Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 13–19

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March 21–April 19

Staying in the moment could be difficult this week when pleasant Venus in your mindset house spars with restrictive Saturn in your future zone and yearning Neptune in your subconscious sector. Happy thoughts and social interactions can be curtailed by studies, doubts, narrow beliefs, nostalgia, sadness or a vague feeling of emptiness. Whatever is weighing on you could manifest as a person, circumstance or event that keeps you from being in a good mood or having a good time. Try to appreciate the beauty, love and pleasure in your environment and your relationships without disregarding anything going on inside you. With Mars and Jupiter clashing, you might blow your budget to enjoy life or to have something that’s calling your name. But a Mercury-Neptune collaboration can help you decide what to sacrifice. The Aries new moon prompts you to rejuvenate your image—another factor that might lead you to shop. Take a cue from the planets and start your new year with some form of personal reinvention.



April 20–May 20

With Mercury entering your sign this week, your ability to express yourself improves. You’re also better able to examine your life and make personal decisions. Mercury is clicking with Neptune in your humanity sector, suggesting that communication with others will be good, so you may want to give a group presentation, do some professional networking or just catch up with your friends. However, your ruler Venus is clashing with Neptune and Saturn, so you may be out of sync with people when it comes to money, possessions or values. And you also might feel like you’re not getting what you need from a particular person. You’ll probably be tempted to push, but a fight between Mars and Jupiter means you can easily go too far. It could be that you’re biting off more than you can chew, and your own sense of security is being affected. The new moon encourages you to take a step back and recharge your battery. Perfect time to start a new spiritual practice.



May 21–June 20

Mercury sneaks into your subconscious sector this week, boosting your intuition and encouraging quiet reflection. You’ll be more inclined to keep still and mull over your dreams, the past or things you’ve pushed to the back of your mind. A Mercury-Neptune meeting favors pondering your life direction or doing research related to an aspiration. Venus in Gemini is battling Saturn and Neptune, so you could feel like your desires are being thwarted. If a goal eludes you, a boss or parent throws you off track or someone blocks or tests you, it’s easy to focus on what you’re not getting and who’s to blame. Stop and consider what (or whom) you want and what kind of energy you’re putting out to attain your desires. How committed are you to a specific relationship or to sharing something of yourself with people? Are your aims too vague or too limiting? A new moon is your signal to join a group, make a new friend or birth a new dream.



June 21–July 22

With Venus tucked away in your seclusion house, part of your focus is on private or selfless love or taking care of someone who needs you. This week’s Venus-Neptune skirmish could emphasize your illusions or romanticism and leave you feeling confused. You’re probably struggling to get some perspective on your personal life and could use time alone to reflect. Make sure you’re not being a victim or a martyr, because that’s sometimes the case when Venus is transiting this house. A Venus-Saturn faceoff suggests that as much as you long for peace and quiet, your job, health or daily responsibilities are apt to prevent you from relaxing like you want to. You may need to make a sacrifice and postpone something pleasurable. This is a good time to take stock of your spirituality and your service to others. The new moon pushes you to set a new professional goal, start a new chapter in your career or life direction or get going on your business plan.



July 23–August 22

Mars in your ambition angle is challenging Jupiter in your sign this week, hinting that you need to be careful how you interact with authority figures. If you come across as aggressive, arrogant or a know-it-all, a conflict could ensue and escalate. You’ll probably see that in this instance, it’s only worth fighting when your beliefs, morals, growth or education is at stake. Intuition, psychological insights and research can facilitate smoother communication and inform your thinking about goals. With Venus in your network zone, you’re in the mood to be around a lot of people, but Venus’s clashes with Saturn and Neptune imply that your self-expression may be inhibited, closeness could elude you or romance and affection might seem blocked. Although you might feel insecure and confused, focusing on the friendly quality in your relationships can help. A new moon in your expansion sector inspires you to renew your optimism, keep learning, embrace new experiences and let restlessness propel you onward into the unknown.



August 23–September 22

Mercury’s entry into your exploration zone this week encourages abstract thinking, learning, travel and curiosity about unfamiliar subjects, cultures and beliefs. Open-mindedness and a genuine interest in people who are different from you will help you to connect with others, thanks to Mercury’s harmony with Neptune in your relationship angle. Venus, however, is at the top of your chart fighting with Neptune as well as Saturn. Appealing to higher-ups, attracting success and maintaining a positive public image could seem difficult now. Uncertainty about someone, ambiguous signals, childhood insecurity or underlying negative feelings are likely causes. Consider what impression you want to make and how you can help yourself to shine. A difference of opinion could snowball, with Mars in your viewpoint house challenging excessive Jupiter, so only engage if the argument has substantial meaning for you. The new moon prompts you to focus on trust, sharing, intimacy, financial support, psychology and personal transformation. This is an appropriate time to begin something new related to one of those areas.



