Musical Match: Meet Kaneholler

I’m always intrigued by couples who also work together, particularly musicians.

Think about when you’re in a relationship, and you arrive at that stage of complete comfort around the other person – you reach a new level of honesty and creativity. Sometimes it’s like the two of you speak your own language that no one else can understand — what if that language was musical? What if you could converse together in rhythms and melodies and tones? Something beautiful happens when a couple makes music together. Kaneholler, the duo comprised of Chelsea Tyler (yes, daughter of Steven Tyler) and Jon Foster, is no exception. I caught up with the pair during SXSW where they were staying at Austin’s new Sour Patch House. If you aren’t familiar with this concept it’s quite cool – Sour Patch (yes, of the candy), has a house in Brooklyn where artists can stay free of charge, in exchange for some sort of creative content.  They opened their Austin house shortly before SXSW, and it’s a beautiful pad. Read on to get to know Kaneholler!

How was your experience at SXSW? What was your favorite moment?

Incredible. Hot, loud and sweaty and we’re all about that. Playing the Wreckroom/Stadium Red showcase with our friends, LolaWolf, and The Skins was probably the best part. But Elliphant killed it. Saw her there twice.

You just finished up a tour with the Ting Tings, what are your plans now? 

J: Stretch more… we’ve been in a van for weeks.

C: We will most definitely dive into our full length album. We’ve started working on a few ideas but it’s not easy making music in the van.

 If you could share the stage with any other artist who would it be?

Sleigh Bells. They’re amazing live. Or Maybe Adventure Club.

What’s something you hope to do or accomplish career-wise in the next year?

Being on the road has inspired us so much in so many different ways. We’re really excited about growing the overall production in our live show. More lights, a giant set piece, and building a bigger sound.

And lastly, what’s something you hope to do or accomplish outside of your career in the next year?

We’re getting married this summer! But we’re so busy we may not even get a chance to have a honeymoon. So fingers crossed we can fit that in.


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Check out Kaneholler’s website and follow them on Facebook!

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7 years ago

Such a beautiful couple! I’ll definitely have to listen to their music, their inspirations like sleigh bells and adventure club are so so good.

Warm Regards,
www. Little Wild Heart .com

7 years ago

Cute! I love their style and I want to listen to what they’ve got!