Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 6–12

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March 21–April 19

You’re in an “Anything can happen!” frame of mind this week, thanks to meetups between the energizing sun, mental Mercury and liberating Uranus in your sign. Chances are this will feel more exhilarating than unnerving, but you could have a tinge of anxiety, especially if you want things to stay the same. With these planets combining forces, you’re capable of radiating your personality and expressing yourself with exceptional flair. Although the Aries new moon doesn’t occur until next week, you already have an urge to start fresh, because both your ego and your mindset are oriented toward change now. A Mercury-Jupiter encounter hints at affectionate communication, creative ideas, happy thoughts and humor. But Merc’s quarrel with Pluto suggests you don’t agree with an authority figure or a powerful system—or you can’t wrap your head around your career path or life direction. Watch what you say to people who have any kind of control over you. Still, the takeaway from this week: You’re truly free to be yourself and to explore life’s limitless roads to fulfillment.



April 20–May 20

A planetary gathering in the last house of your chart lures you to tune into your dreams, imagination, intuition, spirituality and subconscious mind this week. Your best ideas and insights will come from such alternate routes. Try to be as aware as possible of what’s going on inside you, because disruptive people, events and circumstances could relate to unconscious signals you’re sending out. Don’t keep secrets from yourself. Sift through repressed feelings with interest and acceptance, and examine old patterns with a readiness to let them go. You need plenty of sleep, downtime, peace and quiet to reflect and recharge your battery before your birthday season kicks off. But Mars is already in your sign, providing you with enough energy to get things done when you need to. His current discord with restrictive Saturn in your sharing sector and harmony with go-with-the-flow Neptune in your network house implies that your efforts may be blocked by an individual but supported by a group. So teamwork is undoubtedly a better bet right now than partnership.



May 21–June 20

You’re likely to meet new people this week, with Mercury in your group house conjoining random Uranus and connecting with expansive Jupiter in your communication sector. Plus magnetic Venus is arriving in Gemini for a four-week stay. Socializing and professional networking will go well, so get out and circulate. Share your thoughts, because brainstorming with others could yield brilliant ideas. This is a good time to shift gears and think about what’s next for you. Conceiving new objectives for your future may require you to release an old goal. The people you come in contact with and the thoughts running through your head will inspire you, but Mercury’s skirmish with Pluto hints that trust, jealousy, intimacy and sharing may pose a problem in a relationship. Be mindful of your words and actions. With Mars in the last house of your chart, you run the risk of getting irritable and doing things you don’t intend to, unconsciously undermining your own interests. To make use of Mars’s current placement, work behind the scenes on a creative goal.



June 21–July 22

Planetary activity at the top of your chart this week signals that it’s time to focus on goals. With verbal Mercury meshing with generous Jupiter in your money house, it might be smart to ask for a raise now if you’ve been considering it. Or give serious thought to how you can earn a better income in your career. This is also a good week to formulate fresh professional plans; set objectives that will allow you to contribute something unique to the world; interview for a new job; speak out in a public setting; pursue goals related to technology and communication; exhibit your quirks for everyone to see; make a liberating change in your career path or life direction; and be open to new opportunities for advancement. You’ll probably be tempted to rebel against authority, get into a power struggle or quit your job, but if you know those are unwise choices, you can find better uses for all the nonconformist energy. Take advantage of this chance to change how you’re seen.



July 23–August 22

With three planets in your expansion house interacting with each other this week, the importance of personal growth continues to be stressed. And as always, there are many means of broadening your horizons. If you’re unable to travel, satisfy your wanderlust by changing your routine. Take a different route when you’re walking, running, biking or driving. Sneak in a day trip if you can. Talk to strangers. Surf the internet and enjoy photos of faraway places or read about a totally unfamiliar subject. Explore different beliefs by attending a religious service or having a conversation with someone with whom you don’t have much in common. Keep an open mind, and embrace fresh insights and ideas. Begin studying a foreign language. After four months retrograde, Jupiter is turning direct in your sign, giving you a sense of anticipation and excitement, though you may feel overstimulated. In the coming four months, maintain your focus on self-awareness, learning and expansion. If you’ve been incubating anything related to this mission over the winter, start to put your plans in action.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet Mercury is transiting your depth sector, and this week, it’s joining forces with game-changer Uranus and the vitalizing sun, while clicking with freeing Jupiter in your subconscious zone—putting the focus on various mental and verbal endeavors. Introspection and intimate conversations can generate insights and compassion. Someone close to you may teach you a valuable spiritual lesson. Change—in the form of gradual growth, slow death-and-rebirth transformation and sudden upsets—is taking place within you and within your relationships. Issues around dependence, sexuality, love and happiness have probably been coming up. Much of this is apt to be on your mind now, and this is a good time to align your attitude with healthy, necessary changes. Mercury’s present position in your chart is conducive to very deep thinking and making a profound connection with another person. However, a Mercury-Pluto disagreement alludes to a potential power struggle with an individual or a psychological struggle of your own. Virgos are solution-oriented, but wisdom, understanding, healing and growth would be more suitable aims right now.



