Organize the Perfect Intimates Drawer

Often, it’s the most delicate pieces in our wardrobes that are paid the least amount of attention. Shoved into drawers, carelessly laundered, thrown on the floor… but these are also the pieces that have the power to make us feel gorgeous, even on the most harried of mornings. Shouldn’t we give them at least a little more consideration?

Soft to the touch and small in size, it’s natural to expect that undergarments wouldn’t take up much room, but sometimes they quickly pile up. The ease of just throwing them in a drawer to keep them out of sight has the potential to become a pretty disorganized situation, especially if there’s a rush to tidy up a room and get things out of the way. No matter how hard I try, the space I dedicate for my intimates always seems to lack care. The drawer will get to a point where all evidence of strategic bra, underwear, and sock positioning is just non-existent. This is so frustrating, and happens time and time again… so where’s the solution? How does one keep a drawer full of beautiful things, well… beautiful?


I think the secret is consistency and not getting too lazy, but first… start fresh. Take everything out of your drawer and pick through the pieces that are necessary, and get rid of the ones that aren’t. Having space will help the organization stay put, and you’ll actually be able to see what you have. I like to stack similarly shaped garments on top of one another, going from dark to light in color. Intimates are the first things we reach for when it comes to getting dressed, and I’ve found that opening up a drawer that’s neat and beautifully kept makes me more excited about the pieces I own.


In terms of slips, I’ll save these for my closet or make a space for them in front of a brightly lit window. Trying to shove them into a drawer creates wrinkles, and they tend to take up too much room. It’s simple to take two little nails and create hooks to hang a slip from. I love the beauty this adds to a bedroom. So simple, yet beautiful.


A beautifully-organized dresser drawer not only has the power to make the morning just a little easier, but keeps underthings in top condition as well. Toss in a beautiful scent and the act of getting dressed is transformed from chore to experience, something to be savored. Use the two ideas below as a jumping-off point, but feel free to play around with your own scent combinations to make your clothes smell as beautiful as they look.


Lavender Sachet:

Dried lavender

Fabric pouch or square of fabric


Whenever I receive a fabric pouch with a piece of jewelry, I’m sure to save it. Not only are they great for traveling, but they make for the perfect sachet paired with fragrant lavender.

To make, spoon a bit of dried lavender into the pouch and tie the end shut. Or, add a bit of lavender to the center of a square of natural-fiber fabric and seal with a bit of thread or ribbon.

Add to your dresser to make your clothes smell amazing.



Lavender Linen Spray

30 drops lavender essential oil

Plain witch hazel

Distilled water

In a spray bottle, combine equal parts witch hazel — which helps the scent stay potent — with water, add the lavender oil and shake. Spray your linens and delicates and allow to dry before storing.



+ What are your tips to organizing the perfect intimates drawer? 

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Photos and words by FP Jana and FP Julie

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I organize mine in a similar way – but I need one much bigger than I currently have! Of course all of my bras are super padded and busting out of the drawer – haha!

Warm Regards,

These are really nice ideas. I already hang all my slips on the wall. I painted wooden clothes pins, put some Commando strips on the back, and made a display out of my slips. I also have some vintage anchor shaped hooks that hang my prettiest bras next to a sunny window. Under wear though… maybe I should take your tips lol… Right now they are rolled up in drawer dividers, but I very much like the light, airy look in the drawer you have created. I will absolutely start using sachets! I did have some, but they are so… Read more »

Such cool ideas. I am always in need of some organization tips, I definitely love this!

OMG, this is so helpful!


Great article!


I agree I love these ideas


I ♥ the idea of the Lavender linen spray, I even have the same lavender oil. Howevee, I wouldn’t advise hanging delicate slips “in front of a brightly lit window”. The sun will literally bake the fabric, which will damage and fade the slips. I would rather preserve by putting them on padded hangers, with a lavender sachet in the closet.

Megan b

Such awesome ideas! I love the ethereal feel your photos give. Makes me want to reorganize my intimate drawers right now lol.

can always use organizational tips, + i love looking at lingerie :) beautiful pics!!!


Good posting!
I love lavendar too!


Awesome article! Love the tips!


Lavender linen spray is such a good idea! Totally going to use that, thanks for the idea!


Such great ideas!


I love this article! I’ve been looking for some kind of natural linen spray and this is perfect. Thanks so much! Great post.


Wonderful post!


I’m definitely using the lavender spray idea!
I actually don’t like to stack my bras anymore. I took a cue from Victoria’s Secret and I always hook the back and put them in my drawer the same as their extra stock drawers. You can see them all and pull out the one you want easily without messing the others up.