September 23–October 22

Venus is hanging in your journeys zone, increasing the pleasure you get from learning, travel and new experiences and encouraging you to expand your consciousness through love. You’re more likely now to be attracted to people who are foreign to you in some way. But this week, Venus is fighting off Saturn in your cognition-and-communication house and Neptune in your duties sector. So limited thinking, pessimism, a problem with a sibling, everyday obligations, depression, an uncertain schedule, a health issue, fatigue or getting sucked into a vortex of work could keep you from feeling free to explore unfamiliar territory and enjoy life. You may have to compromise to get some of what you want, but you’ll feel better if you at least try to get out of your head and get out of your routine. The new moon in your others angle is telling you to make a connection with someone, take a relationship to the next level, redefine a friendship or improve the dynamic between you and other people.



October 23–November 21

Relationships could be complicated this week, with Venus in your sharing sector and Mars in your one-on-one angle fighting off other planets. You want to feel close to someone, but you’re working on being self-sufficient, and your need for security could keep you from being completely open. You might also be holding out for an ideal version of love or romanticizing a particular person, and that can interfere with a real experience of closeness. And hoping someone will save you or you’ll heal them with your love can set up a dynamic that prevents a partnership of equals. You may be having a hard time reconciling a spiritual connection and sexual attraction now. If you get into a conflict, examine your own expectations before pointing the finger. A cooperative angle between Mercury and Neptune hints that communication and empathy are essential. The new moon calls for you to begin an exercise regimen, start eating healthier or initiate a change in your habits, job, schedule or work methods.



November 22–December 21

An opposition between Venus in your relationship angle and Saturn in your sign this week implies that your rapport with people could be affected by your need to focus on yourself. Saturn is pushing you to set boundaries, devote your energy to self-improvement and work on restructuring your life. Others are likely to perceive you as more serious and less available, and that’s okay, but make sure you’re not totally blocking affection and companionship. Venus is also quarreling with Neptune at the bottom of your chart, so your mood or your yearning for some peace and quiet could also interfere with relationships. Plus ideals that you’ve held onto for a long time might keep you from seeing someone clearly. A Mars-Jupiter battle alludes to the fact that you have a lot to do but still want to be free to roam. Use the new moon as an excuse to add some romance, fun, humor, pleasure, creativity, love and happiness to your life.



December 22–January 19

The profound death-and-rebirth process that Pluto’s trip through Capricorn has subjected you to in the past several years becomes even more internalized this week when Pluto goes retrograde. The lord of the underworld will be backtracking for the next five months, plunging you deeper into your subconscious. Plumbing the depths of your psyche is scary, and by now, you’ve probably realized that you don’t have as much control over yourself and your life as you had hoped. But facing the darkest recesses of your soul will strengthen your integrity. Pluto is destroying false parts of your identity, empowering you to be truer to your Self. Don’t look outside yourself for wisdom or cause, because a Pluto transit is an isolating, interior experience. Trust in the absolute necessity of this personal transformation. Holding on to obsolete, compulsive ways of being you will only make it harder. The new moon encourages you to tune into your emotional state, improve your living situation and put down new roots.



January 20–February 18

With Venus in your fulfillment house, you’re in the mood to enjoy life. But Venus’s battles with Saturn and Neptune this week suggest you may encounter challenges. Friends or another group could somehow impede creativity, romance, play, humor or self-expression. You might feel inhibited by other people and fear not fitting in. Or social obligations could keep you from doing exactly as you please. Iffy funds or confidence may get in the way of having a good time as well—as could murky priorities or values. It’s very possible that you’ll face the Aquarian dilemma of being an individual versus being part of a group. Verbal Mercury in your emotions angle will help you to talk about where you’re coming from, but a Mars-Jupiter quarrel means angry feelings and high expectations of others can make a volatile combo. It’s important to understand what’s troubling you before you project it onto someone else. The new moon cues you to tweak your thinking, learn something new and make a quick decision.



February 19–March 20

Pleasure-oriented Venus is luring you to stay home and nest or spend time with family. Her clashes with Saturn and Neptune this week mean that won’t be as easy as it sounds. You may have difficulty juggling work and relaxation, or an authority figure like a boss or parent could mess with your good mood. Responsibilities could weigh on you and cut into your personal time. Decorating, entertaining and enjoying yourself with relatives or people you live with may fall short of your ideals. Maybe you’re lost in your imagination, caught up in a creative project, feeling out of it or unsure of yourself, and your state of mind will interfere with the pleasures of home or family. You’re more likely than usual to overindulge in comfort food now. Mercury and Neptune are meshing, helping you to think about what’s best for you and to explain your state of mind. The new moon encourages you to focus on tending to your own needs and getting your finances in order.

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7 years ago

For Sagittarius, I wonder if it only means dating relationships? I’m single.

FP Tracy
7 years ago

Hi Cassie. It applies to relationships in general, not just romantic ones. Have a great week!

7 years ago

Wow, this explains a lot… I haven’t read my horoscope in a while.

7 years ago

Capricorn’s horoscope could not be more spot on! Great advice, much appreciated :)

7 years ago

These are always so on point! I just sent it to my sister :)

Warm Regards,