September 23–October 22

It looks like a fairly social week for you Libras, with three planets in your relationship angle connecting with each other and interacting with expansive Jupiter in your network house. You’ll be able to satisfy your natural inclination toward companionship and may even widen the circle of people in your life. This week is not necessarily so much about doing things with other people as it is about talking; listening; forging connections; learning from others; sharing what you know; contemplating the dynamic between you and individuals and you and groups; getting to know people; and letting them get to know you. A Mercury-Pluto battle suggests a disagreement with a family member or roommate, and control will likely be an issue. It’s also possible that your emotional state, past patterns or irrational compulsions will get the best of you and affect your rapport with other people. You might even have a falling-out with someone. If a relationship is changing, look within to understand why. Try to view change as happening through you, not to you.



October 23–November 21

This week, everything revolves around health, your job, your work ethic, daily duties, time management, habits, skills, fitness, nutrition, efficiency, problem solving, usefulness, your routine and self-improvement. Examine the factors that are impacting your wellness and productivity, and decide what needs to change. As much as you’ve been trying to change (with Uranus in the house related to these matters since 2011), your progress has been erratic, due to the inherently chaotic nature of Uranus. But the sun and Mercury are giving you the vitality and concentration to make some headway now. A new approach to your day and your responsibilities is called for, so keep thinking in terms of what you can do differently. Mercury is quarreling with Pluto in your cognition-and-communication sector, suggesting a struggle in your own head or a conflict with a colleague. Try to recognize when your thoughts or words are rooted in survival fears, and get past all-or-nothing thinking. Conceive a detailed plan for success that blends optimism about your future and realism about life’s inevitable ups and downs.



November 22–December 21

After four months of backtracking, Jupiter goes direct this week, stimulating your natural optimism and reinvigorating your quest for the freedom to grow in whatever direction you choose. Plans for travel, learning and adventure may start to fall into place in the coming weeks, as Jupiter gets back up to speed. Mental Mercury is vibing with your ruling planet, helping you look to the future and think big. And Mercury, the sun and Uranus are all interacting in your fulfillment house, continuing the emphasis on self-expression and happiness. Get creative; make time for play; share your emotions, ideas, ingenuity and humor with others; devote energy to something that makes you feel most like yourself; enjoy life with the people you love; seek out new sources of pleasure; cultivate a crush. With Mars in your duty zone sparring with Saturn in Sagittarius, you’ll probably have moments when you chafe at doing work that’s annoyingly unrelated to your aspirations. Still, if you tackle some duties at home, you’re apt to get in a flow.



December 22–January 19

Your feelings, family or home will draw your attention this week, with lots of planetary activity in your roots angle. Check in with yourself, and talk about how you’re feeling with someone you trust or make time for deep introspection. You could receive generous support from a confidant or learn something valuable about yourself—perhaps both. Reflecting on the past will be useful, so take notice of where your mind drifts. One benefit of having disruptive Uranus in this part of your chart: You can liberate yourself from the hold the past has over you. Some of the shifts in your family, living situation and emotional security have been quite unsettling, but look at being unsettled as a good thing. Your foundation has been rattled, yet that leaves you free to put down new roots. A Mercury-Pluto battle implies you’ll struggle with these issues in your head or clash with a family member or someone you live with. If you’re fighting for control or to maintain the status quo, think of the progress you might be preventing.



January 20–February 18

There’s a lot going on in your head and around you, with mental Mercury, the focalizing sun and chaotic Uranus all interacting with each other in your communication-and-community zone this week. Your thinking is flexible, your ideas are somewhere between crazy and genius, and you’re dealing with unexpected information and interactions. You have to be particularly alert now, because it seems nothing can be taken as a given. Make an effort to meet new people and find new ways of getting your message across. Take advantage of your restless brain by pursuing a new interest or course of study. Spend time with people who have plenty to teach you, and ask a lot of questions. If you need any kind of support, speak up. And if you have intellectual work to do, this is a great time to tackle it. A Mercury-Pluto conflict suggests that strong subconscious feelings could lead you to hurt yourself by saying things you didn’t intend to. Confronting unpleasant aspects of yourself or your past will help to prevent damage.



February 19–March 20

Planetary action in your worth house this week underscores the importance of making progress with your finances and confidence. Consider your relationship to money and possessions. Ask yourself how you can align with the need for conditions to change. Look at what you base your self-worth on. Take inventory of everything you have going for you, including talents and earning ability. Reset your priorities, based on what you value in your life. Examine what resources you need most in order to flourish. With Uranus transiting this house 2011–2018, the way you make a living could radically change. Mercury is gelling with Jupiter in your responsibilities sector, prompting you to draw the connection between finances and expanding your work, and you should be feeling optimistic about taking on more. Mercury-Pluto discord hints at a conflict with people over money or values, or you may be struggling to see how your professional networking and new goals will fit with your financial needs. A Mars-Neptune confab urges you to communicate your dreams with force and plot action steps.



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8 years ago

I definitely do have plans for travel!! :D
Happy Easter :)

8 years ago

Talking with myself after reading this: ” See? Told you you should be more wise. And chill down already.” :))

8 years ago

Time to make some changes. Love your horoscopes x

8 years ago

every single Sunday first thing I do is read this. They are so spot on always, I love it! I’m addicted!!!

8 years ago

Sigh, I have TONS of workload :(

8 years ago

wow! it’s so good.thanks for sharing it.

8 years ago

Lovely job and explanation – although it does make this Aries quite nervous. I’ll be careful!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

My horoscope has been saying the same thing over and over this past couple of weeks. Maybe it’s a signal or nudge that I’m not following through with this advice and I should start now!

Good to think about…