One Small Change A Day: FP Celebrates Earth Month + A Free Download!

We talk a lot about sustainability and natural living here on BLDG 25. We firmly believe that this gorgeous planet we live on should be held near and dear in each and every one of our hearts, held precious and fiercely protected. It’s a noble sentiment to have, but one that even we admit can be difficult to carry out in the day to day minutia of our hectic and busy lives. We drive ourselves to work, purchase our morning coffees in paper cups with plastic lids, leave our phone chargers plugged in, and buy food in pre-packaged containers… these habits are routine, but they’re habits that are routinely harming the planet we live on.

Earth Month

That’s why we’re designating the month of April as Earth Month at BLDG 25. Because one day just isn’t enough. All month long we’ll be bringing you tips and tricks for lessening your footprint and bringing Earth awareness into your day to day. From building a raised bed garden to tips for saving water and joining a CSA, like an advent calendar for the planet, each day will bring with it a new idea. Our first tip of the month? Saving the calendar below, custom-designed buy our Graphic Design team, to your desktop so you can follow along. Use it to plan out your own projects, follow along with ours, and count down to Earth Day itself (April 22nd):


Click here to download or print the high-rez version

We hope that this month of projects devoted to the planet will inspire you to strive for a healthier Earth all year long. We’ll be learning and growing right along with you and sharing everything at #FPEarthMonth, and we hope you’ll share your progress with us! Tag your pics and show us how you’re making Mother Earth healthier with each passing day.

Earth Month

Earth Month

+ Be sure to check back every day throughout the month of April for new Earth-friendly tips and tricks!

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9 years ago

This is such a beautiful print out! Love it!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

This is a beautiful download! And what a great way to celebrate Earth Month :)

9 years ago

I love the idea of celebrating earth month! I think sustainability is a concept we need to start living out in our daily lives. One huge area that, especially as young women, we need to start thinking more sustainably about is the textile industry. The amount of water needed to produce clothing is astounding, and the chemicals used to produce most fabrics are harmful to our planet. Not to mention the social injustice that is so prevalent in todays fashion industry. Humans are so connected to the planet, social responsibility and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. So in honour of earth month and striving to live a life of peace and love, I suggest that we are thoughtful when we purchase pretty clothes. Choosing items that we genuinely love and will cherish for years and years (and will last years and years!). And making ourselves aware of who’s hands have made the clothing we put on our bodies, and whether or not they were treated fairly for the beautiful work that have done for us. Inform yourself about sustainable clothing practices and put your money where your love for the planet and people is!

9 years ago

So….where are the actual projects/tips? Is there not one for 1st April, or is today’s project just to download and/or print out (print! not particularly sustainable…) the calendar?

9 years ago

Gorgeous pictures, and thanks for the free download :)
Lots of love!

9 years ago

Such a good idea, I can’t wait!

9 years ago

Beautiful download!
Thank you.