Lift the Weight

This is a place for clarity, a place to be humbled, a place to remember the little things… to lift the weight… to achieve balance.

We all experience the feeling of weight. I’m not talking about the physical, but the emotional weight of the world that builds up and every so often sits right beneath the bridge of our shoulder blades.

I’m a firm believer in the power of taking a break. Packing a weekend bag, loading up the car, and going to a place that provides wellness for body and mind. There is a charming little cottage on the side of a lake that does just that for me. It has a way of kneading all of the heavy weight of the world out, and replacing the space left behind with air to breathe. The hardwood floors creek as you step, drafts slip through the old windows, and the back door has a loud squeal that sounds as you open it. It may not be the West Coast beach bungalow that we all dream of, but it has an East Coast, best-s’mores-I’ve-ever-had, wake-up-to-the-sound-of-baby-ducks, charm that keeps me humble and clear headed.

Life is slower here, and I find myself noticing the little things that bring so much beauty into the world. Things that, at times, are shadowed by weight. I spend my mornings on the dock, stretching, filling my lungs with crisp air. The flowers are blooming, the sky is bright, and I’m feeling balanced. Afternoons are for exploring nature, cooking out with fresh ingredients, and reading by the water. I watch the sunset in the hammock, and swing away all of my worries. My nights are burning, with a smoky fire and sweet marshmallows. The stars make me feel small and centered. As each day passes, my head begins to clear more and more. I notice my eyes feel brighter, my lips speak kinder, and my body begins welcoming clarity. My body is saying goodbye to the weight, for just a little while.












+ Where do you go when you experience the pull of weight? How to do clear your head? Is there a place that humbles you and brings you clarity? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Can relate so much to this.Always finding little getaways somewhere in nature to get myself back to a good place and this always does it for me.

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