Are You Free?

To celebrate April as National Poetry Writing Month, or #NaPoWriMo, photographer and writer Philip Anderson Edsel headed out to the hill country of Austin, Texas with model Maddie Teeuws to shoot some poetry-inspired images.

Are You Free?

What does it mean to be alive, to be adventurous, to be free?

What commands us and whose stories are we telling, if not our own?

For we are one with the Wild Wind,

where wild hearts tell stories in the passing of quiet moments

and the heat resonates within our tender bones.


And when the seasons change, lush and wild

at the hope of something new, what moves us?

What stirs within and calls us forth

from desert plains to span the height and breadth of mountains?

What is it within us that yells,

Be still, Oh Earth and Sun Eternal!


Does the choir of highway cars heading West on the Interstate

keep you up at night, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming?

Does the sea, brash and thunderous, sing your name?

Does the light at the end of day pull at you like a gossamer thread?

Are you alive, are you adventurous, are you free?




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Words, images and styling by Philip Anderson Edsel.

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8 years ago

Love the romper and the great pics. but there’s the butchering of the model’s foot again…

8 years ago

This is beautiful! The poem, the girl, surroundings, and that red outfit!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Love the back of the dress. Very beautiful, but how did you walk in those shoes?

8 years ago

Beautiful post! this is exactly why i love Free People so much!

I even shouted FP out in my latest blog post about strength and freedom.

8 years ago

the girl is stunning! :) love the outfits and the pictures !! the scenery is absolutely beautiful!

8 years ago

I love her hair and her dresses.

8 years ago

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