About A Girl: Meet LA Musician, Juliet Piper!

This week we will be hosting our third FP Loves Music event with California native and indie folk singer, Juliet Piper!

On Wednesday, April 8 at 6pm, Juliet Piper & The Daydream will take to the stage at Free People Topanga to share new and old songs off of their critically acclaimed EPs. Juliet was born into a very musical family in Los Angeles. She has since been writing songs and singing. She also plays an array of instruments including the guitar, ukelele, and piano, to name a few. I was able to catch up with her at her grandparent’s home in the hills of Tarzana, a beautiful city just outside of LA. Juliet spent a lot of her childhood here, playing music and spending time outside among the greenery. As she guided me through her family’s home, she shared stories of her childhood in this enchanting space. As she spoke, an ever-present smile was on her face and I could almost see the memories in her twinkling eyes.

Juliet will be wrapping up our three-part, pre-coachella, music event series this week. Read on to learn more about Juliet and be sure to catch her and The Daydreams on Wednesday!


Where are you originally from?

Los Angeles.

What is your favorite thing to do in LA?

I love exploring places I’ve never been to, especially when there’s history or a spectacular view involved. I’m also obsessed with riding the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier!

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I was born into a musical family and have always been surrounded by creative people. My dad and I used to write little songs together, and my grandma taught me how to play piano. The love has been there since the very beginning.


What do you love most about being a musician?

It’s a tie between songwriting and just being part of an amazing creative community. When you play shows, you end up crossing paths with a lot of likeminded and really talented individuals. My bandmates and other artists I’ve grown close to over the years have added so much magic to my life.

Your favorite place to chill out is…

At the dance studio. I’m in a contemporary dance class right now, and it is the highlight of my week!

How would you describe your style?

Dreamy, bright, comfortable.

What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received and from whom did you receive it?

A really wonderful friend of mine once passed along the quote, “Go beyond reason to love. It is safe. It is the only safety.” Those words have resonated with me ever since.

Finish the sentence: You would never know this by just looking at me, but I…

Never drink — I only order Shirley Temples!

Do you have a morning routine?

There are at least a dozen hummingbirds that play in the fountain outside my window right at sunrise. Watching them flutter around first thing in the morning is the sweetest way to start my day.

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who would it be?

Glinda from The Wizard of Oz!

What is playing on your Spotify right now?

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Bootstraps.

Who’s your favorite artist/band?

Jackson Browne forever and always. His songwriting is sensational!!

What is your go-to outfit?

Long skirts or dresses covered in flowers, gold jewelry, and glitter!

Being free means…

Always moving in the direction of the things you value and love.


Pictured above is Carmen Vizuette, Juliet Piper, Aaron Wittman, & Jasper Yangchareon, from left to right. Photo by Denmilfoto.

Thank you Juliet! Be sure to RSVP to the show at Free People Topanga and follow Juliet on Twitter and Facebook!

Follow fp joanna on Instagram.

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5 years ago

I’m always so excited when I see an “About A Girl” post!

5 years ago

These glimpses into beautiful women are the best series! I love what being free means to her – gorgeous!

Warm Regards,

5 years ago

She has such a cool style! I love her story :)

5 years ago

Love the complete celebration of personality through so many different women and artists here!