Movement I love: Reformer Pilates

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Bianca Boulden!

It’s funny, I am a very confident and bubbly person but when it comes to gyms or exercise classes I am the shyest in the room.  I have literally danced since the age of 3, danced all around Australia! I even had the opportunity to dance at Disneyland in Los Angeles and I was always one of the happiest on stage. But with exercise I feel as though everyone is looking at me, looking at my technique and what I am doing wrong. Is my posture wrong? Am I not lifting as much as everyone else? Why I am breathing at different times than everyone else? If this is you, just know you are not alone.

This was all until I tried Pilates. I still don’t have the confidence to try another Pilates school for when I travel but for the moment I am tracking well: two classes a week and I couldn’t be happier. I owe it all to Corinna at Burleigh Pilates Boutique. She is so caring and makes your class so much fun. You literally don’t realize how much work you have done until the next day when you can’t walk or breathe because every muscle has just had the biggest work out its life. Seriously, there are parts of your body you didn’t even know could hurt.

After my first class with Corinna, I wanted to laugh, scream and cry all at the same time. I was that excited that I found something that came so natural to me and that my body was actually responding too. I called Corinna crying, thanking her for changing my life, and screamed with excitement “when can I come in next?” I have been going ever since. It is the only exercise I’ve noticed that has changed my body since dance. Yes, I danced for over 20 years so I did probably already have the body frame there, but this is molding it to exactly what I want it to be. And the beauty was I could see it after my first two classes. Talk about results.

It’s not just the exercise with Corinna, it’s the meditation and the life tips she gives you in every class. Knowing when you need to let stress go, that you need to stop and breathe deeply once a day for five very deep breaths. She is your friend, exercise companion and life coach all in one. I asked Corinna a few more in-depth questions just in case I hadn’t won you over yet…

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Could you share the secret of Pilates? What makes it such a great form of exercise?

Pilates is an amazing way to train as there are SO many incredible benefits.  Not only are you able to gain awesome core strength and all over body strength, but you can really focus on specific areas and target the exact muscle you what to work (like the abs and the butt). Pilates also has a beautiful stretching/flexibility/mobility component to it so the body just ‘feels’ good after a hard session.  The one thing that really excites me about Pilates though is learning to ‘breathe’ and have a great mind/body connection and awareness! It makes you feel bloody awesome!!

What benefits are you likely to experience from Pilates?

Pilates, like anything else, takes commitment and consistency – but the benefits are ridiculous! If you dedicate time to your practice you will see an improvement in your posture, your body can literally change shape amazingly well (especially if you make healthy choices with your food, manage your stress levels and add some fun cardio such as dance classes) – remember it’s all about the balance! Firmer abdominals, increase shape and definition in your butt and thighs and your arms build great strength and tone from using the resistance of the springs! Plus we do a lot of work on flexibility and mobility so your body moves with ease and you find you naturally carry yourself better – stand taller with more confidence and you learn to love your body — Who doesn’t want that?

How often do you recommend practicing Pilates?

Just like everything – it’s all about balance! If you can fit one or two reformer classes in per week plus a barre or floor/mat class – that’s ideal!

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I am loving reformer pilates and I know you will love it too. Watch your body move, tone and become way more flexible. Fit it into your work / life balance — your body will be thanking you.

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8 years ago

Such a beautiful soul and woman! I loved her honest answers and am definitely inspired to take a class now that it’s nicer out and I’m out of hibernation.

Warm Regards,
www. Little Wild Heart .com

8 years ago

I love Pilates, and the great photography! Where did she get her leggings?

8 years ago

I also love pilates! I am practicing both yoga and pilates to help recover from a ski accident… it has helped me tremendously! I wish it was more affordable for everyone ~

8 years ago

I really love yoga and pilates! Awesome work out you do there!!
By the way, i can buy online the cylinder on the first pic?