wardrobe.

wonderful looks! coachella fashion is the best!

Fashion and music together create the environment really cool. I love the Coachella styles. Thanks for sharing this